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Neighborly Advice - Part 2

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The second part of a fantasy about a young woman discovering the joys of true orgasmic bliss.

When we made it back into my apartment, she immediately asked where she could hang up her robe. No sense in being shy at this point, she said. I said she could use the coat rack next to the door, and in a matter of seconds she let out slip from her shoulders, exposing her bare body to me for the second time in a many days. Spinning around on her heels she looked me up and down, then motioned got me to remove my robe as well. Hands shaking, I undid the tie and let it fall open, dropping to my feet. My heart was pounding as she was the first adult to ever see me naked. She slowly walked up to me and said "now that we've slipped into something more comfortable, let's see what you came home with." She sat on the couch as I went to get them, bringing the head covers with me. She first held the cordless one, and checking the charge she said "oh that won't do... go ahead and plug this in. I couldn't imagine it dying right when you're about to climax." I went ahead and got it charging and then showed her the accessories that went with the big one. She held the Koosh looking one and ran her fingers through the nubs, telling me she's never used one of these before. "You can go ahead and try it out if you'd like." "You don't mind? I mean, they are yours, after all." "No no, go ahead. They actually kind of have me scared" I said with a giggle. She slid it onto the head; the translucent red contrasting the white of the rest of the Wand. The cord was long enough to reach the couch, so she laid down and spread her knees apart, rubbing the nubs against her pubic mound. Flipping the switch, the sounds of buzzing filled the room, and touching it to her lips her eyes closed and she made a quiet "oooh" sound as she slid it up and down between her legs. She licked her lips as the nubs danced against her clit; her toes slightly spreading apart as she took deep breaths. On my knees, I sat back on my heels at her feet, watching as she sensually masturbated for me. Butterflies filled my tummy as she began wiggling around, the Wand bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. She then would pull it away, breathing through the tiny hole between her lips before easing it back onto her wet vagina. She did this 4 or 5 times before pushing it harder into herself, digging her heels into the cushion and softly moaning. It only took a few more seconds before she let herself cum, clamping her legs around the Wand head with her toes pulling back and spreading wide. She switched off the Wand and laid there for a minute taking deep breaths before saying "ok...I have to try that other head." 


I crawled over to the coffee table and brought it back to her, she quickly swapped them out and ran it over her crotch, groaning "oooh...that feels nice..." as her wet lips slipped between the prongs. "Which one feels better?" "They're just too...oh...too different. It feels like my whole body is going to cum..." She almost looked drunk; her mouth hanging open and eyes glossed over, wiggling around, her feet sliding against the fabric. "Please...describe it to me..." "I feel it in my belly...in my thighs...down in my toes...ohh...I feel warm and fuzzy..." My nipples were rock hard watching her. I could almost feel it through her. I sat there almost in a daze, aching to cum. I was dripping wet and hadn't even laid a finger on myself. I wanted to be that toy. I wanted her. She was now humping against the Wand. Her moans got louder. "I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum..." I watched with my mouth open as she twisted around on the couch, being completely controlled by her orgasm. Her back to me, she switched it off and let it fall from her hands. I reached out, about to run my hand down her bare back before pulling it away. I just bit my lip watching her breathe, her pale butt mere inches from my face. I quickly moved back as she slowly turned over to face me, smiling while telling me she hadn't cum like that since she was my age. Pulling herself up, she saw a noticeable wet spot underneath her. "Oh honey, I'm sorry. I guess I got a little carried away." "That's ok...I'm just glad you enjoyed it." "I did...that was marvelous..." It was now my turn, but she said she needed to use the bathroom first. Wobbly, she got up and went off to the bathroom, and when the door closed I couldn't help myself...I leaned forward and smelled the spot. I got goosebumps. I never once considered myself to be a lesbian, but there was something about her...all I wanted to do was hold her, our bare skin becoming one. When I heard her flush I quickly unplugged the Wand and when she walked out I was standing, holding it close to my breasts. "Can we go to my bedroom? I think I would be more comfortable in my bed." "Sure thing. Let's go."


I checked the second Wand and it was basically full, so I took it along with the other attachment as she led the way. I couldn't help but watch her butt bounce as she walked. Her feet flexing with every step. I wanted her to be my first. Getting on my knees I plugged it in behind my night stand, but made it seem like I was having trouble just so she could see me in that position for a few seconds longer. I finally got up and moved to the foot of my bed with her squatting in front of me. Leaving the same attachment on, I leaned back and touched it to myself. I almost came that instant. Groaning, I lifted my legs, flexing my feet and breathing hard as I was rapidly approaching an orgasm of my own. Moments later it was like fireworks went off in my mind. The Wand was amazing, but this head took it to a whole new level. Tears were flowing as my orgasm kept rolling. When I moved the Wand away I melted into the bed. That was a completely different orgasm than I had ever felt. It felt...new. Complete. I sat up and giggled, wiping my eyes. She asked how I felt and all I could say was "good...good." She then took the Wand from me and started swapping out the head, saying "well if that was good...this will be wonderful." She also grabbed the second Wand and told me to prepare myself, as what she was going to show me is going to make every man inadequate in every way. I kind of blushed when she said that and she noticed. "Um...can I confess something to you?" "Sure...what is it?" "I've never actual done anything like this before." "You mean with another woman?" "I'm actually still a...a..." "Virgin?" I just nodded. Setting down the toys, she put her hands on my knees. "Honey. That's ok. You should never...NEVER feel ashamed about something like that. There's a lot of jerks out there, and you haven't let any of them sucker you in and use you. I'm proud of you, honey." I smiled and wiped my eyes, and she sat next to me and put her arm around me. I put my head on her shoulder and she said "if you aren't comfortable, you don't have to do anything." "No no, I...I want to do this." "Are you sure? I don't want you to feel pressured. Not now, not ever. For anything." "I'm sure. I want you to be my first." She rested her head on mine and said she hopes it's memorable for me and that it's a big step. 


She got back off the bed and said "ok, you know how babies lie on their back and hold their feet? Go ahead and do that." I giggled and scooted back on the bed, lifting my feet up and grabbing onto them. I felt so open, with every bit of my nakedness on display. I suddenly heard the buzzing and felt the soft nubs against my vagina. My toes curled as I groaned...but I wasn't prepared for what was next. Without warning, I felt a new buzzing, but now against my anus. I let out a high pitched squeal as she maneuvered both of them against both of my tender holes. I held onto my feet as best as I could, almost bucking against the mattress. I never knew my butthole could be so sensitive! My mouth hung open and my eyes rolled back in my head as I shook in my second orgasm. But she didn't stop. She kept them both in place with her left hand, now suddenly rubbing my clit with her right. No words could come out. Only mumbles and grunts as I began to sweat with my third orgasm coming along fast. It took effort, but I finally squeaked out "I'm gonna cum again!" She then moved the Wand away from my vagina and slid her middle finger inside me, quickly rubbing my g-spot while still buzzing my anus. It only took moments before I loudly groaned and contorted myself on the bed. I couldn't stop from twisting and squirming; flopping around like a fish out of water. It took a minute before I could finally calm down, landing on my belly with my hands under me, legs spread apart with one knee pulled way up. She sat on the bed and rubbed the bottom of my foot, asking how that felt. I burst into tears. She leaned over me and asked if I was ok, and I nodded. Almost sobbing, I said "that was the most incredible thing I've ever felt...thank you...I love you." She pulled me up and held me, letting me cry happy tears in her arms. When my eyes had finally run dry, I apologized for acting like a mess, and she told me "no, honey. I told you, never apologize for being you. That was a big step for you, it's ok to be emotional." I just looked up at her and smiled while nodding and sniffing. 


She eventually headed back to her place and I gathered myself, feeling like a new person. A confident person. A person that didn't need a man to be satisfied. That being said, my bed was going to feel awfully lonely that night. Putting my robe and slippers back on, I put my keys in the pocket and went to her apartment and knocked, with her answering in just a long t-shirt. I stepped inside and she asked what was wrong and I said "I...I don't think I want to be alone tonight. Would it be ok if I stayed here...with you?" She smiled and said "sure honey, I was just getting ready for bed anyway." We went back to her bedroom and I sat on her bed as she did the rest of her nightly routine. When she came back out I said "I hope you don't mind...I kind of forgot to put anything on under my robe." "Not a problem. I prefer to sleep natural, anyway." As she said that she pulled her shirt over her head and slipped into bed. I took off my robe and put it in her chair, kicked off my slippers and joined her under the covers. In the dark I slowly snuggled backwards against her and she put her arm over me, resting her hand against my tummy. I felt warm. I felt safe. And most importantly...I felt loved.




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