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My Cousin and Her 'Fuck Books'

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This is a true experience that happened many years ago. My second cousin gave me the key to success as far as women are concerned. After you read the story you will understand why I had so much fun with Donna later as well as lots of other girls.


Years ago, when I was a kid, there were those little books, maybe 3 by 4 inches in size, with drawing of cartoon characters, doing all sorts of sexual acts. A common term for them in my part of the country were 'Fuck Books.' I don't know what they were called in other parts of the country, but folks my age will remember them.

I had just finished high school at 18 and was spending a month with my second cousin. She had asked me to come and stay the entire month because she had some things she wanted me to do around her house. Her husband was in the army and didn't make it home but about once every 6 months. He would get a weekend pass and drive all night to get there, spend maybe one day and night and then have to drive back to the base where he was stationed. Looking back at the events that happened I'm sure my cousin was just as horny as her husband was when he came home. That's probably why she invited me to stay with her.

Joann was 30 years old. She was an attractive woman with a great body. I had jacked off more than a few times thinking about her and her large tits.

We lived in a rural area and you must remember things were totally different back then. Kids were not as mature sexually then as they are now. In that day and time a Sears catalog was the best thing I could find for looking at pictures of half naked women. I had jacked off many times to women in the catalog in panties and bra. I had never seen a picture of a naked woman and had never seen a woman naked. I had never had sex with anyone so I was doing a lot of jacking off. I had gotten a quick look at my older sister's pussy one time when she was asleep. I had a lot to learn.

I had been at my cousin's house for about a week when one day she told me she was going to drive into town and make some purchases at the store. She would be gone about two hours. After she left I decided to look in her bedroom to see if I could find a good pair of used panties to sniff. Jacking off with a pair of dirty panties was something I had discovered a couple of years earlier and it brought me great pleasure then as it still does today.

Anyway after Joann left I went to her bedroom and started looking around. I was looking in the dresser drawers and I found her husbands stash of rubbers as we called them. Beside the rubbers were the little fuck books. I had heard of them and had seen older men sometimes passing them around but had never seen one. The first one I looked at was with Popeye fucking Olive Oil. He had a massive dick that was almost as large as she was and it showed them in various forms of sexual acts. Looking at that little book and smelling of Joann's dirty panties made that particular jack off session one of the best of my life.

After I came I cleaned up and put the little book and the panties back where I found them. There were about dozen of the little fuck books in the drawer so I took a couple of the others and hid them under the mattress in the bedroom where I was staying. At night I would look through them and jack off.

A few days later Joann and I had just finished eating supper one night when she said, 'Oh by the way I found something in your room today and wondered where it came from.' She pulled the two fuck books out of her pocked and showed to me. I almost shit because I had been caught red handed. I could not say a word. She then asked if I had gotten them from her room. I nodded yes. She then said, 'At your age you should be looking at the real thing rather than these little books. Have you ever done anything with a girl?' I told her I had not. When she asked why I told her I didn't know that much about it. She then smiled and said, 'What would you think about me teaching you all about sex and girls?' I could not believe what I was hearing. She then walked over and said, 'Come on. Let me teach you a few things.' She led me to her bedroom and started taking her clothes off.

She was almost undressed and I was still standing there with my mouth open. She looked at me and laughed and said, 'Boy get those clothes off.' I was naked before she got her panties and bra off. She flopped down on the bed and patted the bed beside her. I was like a dog following commands. I lay down beside her.

Her first comment was, 'Now I want you to take a good look at my body and feel of it. Then I want you to get up here and put your hands around my tits and suck my nipples. When I started sucking her nipples I could feel them getting hard in my mouth. She did not have to tell me to let my hands roam over her body as I sucked her nipples. After a few minutes of playing with her tits she told me, 'Now it's time to learn about a pussy.' As she was spreading her legs and putting a pillow under her ass she noticed how hard my dick was and she said, 'I see I am not going to have to teach you anything about your dick. It seems to be ready now.'

Joann ran her fingers through her pussy hair as I sat between her legs. She then took her fingers and pulled her pussy lips apart. She showed her her clit and explained what it was far. She then showed me her little pee hold and then her vagina. She told me to stick one of my fingers inside her vagina or as she called it then her pussy hole. I could not believe how warm and wet it was. She told me to lightly rub her clit. As I was doing this her ass started moving and she started groaning. I noticed her face was getting flushed and she said, 'Keep on doing that and I'm going to cum for you.' Watching her cum was a beautiful sight, one that I will always remember.

After she came she then sat up in bed and said she wanted to play with my dick. I lay down and she sat beside me and took my dick in her hands. As soon as she pulled the foreskin back uncovering he head I started shooting off. OMG I came like I had never cum before, shooting cum all over Joann's naked body. The fact that I had cum did not slow her down. She started rubbing my dick and balls and my hard never went down. After a little she started jacking me fast. It didn't take long until I was shooting off again.

After I came the second time she leaned over me and kissed me on the lips and said, 'Enough for one night but we can continue our lessons tomorrow night.' As it turned out I slept with her that night because as she said, 'I need someone to hold me close. Just hold me, nothing else.' I went to sleep that night lying behind her, with my dick against her ass and my arm around her.

I woke up the next morning with a hard on. It was poking against her back. I was not awake long until I felt her beginning to stir. She turned over facing me and smiled at me. She said, 'Did you have fun last night?' I told her it was the best night of my life. She said, 'Well you will have many more in your life time. The next thing you know you will be playing with all these little girls and finger fucking them just like you did me. In fact, there is one who lives just down the street that I am going to set you up with. You know Donna don't you? I think she likes you and like you I doubt that she has ever done anything like we did last night.'

She then reached down and took my hard dick in her hand and as she ran her hand up and down the length of my dick she said, 'Now I want you to go over to the dresser and look in the drawer where you found the fuck books and get one of Edd's rubbers out. There's something else you need to learn about.'



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