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Masturbation Techniques

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Masturbation is a very essential part of my sexuality. It was a privilege to have learned about masturbation at a very young age. I began to masturbate at age 9, experienced my first orgasm at age 10, and had my first ejaculation at age 14. Over the years I would discover various techniques to stimulate my genitals. I am also grateful to a couple of female friends, who also taught me several techniques. I wish to share several different ways to masturbate.

Technique 1: Stimulation of the glans: This is the first technique that I learned. In this method, I move the loose foreskin, back and forth, over the head (glans) of the penis. I like to use a slow stroke, but at times different speeds are good.

Technique 2: Stimulation of the shaft: In this technique, the penis is erect, and the loose skin is stroked along the shaft of the penis, between the base and the crown of the head. The head of the penis is not stimulated directly.

Technique 3: Testicular massage: The penis is not stimulated directly. Instead, the scrotum is stretched, and the testicles and adjacent tissues are massaged. Gentle pressure is applied initially; however, later in the session, slightly more vigorous pressure is applied. In my case, one of my testicles hangs about an inch lower than the other; therefore, I will usually begin massaging that one, but I definitely alternate between the two testicles. I have experienced many intense orgasms by stimulating the testicles directly by massage.

Technique 4: Use of a vibrator: Here, I received help from one of my female friends, who showed me that a vibrator can be used to stimulate the male genitalia, in addition to being inserted into the vagina. Although a vibrator can be used on the different parts of the male organs, I have found the best effect by using the vibrator to stimulate the head of the penis directly. Even there, different pleasing sensations can be felt by stimulating the crown, the tip at the urethral opening, and the frenulum.

Technique 5: The penis as a string instrument: In this technique, the focus is directly concentrated on the frenulum. Here, the penis is lubricated, and in my case, I prefer using a tiny amount of cooking oil. Any oil or lotion can be used that one is comfortable with. After lubrication, the erect penis is held in the hand, such that the fingers can be used to 'massage' the frenulum, in such a manner as if one were plucking a guitar string. The pleasure resulting from this technique is very intense, partly because it is so concentrated. I also would like to add that one of my female friends, who performed oral sex on me, would use her tongue to stimulate the frenulum of my penis. This 'string instrument' technique arose as a means to 'duplicate' these sensations experienced during oral sex.

Technique 6: Panty fetish: Originally, I was not interested in any type of fetish for women's underwear; however, one of my friends, as we were getting to know each other insisted. At first, we were corresponding via mail, and she sent me a photo of herself and described her interests. She requested that I purchase some of her panties, but I only sent her a photo of myself. She was disappointed that I took no interest in her underwear. I was attracted to her; therefore, I decided to buy a couple of her panties anyway. I chose red and purple, since I regard those two colors as very erotic. Several days later, I received her panties in the mail, including 'instructions' on what to do with them. I got the color, which I requested. The panties were very soft, smooth, and silky. I took her photos and panties, and I decided to have some fun. My penis was erect, and I took those panties and glided the soft fabric of the panties along the surface of the head of my penis. At this point, I saw 'the light', as I experienced the pleasure of the touch of that feminine fabric on my genitals. I continued that gliding and gentle massaging of those panties on my glans for about 15 to 20 minutes. The result was an intense orgasm with a nice big load of creamy semen being squirted into that smooth silky fabric. Since then, I use women's panties as another masturbation technique, and I would say that I genuinely do have a fetish for women's panties.

Last, it is good to alternate between these techniques and even combine the techniques. Then, one can have many good times filled with intense pleasure. Enjoy!



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