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Bored, Bored, BORED!

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Still in hospital. Still in traction. Absolutely bored shitless......and horny as fuck! I’ve tried masturbating left handed, but I don’t have the control I need.  Ive also been moved onto another ward. No cubicles here....no chance for anyone to get me off without being spotted. So, when Nikki came to visit, all she had to,offer was a dirty story........


”I miss you. The room seems to bi and empty. Ok, I miss the sex too! I miss your smell. “

Nikki went on.

”I’ve used your panties. Unfortunately, they smell more of me now than of you. But....(deep breath).....I tried something you’ve told me about. I’ve tried panty wetting!”

oh fuck! My favourite. My clit bounced immediately, and I felt the tell-tale signs of obvious leakage. 

“Ok, So, Id rubbed off in your panties and cummed in them three times. I’m afraid they were quite messy by the time I’d finished. Anyway, I decided I’d try what you said. At first, I was just going to go to the toilet, but then I figured that was a cop out. You were right....even just knowing you’re going to do it is horny as you walk to wherever it’s going to be. In my case, it was the sports field behind our hostel. 

Theres an equipment shed there, right? Well, I went there. I looked around to make sure I was totally alone, squatted down and just let it go. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as randy, as downright dirty as I did at that moment. Me! Peeing my....Er....your panties! I tell you, Becky, right there I would have fucked the first person who came along. 

I finished my pee and realised I hadn’t got my bag. No bag, no tissues, so walking back I felt a little trickle run down my leg. But here’s the thing....even that felt dirty. 

When I go back to the hostel, I showered, and cleaned myself up, but I didn’t masturbate. I had plans for the evening. I’ve never done this before, but I went out deliberately to pull a guy. Remember Bill? He’s the tall one with a reputation for being a bit of a dirty cunt? Well, I went after him. 

I got him outside the Union bar, and we “went for a walk”, ending up by the same shed on the same field. Bill was all over me. He’s a fucking brilliant kisser, and he had me dreaming in seconds. He’s also hung, girl! And I mean hung! All the time we were snogging, he was mixing it up with what he wanted to do to me.....up the arse.....cum on my face.....eat me out....lick my arsehole.....fuck me like a bitch....then he asked me if there’s something I wanted. By this time, my panties were down by my knees and I had his cock in my hand. I said “pee on my clit.” I don’t think anyone has ever asked him to do that before. 

Well, I know it’s difficult for boys to pee when they’re hard, but he managed. Oh Becky, I was standing up, legs spread as much as I could, leaning back against the shed wall, and Bill was peeing right onto my clit!. It actually made me cum! Oh, OK, I was still high from earlier, but it felt so dirty.....mmmmmm.....actually, I’m wetting up just telling you about it.

after, he just pulled me onto all fours and did me from behind. 

But that wasn’t the best part. After he’d cum, which was too quick for me, he lay me on my back. I tell you, Becky, that guys fingers! They played me like a Stradivarius! He seemed to be everywhere at once, and when he pushed a finger up my bum....and I mean all the way up my bum, I didn’t mind in the least. In fact, it made me cum ever so hard. You know, I think I may do more of that....much more! 

Oh! (She suddenly looked uncomfortable) Heres me telling you all this when you can’t.....well....you can’t, can you? (No, I fucking can’t, and there’s no helpful nurse on this ward.)

If ever I have been almost crying for someone to touch me it was then. I knew that if Nikki had reached under my sheet and blanket and touched me, even once, that I would cum, but she didn’t. It didn’t help that I could clearly see her panties as she sat on the chair talking to me......and the fact that I could see her little wet spot forming made it worse! 

I asked her to go to the toilet and rub one out into her panties, and then to leave them with me. 

That night, I did something I’ve only ever heard of. I smelled Nikki on her panties....that gorgeous scent of a girl who has just orgasmed with that faint yet highly erotic hint of pee in the background, and I let my mind play. I imagined her peeing on me....me peeing on her, licking her out, fingering her cunt and bum, and, using just this (and maybe squeezing my thighs together a little....it hurst my leg to do it a lot) I gave myself my first ever hands free orgasm. 

What do I want? I want to be bent forward over this bed and fucked hard by the entire medical staff of this hospital. I want the night nurse on this ward (a very virginal-looking Nurse Alex) to finger me off while I finger her up her uniform, maybe having made a hole in her tights first. 

Alex does talk to me at night when I can’t sleep....maybe I can steer her onto boyfriends tonight and see what happens. 



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