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On The Subway

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This never happened ... but I like to have fantasies about it.

I enter the subway station and walk over to a bench. It'll be about five minutes before my train arrives, so I'm going to have to wait a bit. I'm traveling to see a friend, and we're going to go shopping for clothes and then have lunch together. There are very few people in the station; it seems to be a slow day and not many people are around. My train finally arrives and I go onboard. When I enter, I am surprised. In the car, there are around 20 men, of different ages. Some are sitting next to each other and some are spread out around the car--but they are all naked! I get scared and nervous but the doors close and I can't leave now. "Don't be scared, we won't touch you," says a man who looks to be around 45. He sits with his legs spread and he moves his hand down to touch his cock. "You're very pretty!" I don't know what to do, so I just stand there. All the men are hard and are stroking their cocks. Some of the guys who are sitting next to each other have their hands on each other's cocks. "Show us your body, honey!"  "Bet you have nice tits!" "I wanna see your pussy!" are some the things they are saying to me.

Surprisingly, they're all saying things like that, but none of them seem to want to do anything to me so I feel a little safer.  Seeing all their hard cocks, hearing the sounds of them moaning and their cocks slapping, feeling their eyes on my body: it's all starting to make me very aroused. I look at the man who spoke first and he's now fully hard and staring at me while he holds his dick in his hands and is stroking up and down slowly. I sit down and pull down my top and bra and let them see my breasts. I feel a little ashamed, but when they start to give me compliments, I get more daring and my nipples start to get hard. I start to grab my breasts and rub them with my hands. They begin to cheer me on, so I spread my legs as much as I can and pull my panties off to the side. The guys are now moaning and giving me compliments about how they like my body, as I rub my hand over my pussy. I'm already very wet and I'm still a bit scared but I realize that I like to show them... I wet two fingers in my mouth and rub my breasts and nipples some more, then push the fingers inside my now-dripping pussy--and I have to moan too, because it feels so good. One of the men unexpectedly stands up and walks toward me, so I freeze. But then he stops in front of me and says, "I want to cum for you, baby."  Having said that, he furiously strokes his dick to orgasm and ejaculates on the floor near my feet. It splatters out of him and I can hear it hit the floor in front of me. Then another man does the same, and another. One of the guys yells, "I'm gonna cum all over myself," and I watch him as he strokes all his cum out over his chest and stomach while he stares at my pussy that I am furiously fingering. I watch as two of the guys who are stroking each other cum at the same time. Every time the train stops, more guys come in, and the guys who have cum leave. All the new guys are naked, too, and most of them are already hard when they enter, their dicks swollen and hard and they all look at me. I rub my pussy and finger myself, and have countless orgasms for them. They leave their cum on the floor and over the seats.

One of the men yells out, "Look at me, honey" and he cums so hard he gets some on his face, which he just licks off his lips as he stares at me. "I wanna cum for you babe!"  "You are so hot, I love your pussy!" "Ahhhh I'm cumming so hard!" I hear, over and over. The car is full of noises and I cum again for them with my fingers deep inside my pussy. More guys enter with their hard, needy cocks already throbbing... As this continues, I forget all about my friend and our shopping and just spend the whole day masturbating in front of horny strangers in the subway!



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