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My College Roommate and I

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What happens at five am, when you're with your roommate!


This past Fall (September 2012) I entered my freshmen year of college, and boy was it an interesting one. I had to really adapt to the fact that my roommate and I had to share a common living space. I couldn't just drop my pants, and change anymore. I had to wait until my roommate was out of the room, and gone, or I had to walk to the bathroom to change, that is if I had to be fully naked to change.

My roommate had developed this habit of going behind his desk and warning me that he was going to strip down and change into his shorts. This was alright with me, seeing that I had no intention of seeing his penis, or at-least I thought I didn't. Occasionally I would get curious, and try to sneak a peak, but it was nothing serious, I just wanted to see what he was packing.

After a few months, time passed and my general curiosity diminished, that is until one day, I saw his penis whilst he was changing and decided to flash me. At that point, my interest had sparked again, and I urged him to show me his penis, by using reverse psychology. "I've already seen your penis," I said, "so seeing it again won't really matter to me."

Being the kind of guy that he is, he decided that what I said was true, and decided to just walk around the room naked to air himself out before hopping into bed. It was no big deal, but I stared enough to see everything. I saw his two testicles hanging low, and bouncing with every step, and I saw his penis, which was about three inches flaccid bobbing up and down. I carefully examined his foreskin, and compared it to mine. As he put on his shorts and hopped in to bed, I couldn't get my mind off what I saw.

Whilst we were both in our own respective beds, I brought up a casual conversation involving auto fellatio (where we had attempted it or not), if you're curious to know he attempted it and was able to lick and play with his foreskin with his tongue, our penis size when erect, and different fetishes, pornos, and girls around the building.

Finally, he said, "I'm hard." And it was heaven to my ears, as I casually said, "Lol, just think about different girls in the building," knowing I was egging him on. Finally after pushing him, he flashed me and said, "this is what you caused." I caught a quick glimpse of his penis, which was about six to seven inches long, with the foreskin being slightly pulled back to reveal his head. He laughed and told me to show him mine, since it was only fair. Being slightly on the smaller side of the spectrum, I was hesitant, but finally agreed and gave him a quick flash. He said that he didn't get to see anything since it was too dark, and came in for a closer look. When I refused to show him, he waved his penis, clothed by his shorts, in my face and insisted that I showed him. Finally we started to wrestle with one another so that I could keep my shorts on, and he could take my shorts off.

Finally I was able to slip off my bed, and escape him, and leave him sitting on my bed with a full erection beneath his gym shorts. I casually joked around saying that he needed to take care of that, and he told me to do it. I was hesitant, once again, but I gave it one or two strokes while it was still in his pants, and he gave me a nod as if that was nothing. Finally I did what I had secretly wanted to do for a few months now, reached underneath his shorts, and stroked his entire penis, from the top of his foreskin to the bottom of his shaft.

I gave him one or two strokes, and felt the warm precum on his foreskin, down the base of his penis, and on my hands. Before I knew it, he hopped off the bed, pushed down my shorts, and started to ferociously masturbate me. With his right hand he stroked my cock and rubbed the head ever-so viciously. Simultaneously, I dropped his shorts, and started to masturbate him as well. I was basking in the moment as I was finally able to feel his penis in detail.I felt his slightly curved penis, and started using more of his precum as lube. With my right hand I started to massage his ballsack and asshole, and with my left I stroked his entire penis, from top to bottom, and made sure to give myself the time to retract his soft, lush foreskin and dedicate myself to rubbing his head viciously. As time passed I was nearing my orgasm, and soon shot a glob of cum all over the carpeting and my dirty laundry, and he shortly followed releasing his seed all over my hand, me, and the carpet.

Afterwards we cleaned up, and ended our night.



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