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My Best Birthday Ever!

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This is what my wife arranged for my 30th birthday. Please take time to read this story, especially the girls. I think you'll like it!!!


Hi. My name is Anthony and I wanted to tell you all what my wife did for my birthday. First here's some background:
We got married in 1995. Debbie has been sick since 1990, which means that she is unable to get out of the house alone. She knows that I love her totally and will always look after her. Debbie doesn't work but I have my own business and she does all the office work.
Debbie knew when we married that masterbation was a BIG part of my life but it wasn't long before we realized that I was never going to be alone in the house due to Debbie's illness.
A couple of times a month I would take her in the car to see her parents and she would encourage me to just drop her off and go home to masterbate for an hour or so. She'd say it aroused her to know what I was going home for. So off I'd go and have some 'alone time.' But all my other sessions were when Debbie was in the house. She'd say, 'Why don't you go and have some time alone?' But it was never as good as when she was out.
The problem was that she had all day, every day to masterbate (which she did quite a lot) and I rarely got the chance to. Our sex life was the best ever but we both agreed that I needed more time to myself but until Debbie was better and could work it wasn't going to happen.
The week of my 30th birthday Debbie told me she was taking me for a meal at a top 5-star hotel in the city. The meal was great and then that's when she said she wanted to give me my present. It was the keycard to the penthouse suite. I said we'd finish our drinks and then go and see the suite. I was so excited I couldn't wait. Debbie then told me the plan. She said she wanted the house keys because she was going home to leave me alone in the penthouse suite and that she would pick me up the following day in a taxi at midday.
At first I thought she was joking but after holding her hands out for the house keys she got up and gave me the warmest smile I had ever seen. I also got up and handed her the keys and we hugged each other very tightly. It was very emotional for both of us but she said, 'It's only for 14 hours and we'll be together again, don't worry. I'll be pleasuring myself too. Enjoy yourself and happy birthday darling.' Debbie turned and walked away through the door. I watched until she was out of sight and sat down to finish my drink.
My mind was racing about what was to come. I couldn't believe what Debbie had done for me. I downed my drink and went up to my suite.
I swiped my card and the door clicked open. The sight was out of this world. It was like something out of a film, everything you'd expect from a penthouse. I didn't know what to do at first, like a kid in a toyshop.
I went over to the queen size bed, which was fitted with the softest silk sheets; I turned on the electric blankets to the hottest setting and walked over to the sitting area. On the table I noticed a bag, my hold-all. I opened it and Debbie had filled it with everything she thought I might have needed, baby oil, KY liquid, 2 heat pads (which I plugged in straight away), hot water bottle and the biggest pile of stories printed off this site (mainly female solo) which Debbie knows I love. The 'toys' are what I use at home to masterbate with. Debbie had set up the masterbation session of a lifetime. I was dizzy at the thought of it.
I filled the hot tub (a big round one, big enough for three people) then I undressed and got in. I read the solo stories while masterbating -- the hot water felt great. I was determined not to come for hours but to take my time and make love to myself.
After an hour or so I wanted more stimulation so I got out of the hot tub and dried off. I walked to the radiator and removed the baby oil and KY then over to the bed to lie down. I placed the oil and KY on the heat pads, which were under the bed sheets and began to masterbate again this time just looking at my surroundings and thinking about what Debbie would be doing. After balancing on the edge for what seemed like hours I stopped, dimmed the lights and got under the silk sheets. I applied both the oil and KY to myself, then folded one of the heat pads in half, put it on the mattress filled it with KY, I then lay face down and entered it. The feeling was amazing, so hot and soft. The electric blankets had also heated the silk sheets so the whole bed was hot and smooth. I put the other heat pad on top of my oiled bottom. I closed my eyes and began to thrust into the pad, nice and slow to avoid coming to fast. I balanced for as long as possible but the thought of what I was doing became to much for me and I finally climaxed after a full 5 hours of masterbation. When I composed myself I turned the lights on full to tidy up the amount of seamen was amazing, I had never seen so much from one orgasm.
I finally went to bed (to sleep) at 4am. I woke for breakfast at 9:30. I then returned to my room an hour later but couldn't resist a 'hot tub session' where I climaxed in the water. I gathered my belongings and made my way down to meet my wife.
There she was with that same smile on her face. We hugged and left.
When we got home, she told me that when she had signed for the room the morning before and taken my bag up, she also had a quick session in the silk bed and came many times. We went upstairs and spent the afternoon in bed making love, watching Debbie's home made video from her night alone. I also told her, in detail about my night alone and she got so aroused at what I had done to myself.
That was the best birthday present I could have wished for. It's a pity we weren't there together to make the best of that hot tub but we'll go back one day.
Thank you for reading my story. It was the best night of masterbating ever thanks to my wife. I love you Debbie!
Love from the UK,



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