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Me and My Best Friend Nancy

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Two best friends at a sleepover


After reading some stories from the female female section, It reminded me of the time I was 13 with my best friend Nancy who was also 13 at the time.

Back when I was 13 my body had just begun to develop, budding breasts with no pubic hair. My best friend Nancy on the other hand was fully developed with 12C breasts and a full bush of black pubic hair.

On with the story, We have known each other at the time since we were young. We were the best of friends and would do everything together, Talk about anything. We had organised to sleep at Nancy's house that night (It was a Saturday). We did what we usually did, go for a swim, talk about boys and went shopping.

Later that night, We went for our showers (seperately) And then laid down to watch a movie. When the movie finished, I said to Nancy 'I need to talk to you about something' Nancy replied with 'What do you need to talk about?' Well I said 'I need to ask you things about puberty' Nancy giggled at me and replied 'Ok, What do you need to know?' I said 'Since you have gone through puberty already I thought you would know some things. Besides I feel more comfortable talking to you than anyone else'. Nancy smiled, I said 'Since I have begun puberty, I'm starting to feel different down there 'Nancy replied' What do you mean?' Well I replied 'I have the urge to touch my vagina 'Nancy yet begun to giggle and explain that she went through that stage too. I asked ' What am I suppose to do about it Nancy?' Nancy replied with ' I can show you if you like, But it means you need to get naked and I will have to touch your vagina' I agreed and said ' Thats ok'. Now me and Nancy had seen each other naked more times than once before, So this didnt bother me.

So for some reason we both took off our pj's and underwear. Nancy also said ' I can trust you to not tell anyone?' I said ' I wont '. Nancy smiled. I laid on my back and I do admit I was just a little scared to what was going to happen. Nancy begun playing with my nipples, I asked ' Why are you playing with my nipple when your suppose to be showing me how to get rid of the urge to touch myself?' She simply replied ' I need you to relax, trust me I know what im doing'. So I just laid there and let Nancy do what she had to do.

Nancy's Hand had begun to work her hand away from my nipples and slowly making its way to my tingling vagina. Nancy had played with my belly button for a little bit. Finally she made her way to my vagina, Lightly ran the tip of her finger down my vagina crack, Which sent shivers up my spine. Nancy looked at me, Said ' Are You Ready to feel good?' I nodded my head. She opened up my vagina and started to rub this little lump above my hole (Which I later found out was my clit) This was feeling better than I had first imagined.

I was lightly moaning, My body was shaking, Felt like I was floating on cloud nine when all of a sudden I told Nancy to stop cause I needed to pee and Nancy said 'No you don't, Trust me ok?' I nodded my head and trust she knows what she is doing. Next minute I know I was beginning to feel wet and slimy in my vagina. Nancy said to me 'This might hurt a little bit, But it will go away 'I said 'Ok'. Nancy had moved her hand from my clit and I felt a finger going inside my vagina, It hurt at first but started feeling good when she moved her finger around inside me. I felt the wetness of my vagina and feeling the wetness running down my bum. This was feeling way to good at the time, I was so light headed and than before I know it I was screaming and having my very first orgasm. It felt amazing and was my best orgasm to this day.

Nancy asked me ' How did it feel? Do you still have the urge to touch yourself?' I said 'It felt amazing and it feels to sensitive to touch' Nancy laughed and said to me 'Eventually you will be able to do it again and again, One after another' I smirked and said 'I will definitely be doing this again'.

Nancy said ' Its my turn know, I'm going to play with myself' So I could see exactly what she was doing to me I decided to watch her. I got between Nancy's legs and watched her finger her hairy vagina (Later found out all the term) I had the urge to touch myself again and begun doing to myself what Nancy did to me and yet gave myself another orgasm and it was only 2 minutes later Nancy burst out into her orgasm and I saw she squirted her fluid out onto the bed and I a little hit my hand.

This become a new thing for me and Nancy, We did it every time we had time alone or slept over each others house. We did eventually start fingering each other to orgasm and did a lot more to each other that I can't tell you about here.

We fell asleep naked and I woke up to Nancy playing with my vagina again and brought me to another orgasm. We went for a shower together and that's where I got to finger Nancy for the first time.

I'm so horny now, I'm going to finger myself to a massive orgasm, Happy masturbating girls



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