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Met in the Grocery Store

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Stumbled onto Solo Touch by accident one day. Sure enjoy what I found.


Strange way to meet but sure had a fun ending. The wife was off visiting our son and his wife in another state. I was in the store buying groceries. I ended up running into another cart at a corner. I quickly said 'I'm sorry'. Behind the other cart was this pretty Oriental woman. She looked at me also apologizing. Taking a second look at her and hearing her talk I knew she was from the Philippines.

I told her I wasn't familiar with the store and was looking for the rice. She said 'Oh, you follow me. I know'. She turned her cart around and walked ahead of me. What a sight! She was wearing this short blue jean mini skirt and my eyes quickly took in her sweet nice ass and shapely tan colored legs. I was immediately taken back to those days I was stationed in her home land and all those wonderful asses and legs I once experienced there.

We got to the rice and I told her I was looking for the aborio rice. She had no idea what this rice was and I told her 'to make some risotto with it'. I found it and she was so curious about it. After this, we continued to shop together and talk.

When we checked out, she said she'd like to see how I make the risotto. I told her 'any time'. She said 'I go home from here if you're free'. I told her 'Fine with me'. We got to our cars and I told her to lead the way.

She didn't live far from the store and we were soon there. I grabbed the rice, onions and wine and headed into her house. She was there alone. We ended up in the kitchen at the range with me showing her how to make the risotto. As I cooked, we talked. I asked her 'you are Filipino, aren't you'? She said she was. I told her I had spent several years there when in the military. Our conversation went on and I found out she was from the city just outside my base.

Things then really got interesting. She was once a bar girl that ended up marrying a GI and this was how she got to the States. I asked her where she had worked and that I'd been there. She laughed at this and said 'you have lots of Filipina girl friends back then I bet'. I told her 'oh yes'. I then told her about one of the clubs she once worked in and how I'd get taken to the back patio area there by the girls for some fun. She laughed knowing exactly what I was talking about and she knew what the 'fun' was. A hand job from the girl.

She went on and said 'I know you liked it, yes'? I told her again 'Oh, yes'. I told her 'when I saw you at the store wearing that short skirt it sure reminded me of those days'. She again laughed when I told her this. She was now in her 40s but still looked just as good as those girls did back then in those night clubs.

We finished the rice and sat down to eat it. She liked it. We were also drinking the wine I'd bought with it. When we finished eating, she came and sat by me with her wine glass. She then said 'just like old times, isn't it'? I looked at her and said 'with you setting next to me yes it is'. She then put her hand in my lap and started squeezing on my penis just like the girls did back then. I then went to doing what I did back then at this time and put my hand on her bare thigh for a feel. I told her 'I sure remember doing this'. It goes without saying, I'm sure, that my penis quickly swelled and hardened and I soon had a full erection in my pants.

She then said 'let's go 'out back'' just like it would had been done in that old night club. But, this time we went to her bedroom. She raised her little skirt and pulled off her panties. She then turned to me and said 'you remember puki?' which was what they called pussy. I told her 'do I ever! I got a lot of that while there'. She sat on the bed and started removing my pants just as they did back then. When my pants were down, I sat besides her and started feeling her under her skirt again and ran my hand up to her 'puki'. She put some body lotion on her hand and started playing with my penis. It felt fantastic just like it did back when I was a young man in the hand of those beautiful bar girls. We looked at each other eye to eye while she stroked me and while I fingered her and felt her soft thighs. It was just so good that I then felt the tingles of my orgasm quickly building in me. I then laid back on the bed as it hit me. She laid my penis against my belly as I started cumming. I soon had cum covering my belly.

She got up and came back with a wet cloth and wiped the cum off of me and wiped my softening penis of lotion and cum. I got up putting my pants back on. We talked a little more and I told her I had to go. She invited me back telling me 'next time maybe you want some 'puki' again'. I told her 'I'd sure like that'. But, as much as I wanted to do that to a Filipino woman again I'd better not, I thought so this never happened. But, take it from me. That stuff was sure good!



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