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63 Years of Sex

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My Wonderful Sexual Experiences


I was 13 years old when a 14 y.o. buddy introduced me to jacking off. We played around when we had the opportunity. Living in a large city in apartments we didn't have much privacy rooms were shared with brothers or sisters. Every once in a while in afternoons after school if parents worked I could get together with a friend for some mutual sexual play. After my friend taught me about male to male sex I just had to teach the same to my best friend. I had one other friend, one afternoon in his apartment he made a suggestion and we began a sexual relationship that lasted about three years. I was 17 when he left for college and he eventually settled in that city.

Before I go on let me clarify the situation in my neighborhood. Just about every teen guy, at the time was enjoying sexual contact with a buddy or two. I walked in once as two of my buddies were about to start a session. Discussions with others confirmed what they were doing with best friends. Starting out with 'you show me yours, etc', measuring cocks leading to mutual play.

None of us thought we were gay or bi etc. Just horny teen guys satisfying those horny sexual needs. In our later teens girlfriends entered the picture and male to male play was replaced by female to male play.

After my friend left for college my m/m sexual laisons ended, I was 17. I moved to another large city in my twenties, had a same age roommate. It was the early '60's, sex, drugs and rock 'n roll... My roommate and I weren't into drugs, however hetero sexual sex was easily available and we certainly enjoyed ourselves. Our apartment building was a mecca for party time. One girl visited us regulary for three way sessions. Oh what a life for guys in our young twenties. When my roommate was about to leave for the army, shocker, after three years he hit on me. He told me about his teen days with his buddies, asked if I did the same, I lied said I never did anything like that. End of story. My business caused me to travel, trade shows in various cities, etc. I was hit on by some guys, mostly gay, however I never responded in a positive way.

I married at 30, had children and enjoyed a totally hetero sexual life. When I was 37 twenty years after my last m/m contact I visited my teen friend in the city he had settled in. My marriage at the time was rocky and didn't include sex. He was divorced. One word led to another and we relived our teen days for one night and a morning. Wonderful! But full of guilt for me, instead of staying one more night I left that day. Wife and I finally got back on track but sex with her was infrequent and totally unfullfilling.

When I was a teen another friend and I would j/o together on occasion. When we were 62 business brings him to a city near where I lived. He invites me to his hotel to spend the weekend with him. After dinner on our first night we begin chatting about our marriages and non existent sex lives. Both are in the same situation, wives no longer interested in sexual contacts. One word led to another, he made a suggestion. We had been sitting in our jockey shorts. His suggestion led to a quick removal of the shorts and we quickly were on the bed enjoying the wonderful pleasures one man can provide to another. He lives in a distant city, I have visited him a few times when his wife was away and we have reignited those pleasureable moments. Discreet, safe and satisfying for each of us. We both wish we lived closer to each other.

I now belong to a website that enables me to contact other married men in similiar situations. Seniors with intact libidos, still needing sexual contact. At this age, being married, we can't provide senior women the pleasures they seek, companionship, dinners out an occasional weekend away. We can't provide that, therefore m/m is a wonderful substitute for hetero sex.

Just as when we were teens most seniors I meet had similiar experiences with buddies in those years as I did. We don't consider ourselves gay today, just as we didn't when we were teens. Although being sexual with another man others might disagree and say we are 'gay'...Gay is a lifestyle that goes beyond sex. We don't live that lifestyle. I suppose if a description is needed Bi is as good as any.

We are just horny older guys satisfying those sexual needs that never seem to go away no matter what age...and of course just as we did as teens when there isn't anyone around to play with... we still jerkoff! Thank heaven our arms / hands reach just below our waist.



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