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Me and Cousin at Pool

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Almost busted


My aunt uncle and cousin came to visit us for a couple days when I was 13. The cousin was 14 and I hadn't seen him since I was in about second grade. They got there in the morning and so my parents told me to take him to the pool. It was a public pool. We changed into our swimsuits at my house and then our dads drove us there and dropped us off. They told us we could stay 2 hours. We brought towels and dry clothes to put on in a backpack. I paid for us to get in and we got a locker to put our stuff in.

The locker room was empty so we just stowed the backpack and grabbed our towels. We headed to the pool.

There weren't very many people but there were a couple girls about my cousin's age hanging around at the shallow end of the pool. So he swam down there and started trying to talk to them. One of them was pretty well developed. They didn't want to talk much so me and him decided to swim some laps. Then these other guys showed up we kinda messed around throwing around a ball. Whenever he wasn't playing I could see my cousin still checking out those girls. The game kinda fell apart and we swam a couple more laps. Then it started getting close to the time we were going to get picked up. My cousin goes come on lets go get showers.

We jumped out and grabbed our towels. The locker room was empty and so were the showers. It was just a big shower space with 3 shower heads. We went in with our swimsuits on. By then I was shivering because I was cold so the hot water felt really good. He started talking about that one chick with the big boobs. He told me he got a boner in the pool. Then he goes look it's back, and showed me through his swimsuit that he had a hardon. I had never seen him naked before. I wondered when his dick looked like. Mine had just started to develop and I was always curious about what other boys looked like. I went to the pool 2 or 3 times a week and if any guys were in the locker room I would try to check to see what their dicks looked like without them noticing. Then he said he was going to take off his suit.

He peeled it off and his boner popped up fully hard. He pulled at his ball sac a little and his woody wiggled around. Then he goes can you do this? He pulled down on the end of his rod then let it go. It slapped up against his stomach. Then he wiggled back and forth so it would slap on both sides. We were both laughing. His dick was way bigger than mine and had a small bush. Then he said show me yours. So I pulled off my swimsuit. Mine was maybe 3 inches and had some peachfuzz. He said are you hard? He reached out and briefly felt my shaft with 2 fingers. Then he asked me if I ever jacked off. I said no. I had heard it talked about but didn't really know how.

He turned around and let the water run on his hardon. Then he grabbed his dick and started stroking it. He asked me do you ever do this? Right then we heard some people come in the locker room. He said we better get out of here. We turned off the water and wrapped our towels around us. You could still see the outline of his boner through the towel. It was pushed down and to the side. We went to our locker and got out our clothes. We jumped into our underwear then put on the rest of our clothes. My dad pulled up outside and honked so we just grabbed the rest of our shit and left.

We didn't get to talk about it again until later. That night he got in my bed and we jacked off and watched each other with flashlights. He wanted to feel my boner again and he talked me into feeling him. His hardon was long but skinny. He jacked me to my first orgasm. My stomach tickled a lot and my whole body shivered. Then he said now watch mine. He grabbed his dick and started stroking it fast. He said watch, pretty soon white shit comes out of it. I held the flashlight and watched his dickhead start spurting. There was about 4 squirts that shot up. It ran down his and and into his pubes. His cum looked awesome. He told me to go in my bathroom and get some t.p. so he could clean it up. He told me that when he shot he was thinking about that girl's tits from the pool. The next morning they were leaving and I watched him jack off again in my shower. I sat on the toilet and did it too.

Thanks everybody for sharing stories.



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