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My First Lover

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So my story wouldn't go on for ever, I edited a lot of the drama. And for protection of my partner and myself I changed her name, and I'm keeping myself anonymous.


About ten months ago I started a celebrity profile on a chat site, and began impersonating him, trust me it wasn't easy trying to be a guy, considering I was a girl and was completely naïve of the world of men. My intentions for making the page had never been to mess around with the minds of women and young teens who were completely 'Robsessed' (this should give you a hint as to who I was impersonating), or hook up with them, but instead try to observe and understand why the poor soul was living under the constant terror of stalkers and crazy women. But to my surprise I encountered so much more than just observations, instead I lived a period of time full of drama, jealousy, lies, sex, and most important...love.

After about three weeks into the site, I met Ann, she was forty-three at the time, and I barely turned eighteen...but she didn't know that since my profile said I was twenty-three. She was really forward at times and I was always shy to talk to her; and to be honest she kind of freaked out. I mean for one thing, I was aware that she was much older than me, old enough to be my mother; but I gave her credit cause she was bloody gorgeous considering she was married and had two kids, not to mention she seemed the most honest and kind woman I had met so far on the website. Everyone else seemed so fake and just worshipped my character instead of trying to actually to talk to me about life. So instead of letting us go our separate ways as all other fans had done, Ann did everything in her power to break me free of that shyness and grab my attention, and she sure did.

It all started with the innocent flirting, and then led to the personal questions, such as 'what's your favorite position?' Questions that would obviously lead into more intimate conversations, and would get my pussy wet. She would constantly hit on me, talk about her sexual fantasies, and eventually she started messing around with me....leading us to lose both our internet virginities and become involved in having a lot of hot internet sex. I didn't know how to deal with my feelings while talking to her since I was never into girls, or had any sexual experiences with girls, I hadn't even kissed a girl. It was completely alien to me, not to mention I had never masturbated with anyone before; but it wasn't hard to get into the flow of things after our first internet sex experience. I knew then that I was in trouble, because we instantly hit it off, and our hearts connected whether we wanted it or not. I fell in love with her, and she with me.

We started dating within the first month of meeting each other, and a few months later, after much fighting and loving and lies, I decided to tell her the truth. It had taken me a long time to build up the courage to tell her my true identity, I didn't know how she would react knowing I was a girl instead of being the guy that would make her scream and moan over the phone every night (I had a very impressive man whisper according to her)...but I just couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to meet her, I wanted the fights to stop, and most importantly the lies. So I told her who I was, and she was more shocked than upset at me. She thought I was lying to her at first, and that I was only trying to get rid of her, but I wasn't. I didn't want to get rid of her.

She eventually believed me, but to my surprise, remained calm. She was mad, no doubt about that, but she was mostly impressed at how I managed to fool her for such a long time. I asked her why she wasn't yelling at me or cursing at me, and I wanted to know if she hated me. And her response was that she loved me too much to hate me, but she admitted to being pissed at me. Even with that love we shared, she said she couldn't get over the lies I had made up, and broke up with me...However, the next morning she called my phone at 6 AM, and told me she hardly slept at all. It was awkward talking to her being the real me, I felt vulnerable, almost naked...but at the same time I felt free of lies, and I promised her that I wasn't going to keep anything from her anymore.

We talked for what seemed hours; we shared a few laughs and started looking back at some of our sexual fantasies again, and how I made her come like no other man has ever done in her life. Things got quiet for a bit, and I told her I loved her, she didn't want to hear it though since she was still a little upset over the whole situation, but she finally caved, and said she couldn't deny that she still felt the same attraction for me as before. She admitted that her clit was pulsing and that her pussy was soaking wet, and I told her mine was too (yeah, finally the good part in the story).

I rolled over on my back and spread my legs a bit to relieve some of the pressure off my clit, but wasn't satisfied with that position, so I took a deep breath and squeezed my thighs back together to pacify the horniness I was feeling for her deep inside. I suggested hanging up just in case she didn't want to share another experience with me, but to my surprise she wanted to have another go for old time's sake. Usually she was the one who fired things up and heated the moment between us, and as always I followed her lead.

Once again silence settled on the phone line, and all I could do is hold my breath, waiting for her to make the first move. Eventually, she started panting, softly at first, but loud enough to tell me she was playing with her pussy. She told me to slide my hand in my panties; I obeyed, and started to gently rub my clit in circular motions as she started describing the things she would be doing to me if we were in bed together. I started talking dirty to her and I felt my pussy getting hotter and wetter for her as she started moaning my name for the first time. It was amazing to hear her say my name, not my boy name for a change, and that made me even hornier.

It eventually became quiet on her side of the phone line, and I stopped just in case we got cut off, but she had put her cell over her pussy so I could hear fingers squishing in and out of her pussy, another turn on of mine, and she knew it. I asked her to spank her ass for me, and she did describing how she was positioned in the process, and I started fingering my pussy harder and faster. It usually takes me longer to come compared to her, sometimes she would orgasm three times before I got off once, but when I did it was immensely satisfying. After she came, she knew I still needed a little more.

I held my breath and slid my fingers in and out of my pussy faster, urging to catch up to her; eventually she knew I needed a little help, and started describing herself spreading my legs and fingering my pussy for me, begging me to come all over her. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as imagined her in bed with me, I moaned her name multiple times and told her I loved her, I started squirming and my legs were bucking a bit, and finally felt the sticky hot wetness gush all over my fingers as I felt my clit throbbing in somewhat relief.

When my breathing had calmed and my heart went back to its usual pace, Ann told me she loved me and that she knew that she wasn't going to be able to give up these moments. I didn't want her to leave either, and I was determined to do anything in my power to make her stay as long as she could by my side. 'Till this day, we're still together, and once in a while when we have free time we have some fun over the phone, and even hope for the chance to meet and make our fantasies come true. Weird relationship, I know, but every moment of it has been worth the fight.



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