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More Than a Housecleaner

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I never did well in school and had a difficult time trying to get a decent job. I had several that I hated and didn't pay very well. I put an ad in a local paper to do house cleaning and now have nine weekly customers.


For over a year now I clean Norman's house every Tuesday and know everything about him. He is 70 years old, a widower, has two kids and worked for the water department for 38 years. In 2008 his wife died and he has three grandchildren. He is very likeable and from the beginning talked about personal things with me. I know I'm not very attractive and am overweight but he liked me right away and we got along from the start. The first few weeks I went to his house he was fully dressed. Each week he began to wear less clothes when I got there. For awhile he wore pajamas then would welcome me wearing only a bathrobe or being in his boxer shorts. He did ask if it offended me but it didn't and I told him so.

His house was never a mess and we often got in long conversations. We talked about everything imaginable from politics and religion to personal problems and sex. As I went from room to room cleaning I would often see him naked. For his age he is still built well but his penis isn't very big. He knew I saw him each time but never said anything only shrugging his shoulders. Sometimes he would act like he didn't know I saw him but I would then tell him I did. After a short time as I was running the sweeper in the hallway I would see him masturbating. I know he liked me to see him doing that and to be honest I was amused by it. He pretended for a time that he didn't know I saw him but by that time I knew him well enough that I would tell him I caught him jerking off. We both laughed about it and he would tell me its the only sex he gets anymore.

I had been cleaning his house for about six months by then and as silly as it sounds didn't mind at all seeing him naked. All the other houses I clean are non-eventful so Norman's house became my favorite. I never knew what we would talk about or how he would be dressed or undressed. Besides that he always paid me more than my weekly fee. I assumed he paid me extra for putting up with his exibitionism and never complaining about it. It was hilarious sometimes because he never closed or tied his bathrobe and never wore underware. I would tell him I could see his penis and he would just smile and ask if it bothered me. It became more of a joke than anything and he had no inhibitions about me seeing him naked. Everytime I saw him masturbating he would afterwards tell me the reason he did was because I got him aroused. I would just laugh when he said that because I know I am not that atractive to men. I'm 5'8' and weigh 180, so needless to say I have had very few boyfriends over the years. I never told Norman at the time, but masturbation is also my main source of sex.

Norman often spoke of his wife, telling me how much he loved her and began telling me how they had sex. He would go into erotic detail, explaining things they did to one another. He likes talking about it and there are times the things he tells me gets me aroused. Next Tuesday will be exactly five months that I began masturbating him. He started telling me how he has trouble getting erections as he has got older. As he was telling me this he was standing right in front of me exposed, with his bathrobe open. I was used to seeing him like that and it was obvious to him when I looked at his penis. As soon as I did he started getting an erection and he asked me to jerk him off.

Now, I don't know whether I did it because I felt sorry for him or because I just liked him. I said no at first but when he asked a second time his tone was more pathetic. I just said alright and he took his robe off and laid on the bed. There was hand lotion on his night table that I often saw him use to masturbate himself. I squirted some on his penis and it did take some time before he got a full erection. It took what I think is a long time before he ejaculated but there was quite a bit of semen considering how old he is. I masturbated two of my boyfriends in the past and they would cum very easily. Norman must of thanked me ten or twelve times afterwards and when when I left that day instead of giving me an extra ten dollars gave me fifty.

Every week now after I finish cleaning his house I always masturbate him. He always gives gives me fifty dollars extra and I tell him every week I am not doing it for the money but only because I like him. He insists I take it but I can honestly say I don't masturbate him because of that. I really do like him and don't mind satisfying him. He has asked me to take my clothes off many times but so far I never have. I admit being aroused when I masturbate Norman but never tell him I am. He still exposes himself most of the time I am there and can see how much he enjoys me looking at him. I kid around with him as I'm cleaning the house. I openly talk about his penis and ask him if he is horny or has a boner yet. He just laughs when I say that kind of stuff. His penis is small but I never tell him that or make fun of the size of it. When he has an erection it isn't much bigger than when soft but he is able to get very hard for his age. Its only been a few months but I started using both vaseline and baby oil when I masturbate him. He can never ejaculate more than once but he often gets and erection twice the same day. He just likes me to play with him and sometimes I spend an hour just fondling his genitals as we talk. I know I make him happy and for me it is something I enjoy doing. I love watching the expressions on his face and the way he smiles at me all the time. He's the closest thing I have to a boyfriend. He keeps asking but I have yet to let him see me naked mostly because I am ashamed of my body. I'm young with a terrible figure and although Norman is old his body is well proportioned. Thats another reason I like seeing him naked and get enjoyment when I masturbate him. As soon as I get home on Tuesdays I masturbate myself several times. I even tell Norman I do that and know he wants to masturbate me or just see me naked. I just haven't had the courage to do that yet.



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