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My Aunt Helen

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Ah, to know then what I know now.


By the time I was thirteen-years-old I was an experienced masturbator, having been doing it for over three years, and by the summer of my twelfth year I was doing it a lot. Some of it was when I got to stay at my aunt Helen's that year all by myself, without my brothers or sister, during school break. Being the oldest did sometimes have it's advantages.

My aunt Helen along with my uncle Jim lived in a rural area with a lot of fields and woods around them. So during those warm summer days I liked to go out by myself and play in the fields and roam through the woods. It was a lot of fun since where I lived with my parents and siblings was back in the city. Also, back then there was little to worry about for a twelve-year-old boy to be out playing by himself.

My aunt Helen was an attractive woman in her thirties at the time. She had an average figure with slightly above average breasts (like my mom). While I had never thought of her in a sexual way, that was to change during that summer.

While out playing one day in the fields around my aunt Helen's house, I happened to stumble through a patch of high weeds. Now I didn't know it but in those weeds was a patch of Spanish Needle plants. So naturally when I got back to the house my pants were covered with the pesky needles. My aunt Helen stopped me at the front porch when she saw my predicament. She then insisted that all of the needles had to be removed before entering the house. That was understandable. She continued by instructing me to stand still while she did the removal procedure herself.

Aunt Helen started by picking off the needles clinging to the bottom of my pants legs, first the back and then the front. Slowly she removed each needle one by one, making her way up my legs. Finally, when she got up to my crotch area, her removal method took on a more deliberate approach to the point of her actually touching my crotch. She even commented to my surprise that she wasn't trying to 'play with me' but that she was just trying to get all of the needles off.

Now up to that very moment I had thought of my aunt Helen as my mom's sister and nothing more. But when she made the comment about playing with me everything changed. To start off with, I inferred from her remark that she knew that little boys dicks were things that were actually played with, and I also took it that she somehow knew that I played with mine.

As aunt Helen picked off the Spanish needles from the front of my pants my penis began to grow, seemingly of its own free will. The extra attention she was giving by touching my crotch area soon had my cock at a state of full arousal. She couldn't help but to have noticed it too. Still, she didn't say anything. She just finished picking off the needles from my now bulging crotch and let me go into the house. There I headed straight for their bathroom and once inside with the door closed and locked, I pulled my hard-on out through my pants and started beating it thinking of my aunt Helen's hands meticulously fumbling around my crotch and of her 'playing' remark. In a matter of minutes I was cumming.

The rest of the day went by as any other day with the exception that now I had developed a teenage, 'sexual' crush on my dear, sweet aunt. I sort of knew that it wasn't natural for me to do so. But I didn't care.

Later that evening bedtime came round and we all started to get ready to retire. My uncle Jim excused himself and went to bed early leaving me and my aunt Helen up. Now since they only had one bedroom, my place to sleep was on their couch in their living room. Aunt Helen made this comfortable for me by adding extra bedding and a pillow for me to sleep on.

I told aunt Helen I was going to bed too. She said that was fine but that she would like to stay up a little while longer to finish reading if I didn't mind. Since her reading chair was situated directly across from the couch where I was to sleep she wanted to make sure I would be able to fall asleep. I told her that it was ok and that I would go ahead and get undressed and get on the couch. I took off my shoes and socks then stripped out of my pants and shirt. Clad in just my underwear I slipped between the blankets and soon was asleep, or so I pretended.

Now my aunt knew that I slept in only my undershorts and her asking me if she could stay up to read while I got ready for bed may have been a ploy for her to get to see me, her twelve-year-old nephew, nearly naked. I don't know. I do know that the longer I laid there the harder my cock got. I wondered if my aunt Helen was glancing in my direction from over her reading material.

My erect penis was soon straining at my undershorts for release. So I formulated a plan. First I turned as if in my sleep, twisting my undershorts to one side as I did so. Then I gradually and slowly pulled my erection out through the opened gap in my underwear between my thigh and my crotch. My hardon was now fully exposed under the cover. Now what to do with it.

I tried my best to pretend that I was asleep as I laid there, and I have to admit that it was hard to do too, especially with a raging hardon. Then I thought to myself that I might 'accidentally' give my aunt Helen a glimpse of it, not knowing for sure if it would give her a thrill but certainly knowing that it would me. So I barely opened my eyes to make sure that she was still sitting there. She was. Then I held onto the cover as I once again turned over on my side facing where my aunt was sitting. By holding onto the cover as I did I forced the blanket to only partially cover me. I was now lying there 'asleep' with my fully erect penis poking out of my shorts and completely exposed for my aunt to see.

I don't know how long I laid there that way. I do know that occasionally I would dare to sneak a quick glace from under my barely opened eye lids to see if aunt Helen had noticed my cock. Each time she was only sitting there reading. However, one time I did notice that she had dropped a hand down into her lap. I couldn't tell what she was doing though.

Several minutes went by and finally my aunt Helen got up from her reading chair and approached me from across the room. Then she grabbed hold of the blanket and covered me up again. I was so hoping that my aunt would take advantage of the situation and touch my boyish hardon. But alas, it was not to be. She then turned off the light and went to bed. As soon as I thought it was safe I threw back the covers and jacked off my still hard cock shooting cum all over the floor. I wonder if aunt Helen noticed the stiff stains on the carpet the next day.

In retrospect, she probably went to their bathroom and jilled herself off with the image of my twelve-year-old erect penis fresh in her mind. That's just a guess though.

I never pursued any sort of sexual encounter with my aunt after that. I don't know for sure if she would have been receptive. I'd like to think so. Anyway, I've had many masturbation sessions since then fantasizing about it.



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