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My First Orgasm

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When I was about 12 years old I was asked to babysit for a young couple who lived out the end of the road where we lived. My parents were good friends of theirs and they were all going out together. The couple had a little baby boy about a year old. My job was easy because the baby was asleep by the time I arrived so all I had to do was watch TV and eat munchies. As it turned out the baby never woke up. It was a great job.
As I sat back in the recliner to watch TV I noticed a stack of magazines about a 1 tall between the recliner and the couch. I noticed there were three or four that said Penthouse. Having looked at the Penthouse magazines a couple of years ago with my cousin in the clubhouse I quickly got very interested in doing some reading. As I started sifting through the stack of magazines I noticed a Hustler Magazine and there were also a couple Playgirl magazines as well. Well at that time Penthouse very rarely showed any naked males especially cock shots. But, the Hustler was much more graphic. There were all kinds of hard cock shots and dripping wet pussies. I was getting very hot. I then looked through the playgirls and I noticed I was hornier than I had ever been. As I look back this was probably my first sign of my attraction to the male naked body.
I was so excited looking at all of these hot horny cocks and pussies. I instinctively started rubbing my hard penis through my jeans. I then unbuckled my belt and pull my pants down so I could rub my penis as I looked through the pictures. I was twelve. I still didn't have any pubic hair and had never jerked off before. It had been a long time (about 2 years) since I watched my cousin jerk off and I still didn't know for sure why he did it but, I was about to learn.
But, now I was hornier than I had ever been in my life. I was laying back in the recliner with my pants around my thighs pulling on my penis as I looked at the dirty magazines... it felt so good. Then all of a sudden a strange sensation came over me. It was almost a painful sensation that originated deep in my groin and throbbing through my rock hard hairless penis. I was scared to death. I had never felt anything like this before. I was so scared that I quickly stopped and pulled my pants back up. I sat there for a few moments wondering what was happening. I quickly put the magazines back and I was careful to try to place them so that it would seem as though I had never looked at them.
After I put everything back... I was somehow drawn back to grabbing a Playgirl out of the stack and opening it up to a very hot centerfold and I began rubbing my dick again through my pants. It wasn't long now before I once again opened my pants and pulled them down to the middle of my thighs (so if I heard a car pull up I could quickly pull them back up.) I started rubbing my rock hard little penis. It was feeling very good. Then again all of a sudden the strange sensation came over me again. It felt like pain but it also felt good. I was still very nervous and not quite sure what was happening but, this time I could not stop myself. I continued a few more strokes and I had what I latter learned was my first orgasm. At the end of this orgasmic climax a drop of clear gooey liquid bubbled up at the end of my piss slit. I collapsed back in the recliner and thought wow! I then began to feel embarrassed and ashamed (don't know why but, I did). I quickly cleaned up, put the magazine back very carefully and went back to watching TV.
The next day as I was sitting on the toilet at home I was examining my self. For the first time I found myself looking at my dick trying to see if I noticed any growth yet. I was straining to see the first signs of any pubic hair. As I was looking my dick got hard and I started rubbing it thinking about what had happened the night before. I could not stop thinking about those hot hard cocks I saw and those dripping wet pussies. Soon that very same sensation began growing in my groin. This time I didn't stop. The pain felt so good. I stretch out my legs in front of me and experienced my second orgasm. Again just a small amount of clear liquid appeared at the end of my small dick. After this I started spending lots of time in the bathroom.



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