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English Summer Saturday

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Some years ago I was at a Grammar School in the U.K. During the summer months we played cricket matches between the various 'houses' in the school. One of the better players in my house team was a boy called Mike, who was, like me, 14-years-old. He was in a different class so I didn't see much of him, except on sports afternoons. Mike was a batsman, I was a slow left arm spin bowler.

One Friday afternoon we played a side who were expected to beat us easily, they had several boys who played for the school. Neither Mike or I played for the school, our faces didn't fit with the senior sports master! Our 'house' batted first, and Mike scored over 50 runs. When the other team batted they got off to a good start, but when I came on to bowl, I managed to get five of them out. We won quite easily, much to our team's delight, and their team's disgust.

Mike and I rode home on our bikes, and we stopped off at my home for a drink (and a gloat at the day's events!) He asked me what I was doing the following day. I said 'nothing special', and he said he was going to ride his bike up to the Beacon, taking his binoculars with him. We arranged to go together.

I borrowed my father's powerful binoculars and met Mike at his house the following morning. Now the Beacon, was the highest point around for many miles. In the Middle Ages, a fire would have been lit on top of the beacon to warn of invasion. A sort of early email, I suppose. It was about two or so miles away. The road to it was so steep we had to walk much of it. (The fun was in riding home, you just sat on the bike and sailed down the hill at breakneck speed).

We parked and locked our bikes at the bottom of the paths leading to the top, and climbed up. From the top there are splendid views for many miles. We moved down onto a grassy ledge and lay down on our stomachs and began looking through our binoculars. We could see overhead small aircraft towing and releasing gliders from a nearby club. Flying over the hills they could find the 'lift' to keep them in the air.

After a while we focused our binoculars on a field some way away, where we could see a man and a girl walking, arm in arm. In the field there was a solitary large tree. Mike said that they would have a shock if they knew they were being watched. I said 'they sure would, look what he's doing!' They had stopped under the tree and I could clearly see that he was undoing her blouse, and putting his hand inside. Mike said 'look what she's doing!' She had opened his zip and had her hand inside his trousers. They both sank down to the ground under the tree, and although we no longer had direct vision we could tell by their movements she was giving him a hand job!!

Suddenly they stopped and stood up, the man turning away and pulling up his zip. 'Oh, no, bloody kids' said Mike. I panned my binoculars round to the right and saw three kids, a girl and two small boys walking across the field with a dog. 'Rotten spoilsports,' I said!

The man and the girl left the field. Mike, who was lying on my left, rolled onto his left shoulder and said 'watching them has made me hard! How about you?' I turned onto my right shoulder and put my hand down on it. I hadn't been aware of it, but my willie had started to go hard. I could see Mike's bulge as I told him mine was about 50 percent up. He reached over and gave it a little squeeze. 'Let's have look,' he said, 'I'll show you mine.' Before I could say anything he unzipped and pulled out his erect penis. I did the same and took out my semi-erect one. Mike leant over and held it, which of course had the immediate effect of making it go fully stiff. 'Hold mine' he said, so I did.

Almost immediately we heard voices behind us. We rolled back onto our stomachs as a family of four went by. We both rolled back onto our sides, grinning. I could see Mike's was quite flacid, while mine had disappeared completely into my trousers.

I then noticed the sky behind us. Thunder clouds were building up behind us. 'Come on,' said Mike, 'back to the bikes.' We sprinted as fast as we could down to our bikes. As we unlocked them we saw the first flash of lightning and heard the thunder.

I don't think I've ever ridden down that hill as fast as I did that day. Just as we turned into the street where Mike lived it started raining. By the time we had thrown our bikes under the carport and unlocked the door the thunder clouds were right overhead. We collapsed into armchairs until we could get our breath back. Mike got some drinks from the kitchen, where he also found a note from his mother saying she had been called in to work (she was a nurse).

He asked me if I had done simultaneous equations in Maths lessons. I said yes, and he asked if I would help him with his homework. We went to his room where I checked what he had already done, (Maths was my favourite subject) and helped him finish the work.

He sat on his bed and said 'I wonder how far that couple would have gone.' We laughed and joked that the kids coming into the field might have prevented her from getting pregnant!

Mike said that the thought of it all was stirring his willie up a little. He said that mine looked as though it was circumcised. I confirmed that it was and said it was done when I was in hospital as a baby. I said that his didn't need to be circumcised, when I had seen it erect the glans was clear of the foreskin. He just laughed and suggested that we might look at them again. I really didn't mind, I had rather enjoyed it when we were up on the beacon. We both quickly removed our trousers and held each others penis until they became erect. At his suggestion we stripped off completely and then laid on the bed feeling each other's balls and running our fingers through the small amount of pubic hair we had, and generally having a good time.

We talked about our experiences and found they were roughly similar. He told me he had discovered that stroking his erect penis when in bed had been pleasurable but had first seen sperm when he was twelve. An older cousin had told him what it was and let him stroke his penis until he came. His cousin then rubbed him until he had his (dry) climax.

My experiences were roughly similar. I had a friend from my junior school days, and one day, when we were about eleven, I had stayed overnight at his house. At bedtime we saw each other's willies, and on talking, found that we both experienced erections. That night, we stroked each other's penis's to climax. This we did, intermitently, over the next year or so. Eventually he was able to produce sperm, some months before I could do the same.

Eventually, Mike found a handful of tissues and I stroked his penis until he spurted sperm. He then did the same for me, and I throughly enjoyed the experience. But I often wonder whether that man and the girl went home and did the same, or more!



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