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Mr James and My Knickers

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Sorry if this story is a little long, but it details an important time in my life when I learnt what turns men on.


I started work at the shoe shop when I was eighteen. It was a Saturday job to earn myself a little money whilst in my last year at school. The owner was Mr James who I guessed was in his mid-fifties. The other staff were older women than me and always spoke well of him, of how he would give them a pay bonus at Christmas and how he was the best boss ever. Being the new girl I often ended up in the stock room unboxing the new deliveries and putting them on the shelves. Mr James often helped out as he liked to make sure everything was in the right place. He would hand the boxes of shoes up to me whilst I was up the stepladder putting them away on the top shelves. I noticed he would sneak peeks at my legs and sometimes up my skirt. He seemed harmless enough and I found it exciting that he took a liking to me. After a session of putting shoes away I often saw the bulge in his trousers and he would disappear into his back office for about 15 minutes. I guessed he was having a wank and I kinda felt sorry for him that it was the only way he could get any relief. I'd had experience of boys, but only the occasional handjob, so I found it a bit of a turn-on that I could do that to Mr James.

It was after several weeks and during a quiet period of the day I was unboxing a new delivery when Mr James came into the stock room and stood behind me as I bent over to take the new boxes of shoes out of the large delivery box. He kinda gave a little cough and 'Oh Jane, you're showing your knickers'. I stood up and turned to face him and innocently said 'Really, what colour are they'? He seemed a little taken aback and replied 'Well, they're blue'. At which point I lifted my skirt above my panty line and said 'Actually they're sky blue, but near enough'. Mr James just stared at me holding my skirt up and showing him my knickers. They were bikini style, so it was just a small triangle of material at the front with thin strings at the side to the back. He gave another little cough and I could see the bulge in his trousers growing as he was rooted to the spot. Just then the door to the stock room opened. Luckily we were obscured by the shelving as one of the staff asked for Mr James assistance on the shop floor. 'I'll be there in just moment' he said as I dropped my skirt back down. He adjusted himself and left the stockroom. I was shocked at myself but also turned on and gave myself a little rub through my knickers.

Later that day he asked if I would mind staying behind for half an hour to help stock-check a new delivery. He said he would pay me a couple of hours extra pay as long as I don't tell the other staff. I agreed as I could always use an extra bit of money. After locking up time and the other staff had gone I asked where do we start. He said lets go into my office first and I'll sort out your wages. We went in and it was a small windowless office with a desk to one side with swivel chair and a small leather sofa opposite. He said to sit down and I watched as he counted out some money, slid it into an envelope and gave it to me. 'Wow I thought, this is more like two whole days pay', as I checked the money inside. Mr James swiveled round in his chair to face me and said, 'Jane, would you mind showing me your knickers again'? At this point I realised why I was asked to stay behind. I was a little nervous now but Mr James insisted he just wanted to look, no touching or anything like that.

I sat back on the sofa and slowly opened my legs. Mr James stared intently at the crotch of my knickers, the bulge in his trousers growing by the second. I lifted my butt off the sofa and pulled my skirt up around my waist. Now he could see to the top of my legs as I opened them even further. 'Is this exciting for you'? I asked him. 'Very much so' he replied, without taking his eyes off my knicker crotch. At that point he looked at me and asked what shoe size I was. 'Strange!' I thought and told him my shoe size. He left the office briefly and came back with a pair of shiny black, patent high heel shoes. 'Put these on please' he asked. I slipped my black pumps off and put on the high heels. 'Now stand up and turn around please' he said. 'You're not going to do anything weird are you'? I asked. 'No', he replied, 'I just want to sit and look'.

Rather than hold my skirt up I slipped it off, stood with my back to Mr James wearing just my shirt, knickers and these wicked high heels. 'Oh yes, very nice,' Mr James remarked. I was feeling a little bold now and stood with my hands on my hips looking at him over my shoulder. He was looking a little flushed and asked me to bend forward slightly. This pushed my ass towards him and the high heels had accentuated the slimness of my legs. I looked around at Mr James and he suddenly looked very red. He gave a couple of little grunts as he shut his eyes and his head fell back onto the back of the chair. I thought he had passed out until I saw the wet stain appear in his lap. Mr James had cum in his pants! He regained his composure and said he had to use the lavatory and I was to let myself out of the shop. I put my skirt and pumps back on and went home.

The following Saturday was like any normal working day. Mr James was his usual polite self, as if nothing had happened. It was coming up to my lunch-break when Mr James asked if I would stay for a stock-check later. I knew what that meant so I agreed. Just before I left the shop Mr James slipped some money in my hand and said to get myself some red knickers. Now I was beginning to understand what really turned him on. So, I didn't just get an ordinary pair of red knickers, I got some shiny satin knickers. On returning to the shop I put them on straight away and thought how nice the smooth satin felt against my pussy.

After the store had closed I went straight into his office, put on the high heels, sat on the sofa and opened my legs wide. 'Oh my', Mr James said as he realised I was wearing red satin knickers. 'Do you like them'? I asked. Oh yes', he replied. I turned around, lifted my skirt up and thrust my ass towards him. I looked over my shoulder at him and told him if he is going to cum, he might as well get his cock out and do it now. I think my dirty words had excited him even more as he freed his big fleshy cock and started pumping away. It took only about a half a dozen strokes before he shot several thick ropes of cum across the office floor, some of it landing on my legs. After composing himself he apologised for his mess on my legs. I said it was ok and that it turned me on a little. He said he needed to clean up and I could let myself out of the shop.

This went on for a couple more weeks until one Saturday I decided to give him a treat. As usual he slipped me some money before my lunchbreak and I purchased a sheer, see-through knicker and bra set. I put them on upon my return and the coolness of the material aginst my nipples and pussy was really turning me on. As Mr James was locking up I said I would be in his office waiting. I stripped to my bra and panties, sat on the sofa with my legs wide open and began stroking myself through my knickers. A visible damp patch had appeared in my knickers by the time Mr James entered the office. My nipples were threatening to burst through the thin material of my bra as Mr James stood in front of me, dropped his trousers and began wanking. 'That's it Mr James, wank that cock for me'. 'Cum on me if you want to you dirty old man,' I said to him. 'Oh yes' he said, 'keep going'. 'Shoot your jizz over me whilst I play with my pussy, you dirty little wanker,' I said to him. I was rubbing my clit through my knickers and could feel myself getting wetter by the second. 'Look how wet my knickers are now,' I said to him as his stroking got more vigorous. 'Looking at your thick cock is really getting me wet, you dirty wanker,' I said, Do you like watching me play with myself'?

Suddenly he gave a grunt and a huge stream of cum flew between us and landed on my stomach and knickers. I rubbed his cum into my knicker crotch as I felt my own orgasm nearing. I kept up my rubbing as I orgasmed in front of Mr James, my knickers soaked by now. He collapsed in his chair as I came down from my climax. We both sat there for a moment before I told him that was the last time I did this. I cleaned up, left him the dirty knickers and bra and never went back in the shop, ever.



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