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Vacation with Family Friends

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I couldn't help but look.

This was two years ago when a family friend and her three kids invited me on vacation with them. First, I am in a wheelchair and have very limited movement of anything. Even though I can feel everything and get hard, my hands are not strong enough to jack myself. I rarely cum, but I'm always hard. The first day at the beach, we basically just took a walk and hung out. Once we got back to the hotel, we went to our own rooms. A half hour later the 20 year old daughter, Belle, texted me and told me to come over to hang out. My aide and I went over and he knocked on the door for me. Belle came to the door in her bikini and let me in. My aide left me with them. When I got in the room the first thing I noticed the younger daughter, Eva, aged 18, wearing just her bra and underwear. Keep in mind this girl is like a sister to me but yes I got hard. I tried to avoid looking but two cute girls mostly naked, it was tough. Let's just say I was hard all night and barely slept. The next day at the beach was tough. So much skin to look at. Belle left the boardwalk before I could see her bikini again. But Eva took her tshirt and shorts off on the boardwalk and I watched her every move. As she pulled her tshirt off and revealed her tiny bikini, her bikini top moved enough that I saw a nipple. I fought it and fought it but I got very hard. I felt so guilty. This girl was like my sister but I was staring at her much differently. I was hard literally all day. Later that day I was at their room again. Belle was in the shower and eventually came out in just a towel. Eva went to the shower next and also came back in just a towel. She hopped on the bed and the towel opened enough for me to see almost everything. I looked away but only to see Belle's butt. I looked back and forth from girl to girl and just couldn't help it. Without using a hand, I squeezed my legs together and sort of pushed my penis and came in my pants. I have felt so guilty about this ever since then, but it was the best orgasm I've ever had. By the way, I have not cum since then. Since I can't touch it, I have to be very turned on in order to cum. I guess this vacation turned me on.



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