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Seduced My Neighbor

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This happened several years ago during the Summer. I am a divorcee who lives in a house alone and will have an occasional male friend come over for some fun. It had been awhile since my last visit and I was certainly feeling it.

Next door lived an older guy and his wife. He was very nice and also very handsome. I'd often think about him during my masturbation sessions.

During this Summer this neighbor's wife was out of town visiting a son and his family in another state. He was home alone looking after things while she was gone. One evening, he was out front watering his lawn and I joined him watering mine too. As we watered we talked. I was wearing a tank top and a tight fitting pair of white shorts that came around mid thigh. I noticed everytime I look over at George his eyes were checking out my body. He'd quickly look up but it was always a little late. His looking at me like this was getting me a bit aroused. I knew that at 48 years I did have an attractive body.

We eventually ended up sitting on a couple of chairs in front of George's house and continued talking. George continued to look at my body every chance he got. I then noticed the big bulge in his shorts which really got me aroused. I had been without a man for a couple of months at the time and I knew that George had been without a woman for over two weeks. I've always been known for speaking my mind so it was natural for me to come right out and say something. I told George 'looks to me that you must like what you see' motioning to the bulge in his shorts. I went on saying 'your eyes have been all over me all evening'. George then said 'You'll have to forgive me. Guess I'm missing Gail (his wife's name)' I then came right out and told him 'well George why don't we do something about that. Come on over' meaning to my house. George said 'no, I better not'. I wasn't going to take no for an answer and I knew how to get my way with a man so I proceeded to change his mind real quick. I quickly reached over and started rubbing his cock thru his shorts. Works every time! His eyes closed and he let out a groan of pleasure. Then George again said to me 'No, I can't. As much as I'd like to get in your pussy I just can't'. I knew where he was coming from being that George was a happily married man so I told him 'George, doesn't mean we have to fuck. There are other ways we can get each other off'. George then looked down at my hand stroking his cock thru his shorts and said 'there sure is'. With this he rose to his feet and we headed over to my house.

We got in and I told George to sit on the sofa and I'd be right back. I went and got a wet wash cloth and a bottle of body lotion. I came back and joined George on the sofa. George reached over and started feeling one of my tits thru my tank top. I quickly took it off for him. He then went to kissing on my tits and sucking on the nipples. It was driving me crazy! He then lowered a hand to my shorts feeling my thigh and rubbing my pussy through my shorts. I then jumped up and told George 'let's get these out of the way' while removing my shorts and panties. George joined me and removed his shorts. I looked at his big cock at last. It was beautiful. No doubt I would had loved to had that thing in me but I knew this was out of the question. George then went back to kissing and sucking my tits and his hand expertly went to work on my pussy. He was good! It wasn't long and I had a mind blowing orgasm. George just kept up and I soon was brought to another fantastic orgasm. I then needed to catch my breath so I gently pushed him away. A minute later I went to stroking his throbbing cock. George laid back groaning in pleasure from my touch on his cock. I then got the lotion and filled my hand with it and put it back on his cock. George's hand went to feeling my inner thigh as I started my up and down motions on his cock. George said to me 'damn you feel good!' while giving my thigh a little squeeze. I kept up the hand motion and George's breathing became quicker and quicker. The orgasm within him was slowly building. I picked up the pace a little and George's body began to stiffen up and shake some and he finally went to thrusting his hips meeting my strokes. With a loud grunt he came off shooting his cum all over his belly in four or five squirts. It surprised me the amount of cum he had for a man his age.

When George got his wind back and finally went to relaxing coming down from his orgasm I released his cock. I used a paper towel to wipe the lotion and cum from my hand and then took the wash cloth to George wiping off the cum from his belly and cock. George then bent over giving me a kiss on my cheek telling me 'thanks. I needed that'. He then went down to one of my nipples giving it a kiss and said thanks to it and finally down to one of my inner thighs and gave it a kiss too telling it 'thanks'. We dressed and went back outside to enjoy some more talk. A week later Gail returned from her trip so I and George haven't had the chance to do this again. I also guess that George doesn't have the same need with his wife home with him. I know his wife is one happy woman since I've seen 'it' and it is a big beauty!



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