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My Night at Camp

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I never really liked camp until this time...


My parents were very keen that I should go to camp in the summer, so I went from the age of 13. I didn't really enjoy it much. I'm not really an outdoor girl. Also, sleeping in the cabins isn't really private. There are a lot of comments if you're not well developed, or for that matter, if you are over developed. One girl in my cabin went home after two days because she was teased by the others about having large breasts. As for me, it was the opposite. I didn't have much then, and even now I am an 'a' cup!

Also, well, you know how it is growing up, periods and feeling horny and all. I found that I could give myself a nice feeling if I lay face down on my bunk and hand a hand underneath me, but even then I was sure I could be seen. This one particular night, we had an older girl as hut leader and she certainly put a stop to the teasing. So much so that I stopped being so self conscious. Emma and I got on well and I told her how horrid it had been. On the night this happened the moon was so bright and I could see Emma in her bed. I wasn't really thinking about anything in particular. I was just laying there with my right hand in my knickers. Emma stirred in her sleep and I could see her hand was between her legs. She was lying on her back and the movements of her hand were visible in the strong moonlight. Her legs, I could see were wide apart. As she gently moved, her covers started to slip off her bed first exposing her breasts and then her tummy.

For the first time, I felt a lot of wetness in my pussy and on my hand, but this was nothing compared to what happened when finally Emma's covers slid silently to the floor. She was perfectly smooth and I could see she had two fingers inside herself and, well there is no other word for it, she was fucking herself. (I got really hot thinking of dirty words at the time too). I let my legs spread and fingered myself in time with her. Emma's back arched off the bed a little ways and she caught her breath. I knew she had cummed. Then she opened her eyes and got up. Just like that totally naked. She walked straight over to me and knelt by my bed. She whispered that she knew I had watched and she was glad I did.

Then I felt her hand (not the one that had been inside her) tracing up my leg under my sheet. She found me in a second and pushed a finger inside me making me gasp. She started to fuck me with her finger which hurt a little at first. Then I got lost in the feeling. It was almost like wanting to pee. I reached down and held her other hand that was still wet from her. I pulled her hand to my face and smelled the hot musky scent. Emma kept her face really close to me and started to whisper things. At first it was stuff like 'Come for me sweety' but I asked her to talk dirty to me and it became 'Yes, do it you little slut.... do it on my fingers.... cum, you dirty little cunt-slut', which popped me over the edge. I cummed so hard, and for the first time too. Emma and I found excuses to be alone a lot during the next week and she sure developed my sexual knowledge. Maybe I'll tell you more later, but right now I have to make myself cum again.



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