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The Erotic Case

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This was one of the most erotic things I've ever witnessed.


I am highly attentive. Since I'm not active in any legal cases yet, all of my time in court is mainly observation with a little bit of running errands if something is needed at the last minute. It's rare that it happens though, since the solicitor and barristers I work with are so fiercely well prepared. I am there to experience court life. I've seen a lot already, from seriously grumpy judges, to barristers who I'd fuck right there in court, both male and female.  Last week, there was a female barrister prosecuting a criminal assault case and, I swear, it was one of the most erotic things I've ever witnessed. For obvious reasons, I won't use her real name here. Instead, let's call her Ms. Susanne Evans.
The police officer giving evidence was openly flirting with Ms. Evans! His lip curled and I could see his nostrils flaring as he answered her questions in a measured and careful way, using that ridiculous language police officers tend to use. Not quite the, "I was proceeding in a westerly direction," but close to it.
Then, Ms. Evans asked him to tell her what the accused had said to him. Without hesitation, he replied, "Fuck off, I'm fucking my girlfriend." Then he grinned. Ms. Evans colored up! From my position, I saw her shuffle her feet a little and then asked him to say what he saw as well as what happened next. It was very explicit.
"I saw the defended in the bushes at the edge of the car park. His trousers were around his knees and he was having sex with a young lady, a very young lady, over the boot of a car. As I approached, I saw her. She had her panties around her ankles, and her skirt hitched up over her waist. He was having sex with her from behind."
Ms. Evans paused and then said, "Was it normal sex? Vagina sex?"
"No, ma'am. He was having anal sex with her."
"Did he stop when you approached?"
"No. As I stated, I called to him but he replied as I've indicated. As I approached further he said, ‘Fuck, I'm cumming.’ Then he withdrew his penis and the girl in question turned ‘round and dropped to her knees. I clearly saw the defendant ejaculate into her mouth."
Ms. Evans was satisfied with this answer and sat down. That's when I noticed that she has tiny breasts like mine and her nipples were pressing through her white shirt. She was breathing deeply and was clearly very aroused.
Elderly judges often adjourn several times during the day. Presumably to have a piss or, in this case, a wank. I decided I'd like a wank too. I had determined that, when his honor adjourned, I'd find the lavatory and use my hairbrush handle.
As soon as the adjournment came, which wasn't long, we all got to our feet and bowed. I saw Ms. Evans immediately leave court. I followed and noticed we were both heading for the toilets.
We entered, one after the other, and she smiled at me. I must admit, she looked really sexy in her wig and gown and I wouldn't have minded getting it on with her. I also knew that the state of her panties must have been similar to mine.
Would she just pee or would she do what I was about to do? There were only two stalls in the barrister’s bathroom in this court and there were only the two of us in there. I dropped my panties and, sure enough, a sticky mess smiled back at me. While rummaging in my bag for my hair brush, I heard a distinct moan from next door.
Not to be outdone, I pushed my hairbrush handle up myself and let out an equally deep and lustful sound. There was a few seconds silence from next door before I heard wet noises and another moan. This time, I got more daring. I spoke.
"You too huh?” That turned me on like hell too.
I didn't think she'd reply but she said, "Yes, but it was more the way that police officer flirted with me as he said all those dirty things. I wish I had something other than my fingers inside me."
I didn't even think. I pulled my hair brush out and held it under the partition. "Are you sure?" she asked. I said, "Yeah, have one on me!"
She took my hairbrush and I heard, "Ohhhh fuck yes. That's better. This is really a good shape!" So it should be! It took me ages to find the most cock-like hairbrush I could. I let her carry on for a few seconds before asking, "Is it ok?" She said it was better than ok and then I took a chance and said, "I wish I could see." She didn't reply but I heard her door unlock.
I got up, putting my panties in my bag. I left my cubicle and her door was slightly open. I pushed it and went in. Ms. Evans was sitting with her tights and panties around her ankles and my hairbrush inside her. I locked the door and leaned back on it. She didn't take her eyes from mine as she slid it in and out. Then I said, "I've got an idea. Stand up and turn around." I bent her forward and whispered, "Imagine we're in that car park. You are the girl I question but it's the police officer fucking you from behind." I took her hand from the brush and started to fuck her with it, noticing how she pushed back against me with each thrust.
Simultaneously, I masturbated. I felt her cum. I felt it through the hair brush and saw her bum twitch steadily as she came. Then I said, using the words from court "I’m cumming." She instantly turned, dropped to her knees, and opened her mouth. I pushed my pelvis forward and let my quim touch her lips. I have no idea of course if she's les or bi, but I didn't care. I came and squirted a little into her mouth.
Afterwards, I decided that I wasn't going to bother with panties and I would be naked under my skirt. She said that judges didn't like barristers not to wear tights or stockings, but I suggested that she might like to go without her panties under her tights.
All through that afternoon, there was more highly explicit evidence and I watched Ms. Evans. She was professional as anything, but I knew that under her robes and black skirt, she had no panties on under her tights. I knew that she was gently leaking into the nylon. Nylon is unabsorbent and that is why, every time she stood up or sat down, I got a delightful smell of her.



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