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Morning Wood

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Thank you to everyone on this site who has shared his or her masturbation adventures. I visit regularly and have enjoyed many orgasms here. I am offering you a little history of my masturbation life.


I am 29. I have not had many wild sexual experiences, at least not recently. Like most girls, I began masturbating around 13 and continue to play with myself regularly (3-5 times a week); sometimes, but rarely, in not-so-private places, such as under my desk at work while visiting Solotouch© or Literotica©. Even though I am married, and my husband and I have sex about once a week, I like to get very worked up reading erotica, and then to masturbate for a couple of hours on a lazy afternoon. Sometimes I will go online and have cybersex with a stranger. Once, after I was married, I ended up having phenomenal phone sex with a male friend from high school who had called me out of the blue after we found each other online.

As a teenager, I had my share of sexual games with boys and mutual masturbation sleepovers with a couple of girlfriends. In college, I experimented. I slept with a lot of guys. So did my roommate. My dorm roommate and I admitted to masturbating regularly. We agreed that we did not want our situation to interfere with our satisfaction. We had an unwritten pact that it was OK to masturbate before sleep in the privacy of one's bed. We regularly shared porn sites on our computers, turned off the lights, and then retired to our respective ends of our fifteen-by-fifteen-foot cell for solosex.

This became a habit. She had a vibrator. I did not. I was much more open about sex then. I loved listening to her ram her dildo in and out of her wet cunt. Our breathing would quicken. She was vocal, explicitly encouraging imaginary lovers to finger, suck, and fuck her. I liked her enthusiasm. We would both moan as if at an orgy, helping to bring us to our orgasms. Also, we sometimes brought our boyfriends back to the dorm for sex, which inspired us to masturbate. This happened the first time by accident, when I thought she would be out, and then, being extra quiet, I convinced the guy I was with that she was asleep and a heavy sleeper, but I didn't really care because I needed a good screwing. I also knew she would probably like it. She got so turned on watching us have sex that she eventually got nude and pulled her knees up to her chest as she worked herself to orgasm. He spent as much time with his eyes on her as on me.

Once she actually planned it, calling me to let me know I should pretend to be asleep when they got there. I was so horny at the thought that I got nude in bed and began without them. I feigned sleep and came three times under the sheets by the time they were finished. Only once was I caught masturbating, and luckily her partner was as into being watched as I was into watching. He wanted me to join them on their bed but, even though I let him watch me masturbate, I stayed put in my bed. After we had sex, she and I would compare notes about techniques, penis size, cunnilingus, fellatio, orgasm, and masturbation. All of this voyeurism and exhibitionism had its drawbacks, however. My roommate and I stopped speaking to each other after she began sleeping with my first real college love. They suggested a threesome. I should have taken them up on it but instead I suggested that they go fuck themselves, which they did repeatedly in his apartment.

Those happy days are long gone. I am married now and my fantasies revolve around my girlfriends' husbands. I imagine fucking them or being seduced by or seducing them. Sometimes I wear revealing clothing just to see if men notice; they do, but I do not think that I would ever fully act on their attentions. I had the chance to have an affair last year, after kissing a friend's husband under the mistletoe at our annual Christmas party. Everyone, including my husband and his wife, were using the mistletoe as an excuse for a little illicit fun. He and I met under the mistletoe. We kissed meekly. Then he pushed my mouth open with his tongue. He licked my teeth and I opened for him, allowing him to tongue-fuck my mouth. I was weakened by his kiss. Our champagne-loosened tongues wrestled a bit. I felt his hardness press against my pussy. Kissing back, I pressed against him, feeling my clit swell against his penis, which was wedged between my cunt lips, and then he brought a hand under my skirt to my ass. He cupped my cheek.

I was shocked, but I did not stop him. Kissing him and pressing against his cock, I was too turned on and too stunned to multitask. Discovering no resistance on my part, his hand found its way inside my damp panties. He ran his finger up and down my ass crack. Then his middle finger quickly wedged itself deep inside my drenched pussy, and he wiggled his thumb into my rear. I nearly collapsed. It all happened so fast my body had to catch up with my feelings. He slowly worked his finger in and out of me, mirroring his finger's movements with his tongue. I could have fucked him on the spot, or at least let him bring me to a climax. But after only a few seconds, I pulled away. I don't know exactly why, because it felt so good, and his wife was watching us and egging us on. I guess guilt overcame my animal instincts. Granted, she saw us kissing but I am certain she could not see her husband's hand under my skirt. Things have not been the same with him since. He has grabbed my ass more than once. But I have thwarted his advances. This is despite the fact that most of my masturbation fantasies center on that kiss and his expert groping of my pussy and ass.

One of my other favorite fantasies goes all the way back to my teenage years. One of the reasons I remember the experience so vividly is because I kept a diary then and I have many times reread my crude but erotic, adolescent entry detailing the events and feelings of that morning.

I was 14 and had a girlfriend who was only in our town for a few months, as her father changed jobs frequently. We became fast friends. She was a year older. She had an older brother, 16 I think, because he had a learner's permit. One weekend when I was sleeping over at her house, her parents were away. The night before, she asked her brother to drive us to the mall in the morning. That night, we had stayed up late talking about sex and eventually openly playing with ourselves. That morning, I was still horny. She went to take a shower and asked me to go to his room and remind him that he promised us a ride to the mall. I felt a little shy about it, but I knocked on his door. He said to come in. I was wearing my sleepwear, just panties and a long T that went to mid-thigh. I felt very naughty being alone with a boy in his room, dressed in just my panties, no bra, and a T.

It was summer. When I came into his room, he was still in bed, nude with just a sheet covering him. I stared at his body. I was immediately freaked out because the sheet was clinging close to his body and I could clearly see the outline of his thick cock on his thigh. I clearly remember seeing the head and the shaft and the balls. I don't know but he may have been playing with himself before I knocked. He sat up and asked me what I wanted. His sheet fell to his waist. His chest was taut and muscled. What I wanted was to see his cock, but I said that his sister had sent me in to remind him that he promised to take us to the mall. He said it was no big deal. I was going to leave but he asked me if I wanted to look through his CD collection. I went over and went through the CDs on his dresser. He said that if I found one I liked to put it in the player. I did. He turned it on. He told me I could sit on the bed and listen. He had a really nice stereo and wanted me to hear how lifelike it was.

I couldn't concentrate. I was nervous and horny. I sat on the foot of the bed and looked at his body. Sitting cross-legged, I pushed my T between my legs so that my panties would be covered. But holding my hand there put pressure against my pussy. I was aware that it felt good and very naughty. I looked at his cock, which had gotten very hard and had swung up on his stomach but was still covered by the sheet. It was my first sight of an actual erection. His cock was sticking up just below his belly button, jumping occasionally, and he was clearly proud of it. He let me stare at his cock as we listened to music. He parted his thighs. He made his hard cock bounce under the sheet. He was performing. He was showing it off for me. And he couldn't have had a more willing audience.

I could still hear the shower running, so I felt like I still had some time to take in such a lovely sight. I felt so naughty. I could feel my heat and my wetness spreading in my panties. Then he said 'You want to see it?' I replied 'See what?' He said 'You know, my cock? Have you ever seen one before?' I did not say anything, but he just lowered the sheet. Then he nonchalantly took his cock in his hand. Silently he squeezed it and bent it around, showing it to me at different angles, weighing it in his hand like a piece of meat or fruit at the grocer's. I was aware that I was licking my lips. 'Have you ever seen a guy's cock before?' he asked again. I don't think I replied. He said 'I have morning wood. I love to stroke it in the morning before I pee. It feels better when you have to pee.' I don't remember my reaction but he began stroking it, spitting into his hand for lubrication and spreading his legs so that I had a clear view of his ass and balls.

He cupped and stroked his balls as he fucked his hand, building up a rhythm. Then he pushed the sheet completely off so that he was nude. He said 'You can do it too if you want. Come on, do it with me. Touch it.' I wasn't sure exactly what he meant. I wasn't sure if he wanted me to touch myself or his cock. But I guess I was already rubbing myself because when I looked down my shirt was up at my waist and my finger was already pressed over my panties against my clit. He asked me where his sister was. I told him she was in the shower. He told me she takes long showers but to hurry and take off my panties. I did. He told me to spread my legs wide. I did as he asked. I was surprised at how wet and open my pussy was. I don't think I had ever seen it so ready and willing and sensitive. Milky juice was running out of my cunt and down my ass crack onto his bed. I was so turned on and wet it scared me. I thought maybe I had already cum. He asked me if I have ever cum before. I told him I had. He told me to finger myself and to let him know when I was going to cum. I eagerly rubbed my clit. I suddenly felt like a pro. He encouraged me, telling me I had a beautiful pussy and ass. My orgasm built rather quickly. In a couple of minutes I was feeling that familiar wave of pleasure rush over me. I said 'Now. I'm cumming now!' I came just as he shot his sperm up over his chest, and I bucked my hips against my fingers.

He told me that was amazing. Then he worked his finger into my pussy a few strokes, telling me he couldn't believe how wet I was and that I would make a great, tight fuck if I was ever interested. I was very interested, but again I said nothing. When I got up off the bed he had me show him my ass, bending over for him. Then he kissed me firmly and wetly on the butt cheek, which made me flinch a little. He handed me my panties. Then he told me I should go check on his sister. Later that afternoon, I started to tell her the story but she did not believe me, nervously laughing it off and saying it was a good fantasy. I backed down before I had hardly begun, realizing that she was not cool with me doing anything sexual with her brother. She wanted to have nothing to do with it. So I kept the story to myself.

They moved before the start of school, and I never had the chance to be alone with her brother again. I think he was from then on avoiding me. There was a definite change in his attitude to me and his sister when I was around. But I will go and finger myself sore right now just thinking about that lovely morning (I have already started typing with one hand). Happy Jacking and Jilling to all and to all an orgasmic night!



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