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My First Cross-dressing Experience

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I found cross-dressing to be a mind blowing experience.


I can vividly recall this story that happened about 14 years ago when I was 15. Tommy, my school classmate, asked me to come around one Saturday afternoon and play. I thought that real cool of him and accepted his offer. I had been around there a few times and I liked his parents; he also had two sisters, one a year younger than him, and the other, two or three years older than him.

I arrived around 1 pm in the afternoon and and he was the only one there. I asked Tommy where his parents were and he told me his dad was playing golf and wouldn't be home until around 6 p.m.; and his sisters were playing netball and were away with his mum. We started watching a movie but soon got bored with that. Tommy then asked me a very strange question, 'Hey Luke, have you ever got dressed up as a girl before?'

'No I haven't' was my reply, explaining I had no sisters whose clothes I could wear; and that I had never thought of wearing mum's clothes before. Tommy said he had done it quite a few times and it was real fun.

'Would you like to have some real fun and get dressed as a girl using my sister's clothes?' Tommy asked me.

'Are you going to dress up as well Tommy' I asked.

'Of course' Tommy replied.

Both of us headed to Tommy's sister's room, which they shared. Tommy opened up the two drawers that contained their underwear and clothes. We each took out a bra and top and I selected a nice pair of panties I thought I would like to wear. Tommy called to me and said 'Don't take those panties; take the ones from the laundry.'

Perplexed, I asked why? Tommy said that used ones are best, as they have a musky feminine smell about them and their pussy has just been in them. Heading to the laundry, we picked out a pair of panties each from the basket. Tommy put his pair to his nose and took a big sniff. Following his cue, I did the same and was surprised at how sexy the smell was.

Heading back to the girls bedroom, we took off our clothes and put on bras and panties. Tommy got out two pairs of socks and went to the kitchen and got the jar of rice from the kitchen bench.

'What do you want the rice for Tommy?' I asked. We need to make a pair or tits he replied. Filling the socks with the rice and tying off the ends with an elastic band formed a soft and pliable pair of tits each. Placing these inside the bras filled them out evenly and perfectly.

Finally we put on a top each and a skirt each then looked at each other and looked at ourselves in the mirror. Tommy then led me to his mum's room and got some lipstick and eye shadow which we crudely applied. He also took his mothers wig off the hair stand. Tommy looked real cool and he said that I did too.

Wearing one of his sister's panties had made me real hard. My hard cock was pushing out the front of her panties and a bulge could be seen in front of the skirt. 'You got a hardon Luke' he said to me. Embarrassed, I sheepishly admitted to it. 'Don't worry Luke, I am hard too' Tommy said.

Tommy then put his hand under the skirt he was wearing, and inside his sister's panties and started masturbating. 'Common Luke, you do it too' Tommy said to me. I had never masturbated in front of anyone before, so once again I was a bit embarrassed. I was as horny as hell, so I said to myself, 'What the heck.'

Before long, we were both jerking out hard cocks dressed as sexy girls. It never took too long until I started feeling numb and my knees started to shake and weaken. I then let about 6-7 spurts of hot gooey cum explode into the front of the panties and into the crotch. Tommy did the same and we both looked at each other and laughed. Time was passing by quickly, so we took off the girls clothes and put them back neatly, so they wouldn't notice anything suspect. We washed off all the makeup and put the cum-soaked panties back in the laundry basket. It wasn't long after we finished that his mum and two sisters arrived home, both of the girls still in their netball uniform.

After that experience, we did it on numerous other occasions too. At my home, I also liked to sniff and wear and cum in mum's panties too, but only those that were in the washing basket. Today, I still have a fixation on sniffing and cumming in female panties, knowing that there has been a moist pussy inside them, leaving such a wonderful aroma.



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