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Car Fun

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Back when my wife and I were dating, we spent a lot of time living apart, so we had to drive back and forth to see each other. One afternoon we were driving down the freeway to her place, a somewhat rare event, and she began to rant about something or other. I got upset, told her she needed to be more respectful, and turned up the stereo, and paid attention to driving.

The next thing I know I noticed her hands trying to pull down the zipper on my jeans. With some difficulty she finally got it down. OK, I had to adjust in my seat, but even though I was a bit shocked I was hardly going to resist too much. I looked over at her, and she had this pouty apologetic look on her face, like she knew she had done something wrong.

She worked my rapidly hardening dick out, and unclicked her seatbelt, and immediately began began jacking on as much of my dick as she could reach out of my pants, which just about sent me off the road.

This was during the middle of the day, on a crowded interstate, so I was a bit nervous. She kept this up for a minute or so as I watched mini-vans full of vacationing families pass me on the freeway, and my hard cock fully exposed to them as the hand of my increasingly horny girlfriend rubbed up and down on it.

Although horny myself I got rather nervous and told her to stop, and pulled my shirt down over my erection. There was no way I would be able to get the throbbing thing back in my pants with one hand while driving. She began began to pout dramatically and started rubbing my leg and kissing me, while occasionally teasing my still hard cock.

I tried to focus on the road, which was becoming exceedingly difficult, and then noticed that she had opened the front of her shorts and was rubbing herself. The car quickly filled with that musky smell that I was familiar with whenever she got really horny, and I could hear her make little whimpering sounds, intermixed with the wet slurpy sounds she was making fingering her moist pussy.

I couldn't take it anymore and reached over to her seat and slid my hand into her shorts, which by then were halfway down her hips. She was soaking, and my fingers easily slipped between her lips and found her swollen clit. Our hands fought for access, and within minutes she began to shake and cry out in orgasm, her nipples swelling so hard they showed even through her bra and shirt.

After recovering she smiled and turned her attention back towards me, grabbing my dick in her now wet fingers and stroked me even harder. I fought to maintain control of the car, and finally had to tell her to stop again.

Fortunately we were coming up on a rest stop, I pulled in, drove to the very end, and found a parking spot. She grabbed me firmly pulled my shirt down over my throbbing erection and jerked me firmly until I exploded, shooting cum all over the inside of my shirt. After catching my breath, I zipped back up, gave her a kiss, and continued my interesting drive.



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