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Messy Accident Equals Sexy Time?

Posted by: Author: Age: 23 Posted on: 1 comments
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Slightly ff but not enough to warrant the category. Don't read if you have a weak stomach


A little about myself, I'm 5'0', 120 lbs, I have blonde hair, and I'm pretty athletic. This happened last week. I was walking back from the little corner store by my apartment a few days ago when my stomach started to rumble. I hadn't gone in three days and I fear it may have been time. This park had a bathroom, but due to vandalism it was closed for maintenance. I figured it could make it back. I started walking faster to postpone the inevitable. The more I walked however the worse it got. My bowels were moving and I could feel a solid mass putting pressure on my anus. I knew I was gonna have an accident. My hands were clammy and I had a cold sweat going. I was in a full blown panic. I looked around and saw a pretty good sized tree I could get behind. I walked towards it and with every step the fear I may lose control. I reached the tree and I was about to rip my panties off (I was wearing a skirt) when I buckled over with one hand on the tree and the other in my ass. Without even realizing it, I pushed and a solid piece of poop shot out into my panties. It was so big I could feel it lift my panty material from my ass cheek. As it comes out I moan out with relief and embarrassment. Another firm piece of poo makes its way out, one after another. As all this is going on I also let out some pee. I soon stop and I drop to my knees and cry. I was so ashamed, not only because I shit myself but because I was soaking wet and not just from the pee. I actually got furiously horny. I stand up and take off my panties and took a look, the ball of poo was the size of a softball, and those panties were completely ruined. I reached into my bag and pulled out some Kleenex and cleaned up the best I could. I left the panties there and made my way back home. By this point my clit was throbbing and I could feel my wetness dripping down my legs. I make it to my apartment and my roommate was cooking lunch. Now I'm no lesbian but my roommate is beautiful. Taller than me by a few inches, but has a nice big ass, c cup breasts and and a flat tummy. She was wearing yoga pants and white tank top. I didn't say a word to her and rushed into the bathroom. I jumped into the shower to get fully clean. I was done soaping and rinsing, standing under the hot water I touched my clit and started rubbing it. I did something I never did before and stuck a finger in my ass. I went at it with horny desperation, moaning as load as I could. I'm sure my roomy heard but at that moment I didn't care. An orgasm ripped thru my body and I dropped to my knees again. I dried off and exited the bathroom. I went to my room and laid on my bed. I spread my legs and started rubbing my clit again. I felt my wetness spreading all over and stuck two fingers in me. I pumped my pussy hard and fast. I must been louder than I thought. My roommate knock on my door which prompted me to stop and open the door. She asked me, 'Are you masturbating?' I said, 'Sorry but I am just so fucking horny!' I dropped to my back and resumed to fuck myself silly. She was stunned. We had barely even seen each other naked let alone witness each other masturbate. I was fingering my clit with one hand and rubbing my tit with another. I moaned loud as another orgasm ripped thru my body, causing me to squirt a little. I raised my head to see my roommate with her hand in her yoga pants furiously masturbating. I got up and helped her out of her clothes. I threw her on my bed and started licking her tits. They were perfect size. I can hear the squelching sounds her pussy is making. Her scent is incredible, it just inspires sexuality. She cums so hard she squirts, I know my sheets are ruined. We shared a passionate kiss, got up and got dressed, and we started talking about why I was so horny. I didn't want to tell her and I said it was really embarrassing. She pleaded for me to tell her, and I couldn't say no, not to those eyes. I told her about my accident at the park, and she was stunned. Her eyes grew wide. She said, 'So you just left your panties there?' I said 'Yeah, they were trashed.' She said, 'Let's go see them!' We walked back to the tree and found my soiled panties. She look at them and said, 'You really needed to go huh?' I nodded and she said, 'I would have loved to seen you do it'. She may have a fetish for this, so I'm planning something for her. I'm off to go Jill now. Thanks for reading.



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