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My other contributions were from my early teens. This one breaks that mold.


This is the first contribution I've sent in for almost two years, can't believe it's been that long. My last contribution was posted Feb. 12, 2004, (With Friend and His Sisters).

A little background first. This concerns an experience with my mother-in-law about six months ago. To say that I learned more about her sex life than I ever wanted to know is an understatement. First of all MIL is not someone I've ever considered sexy, although she seemed to have good sized breasts. Even after this experience, I can't say that I'm turned on by her, maybe it's partly because she is my MIL. My wife, who is eight years younger than me, was born when she was 18, which makes her only ten years older than me. She has been a widow for almost ten years now, and because of a physical condition which affects her stability, must use a walker. Her walker is one of the kind that has four wheels and handlebars like a bicycle, it also has a seat that she can turn around and sit on.

Because of her condition, she doesn't get out much. Therefore my wife, my wife's sister (also a widow), and I run errands for her. Anyway, about six months ago, on my birthday, I stopped by to take in her mail. She wished me a happy birthday, then came over to give me a hug and a kiss, no big deal, it's happened before. She put her arms up around my shoulders laid a kiss on my lips. I had my arms around her to return the hug and keep her steady. After the kiss, she dropped her arms, pinning my left hand under her arm, and turned to her right, planting my left hand right on her breast. I, of course pulled my hand away, not thinking much of it. I just left her in the kitchen and went off to work.

I didn't get back down there for almost two weeks, because of my work schedule. I took in her mail, and asked her if she needed anything from the store. She said she didn't need anything, but asked if I had time to talk. She was sitting on her walker by the sink, so I sat on a stool by the island, about four feet away. She kind of hemmed and hawed for a few seconds, and then blurted out, 'When your hand was on my boob the other day, it was the first time in 20 years that somebody else touched me there.' I was shocked to say the least, and denied doing it on purpose. She told me that she knew it was an accident, but that it felt really good anyway and brought back quite a few memories. 'I haven't felt like that since the last time Bill (her husband) and I screwed,' she told me. I was quite taken aback by this because I had always thought of her as a prude, and also I had never heard a word with any sexual connotation come from her. She then dropped the bomb when she asked if I would do an old lady a favour and rub her boobs. She quickly told me she wouldn't tell Mary (my wife). This really wasn't something I'd dreamed about doing, but after a lot of begging, I agreed to do it (kind of a sympathy feel, I guess). She scooted her walker over to me without standing up. Not knowing where or how to start, I hesitated, she grabbed my hands and placed one on each breast. About all I could feel was the stiff cloth of her bra. For the next five minutes, I explored both breasts through her shirt and bra. When I did stop to see what she would do, she thanked me profusely, and said she really enjoyed the massage, she then gave a quick kiss on the lips. I then left for home.

Over the next month to month and a half, I gave her about half a dozen 'massages.' She'd ask, 'Have you got time to give an old lady a massage?' I was getting a kick out of watching her reactions to my touch. The 'massages' usually lasted about five to seven minutes. By the time I was done with each massage, she was flushed and breathing a bit heavy. It was during the massages that I found out a lot about her sex life with her husband. For instance, I found out that he insisted on screwing every Saturday morning before getting out of bed. She said that while she really enjoyed the screwing, she didn't think she should let Bill know that. In talking to her during and after the massages, she mentioned that she really missed Bill touching and rubbing her 'down there,' which kind of introduced the subject of masturbation, although we didn't talk about it then. Early on I also noticed that she was squirming on the seat of her walker as I rubbed her breasts. When I asked her about this, she told me about Bill's touches. I told her that she could go into the bedroom and do it herself after I left. She just couldn't do that because her mother had told her that was really naughty to touch herself down there. But apparently it was alright to rub her own boobs, which she said she did every night before bed, because her ma had not said anything about that. During the last three or four encounters of the half dozen mentioned above, I kept telling her it was alright to put her hand between her legs, I even told her that I took care of myself when I got home after leaving her (actually I didn't, in fact I really didn't get aroused that much.) She didn't seem to be convinced of the appropriatness of masturbation.

One time, when checking on her, she was standing in front of the sink. Without being asked, I walked up behind her, reached under her shirt and cupped her breast filled bra. This is the first time I felt her bra without a shirt being in the way. She kind of sighed; and said,' I love that.' In the course of rubbing over her bra, my fingers got down between her boobs, but I didn't get near the nipples.

The next massage she did ask for. I was there quite early, and she was still in a robe, the kind that zips up the front. I kind of hesitated because of her state of dress, but she urged me on. As I neared where she was sitting, with a quick motion, she pulled down the zipper a way and pulled her breasts right out. This was really unexpected. Her boobs, even tough kind of big, just sagged, with good sized cone shaped nipples hanging straight down. This massage lasted almost 15 minutes, and I was about half erect when I left. As I was leaving, I encouraged her to take care of herself.

Our last encounter was a couple of weeks after touching her bare breasts. I was again busy with work, so hadn't seen her during that time. She called and asked me to pick up some stuff for her. When I stopped for the list, she was dressed, but asked if I had time for a massage after going to the store. Since it was early, I said yes. When I brought in the groceries, she called to me. I found her in the bedroom lying in her bed, covered to the chin. Neatly lain over her walker were her slacks, shirt, and bra. I got a bit nervous. Sensing my hesitation, she rolled the cover down to her waist, showing me naked boobs again. At her urging, I sat down beside her and started to rub her nipples between my fingers. After maybe five minutes, acting on an impulse, I cupped the closest breast, lifted it, and sucked the nipple into my mouth. I must have taken her by surprise as she gasped when I did that, but made no move to stop me. I was also in for a surprise when she put her hand on my knee and asked, 'Honey, are you hard?' Not knowing what else to do, I admitted having 'a hard one'. 'It's just been so long since I've seen, a hard cock, please show me,' she said.

Being really horny (hadn't had time to masturbate in a while), and really hard, it didn't take much persuasion. I quickly dropped my pants and briefs, showing off my erection. I was starting to feel a little foolish standing there, naked from the waist down, cock standing at attention. I was then really surprised when she asked, 'Are you going to jack off when you go home?' Because I had told her before that I did 'take care of myself' occasionally, and I was obviously quite excited, I said, 'Probably.' 'Please do it here so I can watch,' she asked. Patting the bed beside her, she said, 'Lay right here beside me so I can see real well.' Seeing no point in refusing, I laid down beside her and got down to it. Since I hadn't cum in a while, it didn't take long to cum. I produced quite a bit more cum than usual (which at my age is not a lot), and the first wad landed halfway between my navel and nipple. During the time I was stroking my erected penis, she slipped her hand down under the blanket toward her crotch and rubbed. When she saw me looking at her, she pulled her hand back out from under the blanket. As I lay there, catching my breath, she handed me some tissue and told me how much she enjoyed watching me jack off.

When I mentioned my surprise about hearing her say 'jack off', she said that's what her husband called it. I was feeling a bit uneasy, lying naked from the waist down, shirt up around my neck, my MIL lying next to me naked from the waist up (I caught a glimpse of her panties when she pulled her hand from under the blanket.) She however seemed quite at ease, telling me more about her sex life. When her period interfered with Bill's desire to screw on Saturday mornings, he would ask her to 'suck his cock', knowing she would say no because 'it is gross'. 'I usually ended up giving him a hand job,' she then stated. If she said no to a hand job, having a headache maybe, Bill would end up 'jacking off in bed beside me.' Even though she told him that that was 'nasty', she confided to me that she liked to watch him do it. She also confessed that she liked giving him 'hand jobs', altough she wouldn't tell him, because he might think she was a slut.

MIL was still going on about the things they did sexually as I got up and got dressed. As I was about to leave the bedroom, she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed, giving me a good look at her white panties and bare legs. She motioned me over and as I bent down, she took my face in her hands and gave me quite a kiss, thanking me for everything. She then told me she wouldn't be needing anymore massages. Without really saying it, she admitted accepting masturbation and would be taking care of her needs herself, and I got the idea she would be doing just that after I left. With that I reached over, tweeked a nipple, turned around and left.

True to her word, that was the last 'massage' that she asked for.



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