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My Amazing Cousin

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My Cousin, Lilly, is beautiful. 5'6 34B Breasts, Curves, an adorable round ass and a lovely face. I am 5'3, 34DD tits, Long legs, and my butt is a little big and I'm quite thick. On to the story.

At my aunt's house, I opened the presents my cousins had got for me. Lilly, sitting next to me and smiling, whispered "You'll have to open your present in my room. I was excited. I wondered what it would be. We ate cake and Lilly and I went up to her room. We chatted and she asked about my friends, crushes, and school. Basic stuff. As we flipped through the channels, Lilly's eyes grew large, and she stopped on a movie, she was very focused. I didn't pay any attention. I was still trying to guess what Lilly had gotten me for my birthday. When I glanced back at the TV, I saw two very pretty girls touching each other and kissing. Lilly looked at me, blushing, and asked "Do you want your present now?" I smiled a huge smile and nodded.

She went to her closet and picked up a small, neatly wrapped package. I teared at the wrapping, opened the box and grabbed what was inside. I looked at her, blushing, I knew, a very deep red. I took out a very small, lacy piece of fabric. She told me that since I was a teenager, she thought I needed some lingerie, and wanted me to try it on. "Please, please" She begged. I thought, whatever, stripped, and slipped into the lacy little thing. I looked in the mirror. My developing breasts and nipples were visble, as was my butt. Lilly came and stood behind me. "You look so cute," she smiled and sighed. She drew me near and hugged me, but it was different. She groped my ass and rubbed my waist. I looked up at her and she smiled at me. "Can I show you something, sweety?" I nodded. She led me to her bed and shoved me down.

She then proceeded to take off her shorts and hoodie(she did not have a shirt or bra on, nor did she have panties on.) I was excited surprised and a little scared. She slid the strap of the lacy top down over my shoulder. She sighed then just took it off me all together. Then it got wierd. She pulled my panties way up into my ass and pussy and kept pulling. It felt good, tingly, but I got up and said "I feel wierd, what are you doing?" She looked at me funny. "I'm giving you another birthday present." She pushed me down roughly, stripped off my panties, and grabbed my wrists. and licked my temple. "Oh, Destiny. You're finally a teenager. I'm gonna show you something, okay?" I looked up and nodded.

She licked her way down to my neck and then back up to my mouth. She took my face in her hands, puckered my lips and kissed me so hard, sliding her tongue into my mouth. Basically, she was mouthraping me. She restrained me by my wrists. I squirmed. Her breasts were in my face. I sighed and moved, my cheek brushing against her nipple. She moaned and said "You're a good girl." She then licked my neck down to my nipple and sucked. she sucked, and licked, and flicked and made me have a tingly feeling between my legs, and I gasped. "Oh Destiny, you're so cute!"

She climbed off the bed and got on her knees next to my closed legs and forced them open. She licked my legs and licked up to my inner thighs. I had no idea what she was going to do, but I wanted to watch. I got to my elbows and watched her get close to my pussy. She licked my inner thigh, kissed my pussy lip and then dipped a finger into my pussy. I yelped and she smiled. "Oh my god, you're sooo wet. You have an adorbale cunt, sweety." she kissed my pussy lips once more until sucking my swollen throbbing clit. I was in a daze. I was sighing and groaning. Whatever was happening down below made me feel crazy.

She licked and licked and then I exploded. I found out later that the "explosion" was my first Orgasm. She smiled and brought her hand to my pussy. She pulled my lips apart and shoved a finger in. "Wow, you're so tight, damn." she groaned. She got faster and faster at fingering me, I groaned a deep groan and orgasmed again. "Stop. Please." I gasped. She didn't listen. She climbed on top of me and made out with me until I couldn't breathe. As she did this she rubbed my tits. "Your tits are so cute, your nipples are like little raspberries." I closed my eyes and tried to calm down.

She pulled me back up off the bed, and pulled me to her office chair. She commanded that I straddle the chair. She walked over to her dresser and got something out, hid it behind her back. She returned, pinched my nipple, spread my ass cheeks and shoved something in. I yelped and cried out. Then I felt it vibrate. I came right there and Lilly bit my ass cheek(wierd I know) She pulled the thing out and told me to turn around. I turned, and she forced my legs open. She licked me and then inserted the thing, and of course, turned it on. I orgasmed so hard and kept cumming until she took it out. I cried and cried and she just rubbed my back.

When I stopped crying, she smiled and said, "I love you cousin." We talked about what happened and I learned later that night why she had done it. She said she had seen me in the shower a week earlier and had one of the most amazing orgasms ever. These were her words. Since all this happened, we have been very open with each other. She is in fact, a lesbian. We have had quite a few steamy scenes in a variety of places, showers, her parents room, my brothers room, her attic, and the woods.



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