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Although I was curious about sex growing up, I never masturbated. My mother was very conservative and went to great lengths to avoid conversations about such things with me and my two sisters, one of whom was younger and the other older. My sexual experiences were limited by virtue of the fact that I only had my 1st real boyfriend when I was 20. We would sit in his car in the driveway to our house and I would jerk him off while he fingered me. I liked it, but I never had an orgasm.
When I was 21 I was at home trying to finish a paper for university. It was a summers day and very hot. I had finished swimming and was sitting on a chair in my bikini in the sun. My eyes must have closed for an instant, but my thoughts were interrupted by something hard pushing against my groin. Our boxer, Jupiter, had pushed his nose against my crotch. His wriggling made he feel slightly odd. The thought of his big wet nose pushing against me excited me greatly so I pulled my bikini bottoms to one side, more out of curiosity than anything else. I felt his tongue and pulled away immediately, but again curiosity got the better of me and I would sit back in my original position. I think I pulled away three times before finally plucking enough courage to just sit there. His tongue was very ticklish at first, but then it was replaced by something else. I remember feeling this heat inside me and I was clenching my butt muscles in concert to his tongue. This only went on for two or three minutes at most before I heard a car in the driveway. I pushed Jupiter away and scrambled to adjust my bikini. A few minutes later my father appeared. He was on his way to some meeting and had forgotten half his papers at home. I started thinking that maybe Jupiter's tongue would cause me to catch some infection and that I would have to go to the doctor. He would be able to tell what a sick thing I had done and that news of it would spread like wildfire around college and I would be the laughing stock of everyone and would have to move to a foreign country and change my name. This anxiety caused me to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, where, two times every day for a week, I would vigorously wash my pussy in the hope of eliminating any damning evidence. I never let Jupiter near me again, but in my fantasies I sometimes imagine him licking me to orgasm...
It was only a few months later when I went to stay with my sister and her boyfriend for the weekend. The apartment was open plan and their bedroom was on a mezzanine level overlooking the lounge where I slept. I was awoken early in the morning - so early that it was still dark outside. I did not know what had woken me up until I heard my sisters giggle from the darkness. All was quiet for a few moments before I became aware of her laboured breathing, punctuated with the occasional groan or squeak of the mattress or the knocking of the headboard against the wall. I thought it strange that I did not hear him at all. Again there was a stillness in the air and I thought they had finished. Then they started again and finally I heard him grunting with effort while she squealed and groaned. I imagined him on top of her as my lack of sexual experience had lead me to believe that this was the only position in which two people could make love. My hand had made its way to my crotch as if it had a mind of its own. I remember my fingers coming away wet and raising them to my face I inhaled what I thought was the smell of bitter orange chocolate...She started panting harder and he made short sharp grunts which came in concert to the creaking of the bed. It was the first time I had heard someone orgasm - she came before he did, emitting a stifled scream that seemed to last for an eternity. And then she was quiet and he took her place, his groaning filling the early morning air. Silence descended once again and I lay alone in the darkness. My pussy tingled and throbbed. I slipped my hand below the safety of my PJ's and cupped myself, praying for a release that didn't come.
A year later my sister and her boyfriend had moved. I took an offer to look after their new apartment while they went on holiday to the Philippines with gratitude- as it was an opportunity to get out from the stifling atmosphere of home life under the puritanical rule of my mother and father. The day after they had left I discovered an erotic video in their dresser drawer, together with a purple dildo. It excited me greatly, as it had a jelly like shaft and was shaped like a penis. At its base it expanded into a bulge the size of a golf ball. I looked for a switch, but it took me some minutes to realise that it was turned on by rotating the red dial and the base end. I stood there while its shaft throbbed in my hand, watching myself in the mirror. I turned it off and put it back together with the tape, scared that my sister would see it had been removed from its resting place. The next day was a Friday and I spent the evening watching TV. It occurred to me that I could watch the video I had seen in my sister's bedroom. The tape had played halfway through and as I waited for it to rewind I felt a hammering in my chest. Watching the movie aroused me. It was a story about some Astronauts who were having their sperm samples secretly collected by some Russian agents. I sat wide eyed as different couples copulated in various positions. It was an educational experience to say the least. One scene that aroused me the most was of two women who broke into another woman's house. While she lay asleep naked on the bed the two of them got on the bed with her. They were masturbating themselves while she slept, each with two fingers slipping in and out of their vaginas. Finally she woke up and they all made love to each other. By the time the film was finished, I felt light headed. My pussy tingled and throbbed they same way it had when I had listened to my sister and her boyfriend making love.
I put the tape back in its place. That night I tossed and turned. It was about 2.a.m. when I finally switched on the bedside light. I got up and unbuttoned my PJ top and pushed the pants down until they fell in a puddle around my ankles. My heart pounded in my chest as I retrieved the purple dildo from the dresser drawer . I lay on the bed, my eyes closed with legs apart, straight as arrows. For a while I was content to rub the tip of the dildo against my nipples and along the length of my slit. Its pulsing excited me and I could feel the blood roaring in my ears. My nipples had become stiff and the heat between my legs was like a furnace. I thought then to insert the tip inside me and I lay there for a while enjoying the vibrations that coursed though me. My hand had found its way between my legs again. High up and buried between my lips my forefinger rubbed my clit for the first time in my life. Such was the shock that my butt came off the bed and I was forced to hold the dildo with the other hand to keep its throbbing tip in place. I had given no thought to inserting it any further, but the slightest pressure from my hand and new angle of my body caused it to slip inside me until the bulge at the base pressed against me. I was surprised. My mother had warned us of dire pain and yet there was none. To be sure, the shaft was nowhere near as thick as the penises of the men on the video, but it was certainly a lot more substantial than my ex-boyfriends finger. I experimented moving it this way and that, tiny motions at first, followed by longer and deeper strokes as I became bolder and more daring. All the time the forefinger of my other had had kept stroking my clitoris. The roaring in my ears became louder. My hands moved quicker. My butt arched off my mattress as high it would go and I found myself thrusting the dildo in and out of my pussy as fast as I could. I found myself panting and then my world exploded. The room went black and it was as if someone was sending jolts of electricity through me and I could feel the spasms rippling through my pussy. When it was over I rolled on my side with my thighs clenched together, the dildo slipping from me by itself. After a while I thought to rub my clit again, but it felt as if it had been rubbed raw with sandpaper - and so I fell into a deep dreamless sleep. I awoke later to a painful throbbing. The dildo was still on the bed from earlier and so I hobbled to the bathroom to wash the residue and several errant pubic hairs from it before returning it to its rightful place in the dresser drawer.
Later that day I went shopping with my Mother. I was so sore from my early morning antics that I had trouble walking and couldn't sit down as it was too uncomfortable. I wondered if I had damaged myself but by Sunday evening the pain had subsided to a dull ache and by Monday evening it has disappeared completely. I masturbated every day over the next two weeks while I looked after the apartment- and I had finally broken free from my mother's frigidity and my own guilt.



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