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Me, My Best Friend, and Our First Orgasm

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We were both 14 at the time.


My name is Cat, short for Cathrine. I'm four feet nine inches and have 32B sized breasts. My friend, lets call her Mandy, invited me over for a sleepover one night.

Mandy is five feet three inches and has 34C size breasts. She has a really small but hot ass.

Her parents were leaving for the weekend and she invited me over. We have both been friends ever since we were born and were okay with being in our bra and panties in front of each other. We hit puberty early and we had developed breasts at that time.

Whenever we have a sleepover we usually watch a film and end up talking about the cute guys at our school. We both had a crush on one guy who we'll call Aaron. He was tall, skinny, but was built and had the best abs ever.

Mandy and I have never masturbated before and we told each other we wanted to try it but just never have.

Mandy: 'Have you masturbated yet?'

Me: 'No. You?'

Mandy: 'No.'

She got up and went over to the sink in the kitchen, when she got up I noticed a wet spot on her panties. I looked over at the sink and she started to feel her tits over her bra. She stopped and turned around.

Mandy: 'Well I think we should practice.'

Me: 'For what?'

Mandy: 'I say we kiss just to make sure when we get a boyfriend we can do it right.'

I said sure and she sat down next to me. We just started to peck on the lips, but we were making out for about an hour. Then I felt a hand slowly move down to my panties. I jumped back.

Me: 'What are you doing?'

Mandy: Sorry, I don't know, I just think we should, I mean we haven't touched ourselves. If we do it together, I mean I think it would be good.'

I was really horny and wanted too by that point, so I just grabbed her and removed her bra. In seconds I found my lips, flicking and sucking her really perky nipples. She made some noises and then took off my bra and did the same to me.

I had heard from some older girls at school that were lesbians about fingering another girls pussy. I pushed Mandy onto the couch and removed her panties.

Her pussy was dripping wet. I moved my hand onto her. Mandy started to rub her tits as I slowly rubbed the juices around her pussy lips. She moaned even louder. I then started to stick my fingers in her. God she was so tight. I could see her quiver and hear her scream in pleasure. I started to finger her faster. She gave a wail and then sat up breathing really heavy. I licked my fingers and resumed kissing her.

She pushed me over and removed my panties. She started to do the same, rubbing and fingering me. I started to just get a feeling I never had before. After I orgasmed she moved her legs between mine. We started to rub our dripping wet pussy's against each other in a scissor action. We orgasmed again. That night we had multiple orgasms exploring each other.

We woke up the next day naked.

Mandy: 'Wow last night was amazing. thanks.'

Me: 'No thank you'

I fingered her and she did me once more. We dressed each other while feeling each other up more. We made out for a couple of minutes. Then I left.

We are both bi now. For the past years we've had sex a ton of times with each other. We even had Aaron over a couple of times which was fantastic. Hope you enjoyed it.



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