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Monday Wake Up

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My husband works long days, and I am a very horny wife. On Mondays the landscapers come to mow the lawn, trim the bushes, the usual.

One Monday, I was particularly horny. We'd had sex that morning, but I was craving more. I put in a video, girls on girls. I love to watch others girls getting off, either by themselves or with other girls.

I had taken my shower and was still in my bathrobe. I was watching my video, getting wetter and wetter by the minute. My couch faces the window and I was sprawled out, legs spread wide, my hand slowly playing with my clit. As I watched the two girls in the video getting off, my breath started to quicken. I began to put my finger in my pussy. I hadn't even realized I was doing it. But I was so wet and horny I didn't care. It was then I realized the noise from outside had come to a standstill.

Being the horny girl I am, I didn't stop. I stood up, slowly untying my robe, facing the window. I ran my hands over my breasts, nipples hard. I squeezed my tits, letting my head fall back. I returned to the couch, naked and pussy dripping.

I could see one of the men watching, his hand on his crotch. I propped my ass on a pillow, pussy high in the air. As I fondled my breasts with one hand, I began to caress my thighs, working my way to my pussy. I stopped, looked out the window and winked. I began working first one, then two fingers into my pussy. As my back arched, I could see the man outside, hand in his pants, stroking his hard cock.

I thrust hard on my fingers, pinching my nipples with my other hand, moaning loudly. As my pussy got even wetter, I began to grind on my fingers. Keeping with my rhythm, the man outside stroked his cock harder, long firm strokes. That made me even hotter. I rolled over and got on my knees.

By now my pussy was aching to get fucked. I caressed my ass again, stopping to spank myself, sending my pussy to pulsing. I reached over and grabbed the first thing...my hairbrush.

I sat up, licking the handle of the brush, pulling painfully at my nipples. I sucked hard on the brush, the man outside pulling fiercely on his cock. I moved the handle to my thighs, turning it to show the brush. I reached around my moist thighs, tapping the hairbrush on my ass.

Using my other hand, I began to massage my clit. Before I even knew what I was doing, I had the handle of the brush pressed against my tight asshole. I moved the handle to my pussy, getting it wet and slick. Slowly, gently, I began to slide the handle in my ass. The ridges on the handle felt so good! I slipped three fingers in my pussy and began grinding my ass on the handle of the hairbrush. Oh, the sensation was fantastic! I had forgotten about the man outside and could only think about the pounding in my ass and my fingers rubbing my g-spot. Before I realized it, my body was wracked with wave after wave of pleasure. My pussy tightened on my fingers, my ass throbbed with pleasure. I kept fingering my g-spot, letting my body spasm and quiver.

After a minute, I remembered the man outside my window. I looked over in time to see his head rock back, his hand moving quickly over his cock and a large wet spot appear. He looked up to see me smiling, licking my fingers.



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