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My Best Friend's Sex Toys

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I just HAD to share...


The other day I was at my friend Stefanie's apartment and we were hanging out getting ready to go to the club together. When I got there, she told me that she just got there a few minutes ago. We visited for a few minutes while she cleaned up a few things in her house and then she said she was going to take a shower and wash her hair and shave her legs. She promised me she would be ready to go within half an hour since we were alredy a little bit late.

I have always been attracted to Stefanie quite a bit, but I would never act on it, and neither would she. However, I had never seen her nude before this night. She was rushing to get into the shower and stripped her clothes off in the room with me. Her back was to me, so I didn't see anything really, until she turned around. I noticed that she shaves her pubes completely, and I stared for a second too long, but I think she didn't notice.

She closed and locked the bathroom door and I immediately reached up my skirt and started rubbing myself over my panties. It was extremely erotic doing that in her bedroom with her just a few feet away in the bathroom. I went on like this for only about a minute before I got the curious idea to check her nightstand for a vibrator.

I was absolutely FLUSHED when I found it right on top inside the top drawer!!! I grabbed it and turned it on and rubbed it on my panties. It felt SOOOO good! I felt so terribly naughty to be using her vibrator!

I dug a little further and found a huge rubber dildo in the drawer too. I noticed my breathing was erratic and I could literally feel my pulse in my chest!!!

I grabbed the dildo and rubbed it all over my face, thinking of how it usually is deep inside her pussy. I sucked on it for a second too, but it tasted like rubber.

I put the vibrator back in the drawer and lowered the dildo down to the bottom of my skirt. I pulled my panties aside and quickly thrust the big blue dick inside me. I moaned out loud as it went in. I was so wet that it didn't even resist. I was wrapping my long lips around it and pulling on them as I fucked myself with it. I was laying back on HER bed, fucking myself with HER big blue dildo, and I LOVED it. I had my pussy pointed straight at the bathroom door and my legs were spread all the way open. My pussy was making wonderful sloshy noises as it went in an out. I knew she would be in the shower for a bit longer, and I jilled myself with it for about 5 minutes before coming to an amazing orgasm! I took it out and looked at my gooey wetness covering it and I loved it. I licked off some of the stringy wetness a few times and then I put it back inside me. I wanted to make sure it was absolutely covered in my sex before I put it back in the bottom of her panty drawer. I then put the vibrator inside my pussy to get it all wet too and then carefully placed it back in the drawer, covered in my juice, exactly where it was when I found it.

The whole night was awkward after that, but I didn't tell her why of course. I often think about it when I get myself off at home. She is leaving town for a week soon and asked me to come over and water her plants and feed her fish, so as you can imagine, I am quite anxious about having some more fun in her apartment very soon!



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