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Friendly Exploration

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This story recalls one of the most erotic moments in my life.


My story starts about two years ago in the spring of 2006 when I was 25. I was about 6'2, 260lbs, and frankly nothing special to look at. I was going through a particularly rough, drawn-out end of a relationship and was receiving a tremendous amount of support from my close friend of 8 years, whom I will call N. N is a smart, gorgeous girl who was 27 years old (at the time) but didn't (and still doesn't) look a day past 16. She stands about 5'4, with a full and curvy figure (36D chest) and soft, yet muscular features (she is probably the physically strongest woman I have met). While she wasn't strictly thin, only a true moron would mistake her curviness and musculature as fat. To me, she was and is the ideal body type, strength and sex nestled in soft curves and gorgeous thighs. With gorgeous dark-brown eyes, dark hair, and creamy, soft skin she was ideal. She and I had, before the 'beginning of the end' of the aforementioned relationship, an intellectually and emotionally intimate, but friendly relationship. We had no real physical contact save for an occasional hug. As things began to get worse, I turned to her more and more for support, and she provided a nearly bottomless well of it.

Things between us began to intensify after several difficult arguments between myself and the ex left me home alone and hurting. I became comfortable with her holding me, and we would often just lie together and cuddle, without anything more happening. Then, we began to kiss, first just lightly, but then full-on tongue-in-mouth kissing. These events led to one of my most prized erotic memories of my life.

I had come over to her house one afternoon to talk, and we ended up on her bed, holding each other and kissing lightly. Conversation eventually turned to that of sex, and I admitted to my relative inexperience with sex (having only had one other significant partner) and curiosity about other women. N seemed to see where I was going, and after some discussion she agreed to let me explore her a bit in return for reciprocation. My excitation was palpable; I could feel my face flush, my heart race, and my head swim with anticipation of sampling this gorgeous woman. She lay down on her back, and slightly spread her legs as I began to unbutton her jeans. I could easily tell she was excited too, as her face flushed and her lips parted slightly, her eyes appearing unfocused. I undid and pulled down her jeans, revealing a pair of dark cotton high-cut panties covering her.

Without wanting to appear too greedy, I still quickly pulled her jeans down to her ankles, and then turned my attentions to those cotton panties. Gingerly, slowly, I began to pull them down away from her body, exposing more and more flesh. As I pulled them down I realized that the crotch of the panties was clinging slightly to her body, where her vulva no doubt waited. Finally, I freed the panties from her body and pulled them down to join her jeans at her ankles. I looked up and was rewarded with one of the most arousing sights of my entire life. N's legs remained slightly parted, revealing a gently rising mons that gave way to the cleft of her labia. A tiny bit of flesh poked out of those lips, revealing to me where her clitoris was. Her perfectly shaven labia majora continued down, plump and flushed with arousal. As I took in the sight I could not help but notice N's breathing quicken and her face flush even more, now a bright red. I looked back down to the treasure that waited me, and began to explore with more than just my eyes.

Running my middle finger gently along the cleft of her labia, I quickly became aware of how aroused N was, as my finger was quickly dampened with the physical evidence of her excitement. Her wetness was nothing short of incredible to me, as I placed even a slight amount of pressure and her labia yielded, allowing my finger to enter into it's hot, moist folds. N apologized for her wetness, and I laughed and told her it was very nice. In my mind, her arousal was as sexy, if not more so, than the very act I was engaging in. She offered to completely remove her jeans and panties so that I could more easily see and touch, and I quickly agreed. After quickly pulling them off, she lay back down and spread her legs further.

I bent over and spread her labia apart, gazing in on the pink and red glistening heaven that awaited me. Her labia minora were relatively small, and did not poke out past her majora at any point, instead leaving a clear pair of ridges leading up to the small nub that I knew to be her clitoris. I ran my fingers up and down the space between her hard, sensitive clit and the source of the majority of her wetness, her vaginal opening. N moved in rhythm with my motions, her eyes almost entirely closed and her mouth only slightly open, her tongue pressed against her teeth in a mask of ever-increasing arousal. After stimulating her for a bit, I asked permission to go inside her, and I did, inserting one and then two fingers into her welcoming, warm, moist vagina.

I pressed my fingers in and out a number of times, and then gently curled my fingers, as if making a 'come here' gesture against the soft interior of her vagina. It took only one or two of these gestures for me to realize I had found her g-spot, as she lifted her whole torso and head off of the bed in a series of quaking spasms. I removed my fingers after several more ministrations of this sort, and brought them to my lips, eagerly licking off her wetness. The taste was exquisite, something I still long for (and eagerly seek when I can get it) to this day. It was salty, but had a sort of rawness to it that conjured hunger and lust like I had never experienced. Accompanying this flavor was an underlying sweetness that made me want keep tasting this wonderful flavor.

She declared that was enough, her flushed face filling my vision, and she laid me on my back and returned the 'favor,' gently massaging and exploring my rock-hard erection and soft testicles. She gingerly squeezed, fondled, and even licked my member before stopping.

This is where the details of my memory begin to fade a bit. I do not believe that either she or I experienced an orgasm that day, but there were many in the future for us. Two years later we still enjoy each other's friendship, a deeper relationship based on an almost obsessive desire to protect and help one another, and the occasional intimate moment.

If you are interested in reading more, there is a great deal more to this story of our relationship and sexual explorations. Please let me know if you wish to read more stories similar to this.



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