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Measuring and Jacking

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Have you ever been aroused? I mean really, really aroused both physically and mentally and did not quite know why and didn't particularly care. I get that way every so often; I become so 'horny' that just the fact that I'm that horny makes me even 'hornier'.

There are masturbation sessions and then there are major masturbation sessions.


My cousin lives with my mother and I, last Saturday (from the time I am writing this not from the time you are reading it) my mother left early in the morning for some type of training for her job. She had done this before so I knew that she would be gone almost all day, since I am 16 and know how to drive I convinced my mom that having a baby sitter would be ridiculous. For almost a whole day having absolutely no adult intervention, these were the times when I crank up the stereo, play video games, eat junk, and do whatever else I feel like uninterrupted.

My cousin is 13 and had been home alone with me a few months ago when he first came to live with us and my mom had to go to her training. He also agreed that having a house to ourselves for a whole day was fun. My mother told me that I really didn't have to 'baby sit' my cousin but that I was in charge and she gave me money so that I could order a pizza when we got hungry.

My cousin was still downstairs lying on the couch watching TV when my mom left. I had a huge, hard and throbbing erection, the kind of erection you don't just jack off and be done with but the kind you have to admire first and then jack off.

I wanted total privacy so I told my cousin that I was going upstairs to my room to get 'more rest' and he just waved me on as if to say 'me watch cable now, leave me alone.'

With my cousin lazily resting on the couch with the TV remote I went upstairs into my room and locked the door. I let my stiff circumcised 'cock' loose and looked at it, it was fat, it was long, it had veins popping out all over and the head was sort of a reddish purple. I was at maximum arousal; my penis was extra sensitive, with a simple touch it seemed like I could make my heart rate go faster and not to mention my penis would jump slightly. I am not one to leak pre-cum but I certainly was leaking at that moment.

The sights, the feelings, the sound of my own breath all were great. I kept telling myself that I had to measure it before I jacked off; it was somewhat frustrating because I could not find a tape measure and I thought for sure I had one in my room. I put a towel around my waist and went out of my room to find one and when I came downstairs I could see that my cousin was now eating a bowl of cereal and watching TV. I found a tape measure in the kitchen drawer and was going back to my room and my cousin asked me if I was measuring my dick. I just laughed him off and continued up to my room and once inside I threw the towel off and looked in my mirror. Then I measured, I was just below seven inches and I was a little more than five inches round. That shocked me because seven inches I considered to be huge and I was hovering just below it, I felt great about the measurement.

I got in my bed, got my lotion and I applied it to my dick and nuts, lots of it. I started really getting into this intense masturbation session, I didn't need porn my imagination is way crazier. After a few minutes, as I masturbated I was startled by this bang on my door, it was my cousin.

'This is the police, stop measuring your dick!' he said in a faked deep voice. I told him that I would be out in a minute and he said 'I just want the games console.' I threw on some pants and opened the door so he could get the video game system and leave, but when he came in he saw that my hands were full of lotion, he immediately knew that I had been masturbating and started to tease me. 'I'm sorry I interrupted you jacking off.' I was in denial about what I was doing and the more I denied the more he teased until he saw the tape measure. 'Measure mine,' he said and at the same time he brought his shorts down just enough for me to see his dick for the first time. It was in the same state as mine throbbing and a different color.

At that moment I asked if I could jack him off and he said yes but first I had to measure him. I measured his penis and it was about five and a half inches and almost five inches thick. He asked how big mine was and I said seven inches. I mean what's a fraction of an inch?

I grabbed his penis and maybe 20 seconds later he started ejaculating. I found out that the entire time he was downstairs he was masturbating too. After he did I let down my pants and jacked off while he stared at me for the short time it took me to blow my load. We just stared at each other as our cocks returned to a much less aroused state. Since that day only a week ago we have not done anything similar yet, but we are no longer shy about changing in front of each other or using the restroom in front of each other, because after you let someone see your dick spitting out your future kids what else is there to be shy about.



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