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Lori and My Left Hand

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My freshman year in college, I had French and Psychology with this girl named Lori. She also lived in my dorm so we studied together occasionally. Well, she may have studied, and I mostly lay on her floor trying to conceal my boner.

In psychology we learned about the left/right hemispheres of everything. I forget exactly how it was worded but it said the left side of your body was wired to the side of your brain that was more attuned to sensual pleasure. 'Sensual pleasure' was the phrasing used.

'I suppose that means we should all masturbate left-handed,' I said.

'You don't?' Lori said.

I explained that since I had a roommate my masturbation had taken a noteable hit and mostly consisted of mattress humping. 'What about you?' I asked.

'10:00am every Thursday!' she laughed. Right before French! I told her I was going to remember that next time we were in class. Lori said it's the only time when her roommate was guaranteed to be out. She said she did it left handed, using her right hand to fondle her tits and pinch her nipple.

'Does doing it left handed enhance your sensual pleasure?' I asked.

'Yes,' Lori said. 'You should try it.'

That meant she wanted to see me do it. She groped my dick through my jeans and we made out for a little while before she stood up and went to lock the door.

I stood up and took off my pants. My dick was bulging through my tighty-whities. 'How do you want me to do this?' I asked. Lori told me she wanted to see everything. I took off my underpants and let my dick bounce free. She raked the underside of the shaft with one of her fingernails and I felt precum ooze out of the slit.

'I love looking at a man's penis,' Lori said.

I got on my knees and started pistoning my left fist up and down my shaft. 'Do you like looking at that?' I asked. Lori said yes but she said it didn't look like how her boyfriend, an older guy who lived off campus, jacked off. 'He only goes that fast at the end.'

She suggested I try rolling my wrist. I did, but it didn't really work for me. I needed some lube. Lori went to a shelf and got a small bottle of olive oil, which she used for salad dressing. 'Maybe this will help.'

I poured too much into my hand and it got all over the cheap dorm carpet. But I coated my dick and found that it slithered in and out of my hand like a thing alive, and moreover, it felt GREAT. I could also control the pacing better so I wouldn't cum as fast as I usually did.

I masturbated for Lori for the next ten minutes, giving her a closeup view of everything. I would work it really quick, making eye contact with her and talking about all the dirty things I fantasized about doing to her pussy and tits. I let her stroke my cock and feel it in her hands, and flexed so that the purple dickhead bulged right as she got down for a good close-up.

Lori gently pushed me on my back and told me she wanted me to cum. She got her face almost even with my shaft and told me to tell her when I was about to shoot. It took very little time before I was there. When I said I was going to cum, Lori pushed my left hand away and held my dick against the side of her face.

Flaming hot blobs of cum just fountained out all over everywhere. It had been so long since I had cum, it felt like I'd never stop. When it was over there was cum all in Lori's hair and it was smeared up and down the right side of her cheek.



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