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My College Roomie

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Freshman year in the dorm


After HS(where I had no male-male encounters and considered myself Bi curious)I went off to a UC and lived in the dorms where I had one roomie and two suitemates. Basically two guys in one room a bathroom in the middle of the suite and two guys on the other side of the bathroom. All three guys were totally hot and my roomie most of all. He was the All-American jock type, 5'11' 170 lean muscle good tan short dirty blond hair with pale green eyes chizzled jaw. Stunning to look at.

So move in day my roomie(Matt) and I hit it off right away. We are very similar in most ways like the same stuff, similar hobbies and what not. We get to know each other grab some food and chat what not break the ice. While at the cafe I notice him eye a guy that walks by but I don't react. We head back to the dorm to finish unpacking and it's a warm afternoon with our window facing West so the sun beats in on us. He takes off his shirt as he finishes to unpack and asks if I mind I say no and remove my shirt as well. A little eyeing up and down from both of us for just a split second but neither of make any comments. We finish collapse on our beds and relax until he pops up and heads to the shower with his shorts off before he reaches the bathroom door.

Quite the package for the split second I got to see it. He leaves the door open and starts asking me some question about what I'm studying and such and he pops out a few mins later towel around his waist while his chest was still wet I had to try not to get a boner thinking of things like chairs and grandparents. He asks if I'm gonna shower or stink up the place and I said ya just taking it all in. I guess I didn't suppress my hardon as well as I thought cause he said I don't care if you got a hardon dude we will have to dicuss that after you get out of the shower. So to the shower I went anxious to see what he had to say.

So I take a quick shower come out and lay on my bed again and as my head hits the pillow he said we got to cover some bases. I chuckled and said ok. First he says, we are both young horny guys who would fuck almost anything with a hole and we have to be able to get off when we need it. Don't take my stuff without asking and don't leave dirty dishes around. I said that list is all over the place but ok sounds good. He said good cause I've been horny since I got here. I tell him, bathroom is right there man. Ya, but we are gonna have to get this out of the way sooner or later might as well be now and off comes his short and out springs this 7 7.5 in thick cut cock. Was perfect not too big not too small. Damn I replied nice fucking size cock man. Thanks he said but you too we do this together so there isnt any weirdness when one of us walks in on the other jerkin off.

I don't mind you jerkin off but doing it with someone else is a bit weird. He says bullshit its fucking awesome, I thought the same thing when I first did it but I love it he said. Reluctantly I remove my towel and said so you have any lube. He said for now use spit I'll have to fix that for you another time. I said alright, it will be like the days when I first started jerkin off, he laughed. A few mins in he comes over to my bed and asks if I still needed lube and I said ya spit just isn't as good. He said I think I can help and starts to breath harder and deeper, about to cum he said. He points to me and jets three solid ropes of cum on my cock and abs. I look at him like what the fuck dude but he says before I can think of what to say just use it as lube man it's fucking awesome, I use my own cum as lube all the time. So I wipe some up from my abs and continue to jerk off and holy fuck it was amazing.

About thirty seconds later I send two shots to my neck and a few others on my abs. Hot man huge fucking load he says to me. I'm still in the afterglow and kinda in limbo as to what just happened. He grabs my towel wipes me down and says anytime. I let out a sarcastic laugh and say a little fucking warning would be nice. He laughs and says you can return the favor later.

I must say it was a huge eyeopener for me and the beginning of my bi days to which I will cover later. Def something I will remember forever though.



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