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Midnight Mutual

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A story of late night marital mutual fun


Well, it was actually two thirty in the morning, but the title 2:35 am Mutual just wasn't as catchy for a title. It was early Monday morning though. I had gone to be early, leaving my wife watching a movie. She fell asleep on the couch, woke up later and came to bed.
Restless, she decided a nice cum would help her relax. The buzzing of her massager woke me. 'Well well well.' I said sleepily, barely able to make out her form in the dark.
'Oh, , I'm sorry baby. I just needed a cum.'
I rolled over and was surprised she was wearing a nightgown, as she normally sleeps nude. Not to be deterred, I freed one of her tits and began sucking, while at the same time touching her body. I moved to the other tit, then while still half kneeling slid her gown up so it exposed her tits, tummy and twat.
'Dammit!' she whispered. 'I'm so close I just can't seem to get it.'
'You want me to fuck you with your vibrator?' I asked.
'Oooo yeah!' she said eagerly. I pulled it out of it's hiding spot and moved between her legs while she moved the massager out of the way. I began stroking her hairy mound up and down with my hand, then ever so slowly spread her pussy lips wide. I held the buzzing toy against her and slid it up and down while continuing to spread her wide. She loves it when I expose her like that, it makes her feel like she's 'on display for her man'.
I began slowly, but was soon slamming it in and out of her cunt wildly. She had her hands wrapped around her tits, tweaking her nipples. With my other hand I began stroking my naked, hard cock. Her hips shook and breathing got heavy. I heard her moan quietly 'Oh yessss' as she orgasmed.
I slid out the vibe, but held it against her mound as I moved up to lie beside her. She grabbed the vibrator out of my hand and began pumping it in out of herself. 'I want another one!'
'Damn you are so sexy. I'm touching my hard cock right now.'
'Oh yeah baby. Oh make yourself feel good.'
I rolled onto my back and began touching myself in earnest. 'I am sweetie, I'm stroking my cock right now.'
We laid their silently for a few minutes, masturbating together. Suddenly she let out a low cry, her legs clamped together and she began shuddering. 'Oh god I'm cumming!' she moaned. She then collapsed, breathing heavily. Her hand and fallen to her side, still holding the buzzing toy.
I reached over and took it from her hand, then began rubbing it over my cock. It sent tingling sensations through my penis, bringing me pleasure. 'I'm rubbing your cummy toy all over me.' I told her.
'Mmm, yeah baby.' she replied sleepily. 'Make yourself feel good.' Feeling as if the vibrator was beginning to numb me, I rolled over and began humping the bed. My wife began playing with my ass, rubbing it, squeezing each cheek and running her fingers lightly along my crack. 'Fuck that mattress big boy.'
After several minutes of this I rolled back over, and began stroking some more. Not surprisingly, I noted the heavy breathing of my wife and realized she had fallen asleep. I think she has some male hormones in her, as she often falls right to sleep after a really powerful cum.
Knowing she wouldn't mind, I continued my stroking until I erupted in my own orgasm, shooting hot sticky cum everywhere. I cleaned up lightly then fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning I went to take my shower. As you might expect, cleaning the dried cum off my dick and recalling the previous nights fun got me hard again. While replaying the events I kept pumping my soapy prick until I came, blowing another big load of my jism everywhere.
When I was headed out the door, my wife stopped to give me a good bye kiss, and flashed me. 'I'm really sorry I passed out on you last night.' she said apologetically. 'I hope you finished things.'
'Yes, and again this morning.'
'In the shower?'
'Oh good.' she said with a big smile on her face. 'I'm so glad you were able to make yourself happy.'
And you know, she really was happy. It's great being in a relationship that allows either of us to pleasure ourselves sexually, without fear of recrimination from our partner. Indeed, not only free from fear but with the total support, understanding, and even encouragement!
My wife loves it when I masturbate, and have been fantasizing about her. She says it makes her feel really sexy to see that it's her nude photos that are on my computer screen, or find a pair of her dirty panties that have been filled with my sticky cum.
I would love to hear comments and stories from people who are in a relationship where masturbation is not just tolerated but actively encouraged and supported.
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