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Ellie on the Esplanade

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Sometimes it's when you're not looking for anything that someone lands in your lap.


Many years ago I worked for a large national company and flew to Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia. For those who don't know, Darwin is in the sub-tropics. Hot and humid. The lifestyle there is very casual and the city attracts a young population of travellers. The party scene is excellent!

The usual happened. Get in for dinner at a restaurant and straight to the pub. We were staying right in the middle of the city and so we went to the closest pub which is The Vic. It's not a particularly nice place but the air-conditioning is always cold and this night, there was a live band and cheap drinks. There were 5 men in our group which normally puts girls off talking to us. Not that any of us were looking on this particular night. We were simply having a few laughs and enjoying the band.

After being there for a couple of hours I noticed a girl enjoying the music on her own, leaning against one of the wooden poles the formed part of the fake-country décor in the pub. I had to go straight past her to get to the bar and as I excused myself, she flashed me a gorgeous smile. She exuded a burning sexuality. She was by no means stunning but I could not stop looking at her. Her hair was long and black and her eyes were dark. She wore a short skirt, shoes that did not quite match and a loose black shirt with what looked liked a swimming bikini top underneath. Her name was Ellie.

I returned from the bar and started talking to her. It turned out that she lived in a country town in South Australia and actually knew one of my relatives. She said that she was up in Darwin for a week, just a short break to get away from her work. We chatted for about an hour and then I noticed that it was getting close to 1am. I had to start work that morning at 6am and I needed to get to bed. I told Ellie that I was thinking about heading back to my hotel which was on the esplanade. She said that she needed to go to. Darwin is not the safest city in Australia that late and so I offered to walk her to her hotel which was two down from mine. Ellie thanked me and we headed out into the warm tropical night.

During our conversation, despite her subtle sexuality and friendly nature, Ellie never gave me the impression that she was interested in me. But, being the typical male, her perfume and friendly touch during conversation had made me very horny and my cock was jammed mercilessly against the front of my pants. On the walk home though, she destroyed any last vestiges of hope I had when she mentioned (somewhat late I thought...) that her boyfriend was asleep in her hotel room.

We walked straight past my hotel and as we approached the gate of hers, we stopped to say good night. Ellie seemed in no rush to say good bye and we stood there talking some more for another 10 minutes. Ellie looked me straight in the eye and said

'I'm not tired you know. Can we go for a walk along the esplanade'

'Sure' I replied, and we crossed the road to the park that ran along the esplanade. We walked for a while and then sat down on a bench. Ellie took me by surprise and leaned forward and kissed me, her tongue dancing along my lips. She reached down and placed her hands on my thighs.

'I'm so f*cking horny Tom. Can we just play around a bit here in the park?' she asked.

I nodded my assent and continued kissing her neck as I slowly placed my hands on her bare thighs. Ellie's hand slid along my leg, up under my shorts and brushed the head of my cock.

'mmmm. Is there any way we can get this cock out?' she asked.

We were straddling the bench and facing each other and it was uncomfortable for both of us so I stood up and led Ellie a few paces away to lie down on the grass. She lay on top of me and ground her pelvis over my cock as we kissed. I opened her shirt and pulled the drawstrings on her bikini top to reveal her small but perfectly formed breasts. As I sucked on her nipples, Ellie moaned quietly.

I ran my hands along her back and up under her skirt and slowly began to slide my fingers under the waistband of the bikini bottoms that she wore underneath. Ellie smiled and rolled off of me onto her back. She slipped her fingers around the bikini bottoms and slid them down her legs before pulling up her skirt. Her pussy was shaved with a single 'racing stripe' left. You could see her wet lips and I wasted little time in kneeling down in front of her. I spread her lips gently with my fingers and licked slowly. Ellie moaned much louder and said

'Put your fingers in me Tom'.

I did as she asked and began to fuck her with my fingers. Every few thrusts I would lean over and kiss and lick at her clitoris. I found the entire experience to be excrutiatingly erotic, out on the grass in a public park, at night with the warm sea breeze blowing over us. Ellie began moaning faster and started pinching her nipples. Soon, I saw the muscles in her toned legs clench and Ellie came, her pussy clamping onto my fingers.

Ellie smiled and I lay alongside of her and kissed her on the lips.

'It's time to return the favour' she said and she slid her hand down through the waistband of my shorts and grabbed my cock in her hand. It was slick with pre-cum and she ran her hand along the length of my cock, gripping it lightly.

Suddenly Ellie said 'Oh God. I really need to go to the toilet. I'm sorry, but I've been trying to hold on but I don't think I can'.

I looked along the esplanade and could see that the nearest toilets were back in her hotel or about 500m away at the other end of the park.

'I don't think I will make it that far, would you be offended if I just went here Tom?' she asked.

I told her of course not. She thanked me and we stood up. Ellie quickly looked around to make sure no one was watching and then she squatted down, pulling her skirt up over her hips. She overbalanced and I instinctively reached out to steady her. She reached up, took my hand and then started pissing. I didn't expect it but the sight of this gorgeous girl, pissing right along side of me nearly drove me nuts. With my free hand, I reached into my shorts and pulled my cock out, running the foreskin back and forth while I watched Ellie piss. She smiled at me and when she had finished, she stood up and said:

'Did you like that babe? Let me do that for you'.

She grabbed my cock and began to wank me. Every now and then she would use her other hand to tickle my balls or to rub slowly at her pussy.

'I think I'm going to cum again' she said and sure enough, 30 secs later she moaned and bent slightly at the knees. It was too much for me. I told Ellie that I was going to cum and she kissed me as I exploded. Three hours of tension released from me and I sprayed cum over her hand, her arm and onto her belly.

We kissed some more and then we noticed light in the sky to the east. It was 4am! We tidied up and I walked Ellie back to her hotel. I kissed her goodbye and she turned and went back up to her boyfriends room. I haven't seen her since.



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