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Midnight Symphony

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Once a friend of mine stayed at my place for a week, because he was switching apartments and needed some place to stay while he found a new one.

One night I was awakened by some clapping noise, and by my enormous erection. I was positive that I was only masturbating in my sleep, and returned to sleep immediately. However, soon I was awakened again, my cock was really hard and I realised that I do not rub myself, however I still hear the noises. I slowly opened my eyes, the only light came from the muted television turned to the porn channel. I turned my head in the direction of the noise, and saw my roommate lying on the bed in the other corner of the room.

He was totally naked, exposing his tanned and well muscled body, rubbing his semi-erect cock. The origin of the noise was his foreskin sliding up and down. I could not see his face, as there was a heater between the two beds. I was totally surprised, that was the first time I saw another guy wanking. I was peeking for a while, carefully through my eyelashes, at how he is milking his cock and playing with his balls. This noise has turned me on completely. I felt that I have to beat off, I felt that my cock is going to explode from pressure.

I did not want to disturb and interrupt him, so I slid my hand into my PJ shorts and started to rub very slowly. My peeking at him went on for sometime, and he did not realise anything, and seemed that he was focusing only on the porn on TV. I could not resist any more, and felt that I have to show my cock too, so I pulled down my shorts slowly, and made a turn in my bed, 'inadvertently' uncovering myself from the blanket, just as if I would do it during my sleep. He stopped for a moment, then turned his body into my direction. I still pretended that I am sleeping. After a while I started to pull slowly my foreskin on my hard cock. I was peeking again, and saw that his cock was hard and he started to stroke faster. I had a lot of precum by then, which made cool 'foreskin music'. I stopped looking his dick, closed my eyes, increased my speed, and was listening to the fabulous music of our instruments in stereo...

After a while I heard him stand up, and go into the bathroom to finish off. I kept on wanking (closed eyes, just as I would do it asleep) and decided to prolong it till he gets back. He returned after 15 minutes with limp cock, and laid back down on his bed. I really needed to cum by then. I peeked again, and saw that he was still watching me as I stroke myself wildly, and his cock was getting erect again. I moaned and released the load, my stuff splashed all over my hand and body. It looked that he enjoyed the show, as he was rubbing his balls gently. He was making it for a while, then turned off the TV, and went sleep.

The same scenario was repeated the next two days, after then he has moved to his new apartment. We did not dare to discuss with each other how it happened.

For a couple of nights afterwards, I kept being awakened waking up by my huge erection. The music was played again and again, but only with one instrument...



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