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Metal Masturbation

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Metal as in music.


I sing and play rhythm guitar for a local metal band. Not too long ago we played a local battle of the bands event for charity at a hotel. After the show, I saw a couple of girls I knew from school. They walked over to me and we talked and I signed autographs and stuff. After a little while one of them left, but one stayed behind. Her name was Carrie; she was one of those girls you saw in a couple of your classes but you don't know good enough to ask out. That was about to change...

We got to talking for a little bit and it turned out that recently, she was caught around some people with illegal substances on them. They went to jail, but she stayed out if she promised to change. She went to the concert to meet new people and change her ways. Not too long after that, we found out we were both staying overnight at the hotel. Then she offered to go swimming with me, and I couldn't resist it.

When we both made it to the pool, I got my first real good look at this girl. She's about 5'3', nice build, with black hair and blonde streaks in the front. She was wearing a black bikini which showed off her gorgeous tits and her freshly shaved legs. The water was kinda cold, but I figured we'd heat each other up. We started splashing water at each other and diving in the water, flirting it up. Before too long, we got tired of swimming, and I offered to let her stay in my room for the night. She accepted without a second thought.

She moved her stuff from the room she was sharing with her friends. By then she had put on a white tee and some shorts. I had a Metallica tee and my suit on. We sat on the bed and watched TV, but we found each other more interesting. She didn't want to have sex, she wasn't with me long enough, and I didn't have a condom. So I suggested we masturbate each other. She loved the idea.

I took off my shirt and she took off hers and her bikini top. Her young, firm, perky breasts caught me off guard. I could think of nothing else but to flex for her, and she liked it. She then laid back on the bed, and I asked to rub her tits, and of course she loved it. I then asked her what size bra she wears. 36D. She asked me to take my cock out. I dropped my shorts without question. Her face lit up and she said 'I knew you had to have big balls to front a metal band.' She started rubbing my sack for a little bit, and then, without me saying anything, she took off her shorts, then her bikini bottom, and spread her legs. There was her pussy, totally shaved, pink, and she was getting wet. She started playing with it and I started jerking off to it. After a short time, we kissed, then the fun started.

We decided to get in a 69 position, with her on top. I laid back, and she basically put her pussy in my face. Some of her stuff dripped on my face. She soon grabbed my cock and started rubbing, and I spread her lips and started rubbing her clitoris. She let out a sexy moan and looked back at me. 'How often do you jack off?' she asked. 'Almost every day. You?' 'Every couple days, mostly when I feel like it. Where do you do it?' 'Usually in bed.' 'I use the shower, it's way easier for chicks. But I go sometimes in bed. I always use my hands or water, never toys.' We kept at it for a while, eventually she started rubbing my balls or using two hands. Then I stuck a finger up her vagina, while still rubbing her clit. She let out another moan. I felt her get close, so I took my finger out of her slot and rubbed her body, while still rubbing her clit. I felt my body tense up, my right leg twitched. She said 'Oh yeah, baby.' and started making orgasmic noises, and I felt her body tense up. After maybe 30 seconds to a minute, I let out a nice load of cum, as soon the stream started to die down, she had her climax. She looked back at me and there was a load of cum on her face.

After that, she washed off her face and I did my cock. Then she put in a dirty movie her friend brought, and we both masturbated individually to that. We both had a second orgasm before we went to sleep. I can easily say Carrie is my biggest fan, I'm even writing a song about that night!



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