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J.O. Is Too Dangerous For Ya' Grandpa?

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I still think this is funny today, I hope you enjoy it.
When I was around 10 or 11-years-old, my best friend and I had started something that would last for the next 8 years or so. We began by simply exposing ourselves to one another and then somewhere around seventh grade we would occasionally masturbate each other. Somewhere in between all of that we began covering up the strange silence of our activities with the radio, video games or the television. The reason for that was because one night we had been so quiet that my friend's mother seemed more than a little suspicious of us. There was this Skateboarding Video that we started using to cover up our activities and it was about two hours long but I have only seen about 10 minutes of it. It was actually a pretty good video because my friend and I also loved to skateboard but most of the time the video played in the background while we dared each other to do things. Eventually I knew that if my friend wanted to jack-off he would ask me if I wanted to watch a skate video. He would call me sometimes and ask 'Do you want to watch skate videos later tonight?' Most of the time I would say 'yes' knowing that a few minutes into the video he would start rubbing the outside of his pants and I would say something like 'do you have a boner?' and he would say something along the lines of 'I'm thinking about this one chick I saw today.' Then, either I would ask to see his erection or I would say that I also had a boner and then expose myself. After that, the mutual session began. It was extremely predictable but neither of us ever acknowledged that fact. Well, one day I was at my friend's house for a BBQ and it had been a while since we had a mutual session, so I was really looking forward to one. My friend's other buddy showed up and I thought to myself 'so we're not jacking off tonight'. I suppose my friend knew what I was thinking because he said 'don't worry he likes to watch skate videos too'. So my friend and I started talking back and forth using the unofficial code word for mutual masturbation right in front of his parents and grandparents. Honestly, at that moment I wasn't 100 per cent sure that we were talking about masturbation but I had a hunch. 'Have you watched skate videos with him before?' 'Yes, almost as much as I have with you.' We literally spent almost a full minute going back and forth using the phrase 'skate videos' as a code word for jacking off when my friends grandfather said something like, 'You young people can watch your skate videos but I can't do it, it looks too dangerous.' He obviously didn't know our code and my friend and I just busted up laughing and nobody knew why. Later that night, when we told our new third partner what we had meant by 'skate videos' and why it was so funny to hear an older person say that it looked dangerous.



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