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Learning from Watching

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I remember the times after my dad got home from having been away on a construction job for a few weeks, he'd have to do a lot of the home repairs during his one or two week stays before heading off to another contract.

This one particular week was late in June and was hot and humid. Dad was of course fixing something outside when I went off to school in the morning. Only it was our last day of school and we were let out at lunch time.

Mom would have been away at work as she normally was through the day and I got home about one or so in the afternoon. Dad was obviously taking a break from the heat because I could see his sweaty work t-shirt tossed on the workhorse in the front yard. I thought nothing of it until I went into the basement at the back of the house and was surprised to hear the TV on because Dad rarely watched TV. I paused for a minute wondering what show he was watching when I heard moaning and some female voice begging for more cock. It was then I realized that Dad had dug out his porn from his hiding place.

I was curious as to what was on the tape and I was sporting the largest woody that I'd ever felt. It almost hurt. I did jack off because I had seen kids in the showers doing it so I wasn't new to it but when I cracked open the hall door from the cellar, there was dad in his cut off jeans, with what was the largest cock I'd ever seen. He was using two hands to jack off and there was still cock showing. I had never seen him hard and thought we were about the same size. He had me beat by about three or four inches.

Anyway, I thought what the hell and I started to jack off while peeking through the slightly opened door. He varied his technique from two hands to one hand pulling on his nuts while fingering his ass, to pulling on his nipples while just twisting the head of his cock with the other hand. Since I'd only just jacked off before, I thought I'd copy him. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I was feeling my balls churning and I was about to cum when in my neglect to keep an eye on him instead of the TV, Dad opened the cellar door and started chuckling fairly heartly.

I thought I was going to die on the spot. I never had fantasy thoughts about my dad before and this was just something that I found erotic but never thought I'd be caught. He had tucked his cock inside his jeans but it was still fully hard and the head was clearly cresting the top of his jeans. He said that I might as well come up and join him. The last thing he'd want is to explain to my mom how I fell down the cellar stairs with my pants down to my knees.

So, he explained that while he is away he jacks off but it isn't anything like being with someone you love but it does reduce the anxiety that goes with not having sex on a regular basis. He also said that with mom working they don't get a lot of time together and this helps until they can. I already knew about sex and knew my parents had a healthy sex life. After that he said he could leave the film on after he was done or I could join him on the sofa. Since I couldn't get rid of my raging hard cock, I opted to watch the film with him.

It wasn't like we had sex together but there was something hot about learning from my Dad as he told me why he used different methods for jacking off. After about half an hour of trying different techniques, he showed me how to finish off so that I get a huge rope of cum in a shot that would cover someone. I still use it to this day and it has never failed me.

When I think back about how few guys really get a good sex education from their Dad, I am thankful I got a real education. We never jacked off together again, but there were times when he'd walk by, wink, and do the twisting motion with his hand as he headed down the hall for a shower.



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