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Martha (Rain Fantasy Come True)

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This is a true story about a wonderful lady that helped me realise a fantasy.


After my divorce I was out at a bar having a drink with a lady friend who was a widow of a guy that I worked with a few years ago. About twice a month, Martha or I would call the other at work to set up a time and place. I helped her much during her days after her husband died and I felt she was returning the favor, which I greatly appreciated. We were good friends and she was about 10 years younger than myself, pretty and dated some. But because her kids were still young, she didn't want to get involved with anyone. We were talking about the lack of my sex life when she asked if I just take care of it myself. I responded often and asked her about herself. She said she had a need a couple times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. She then asked me to tell her one of my fantasies while I take care of myself. I agreed only if she would have to reciprocate thinking she would back out. Ha! She agreed.

This was not the kind of discussion I had with anyone, let alone a lady. I was nervous and had another drink which gave me some courage. I asked her if she meant a masturbation kind of fantasy or sex with someone and she said just a solo fantasy. I told her that I would like to be outside in the warm rain, nude and masturbate while someone watches or there is a high risk of being caught. She said, Really, sort of like CFNM? I was unfamiliar with that term then and she explained was Clothed Female, Nude Male, and gave some examples. I remember thinking she knew more about this just a definition. I told her that CFNM sounded interesting.

So now it was her turn. She smiled and then giggled and was not able to look at me when she said, To be able to call a guy anytime to have them come over so she could watch him jack off. She told me her husband would do that for her so she could watch when there were times when she couldn't or didn't want to have sex for various reasons. I was a bit surprised at the similarities in our fantasies as we discussed it a bit more. A bit later, we called it a night and went our separate ways and I thought this CFNM thing sounded really interesting.

About two weeks later, she called me at work and we had a beer and a burger and talked. When we left, I gave her a big hug and told her to call anytime if she needed or wanted something. She smiled and I was not sure if she caught my intention.

A couple days later, she called me at home at about 9:00pm. I was half awake watching something on TV. The conversation was normal at first and then became a bit obscure at first telling me in a long winded way about how she shipped her kids off to grandma's for the night, the rainy weather, how she was bored, etc. I laughed and asked her why she didn't have a date or something planned. She said she wanted to be alone, but now was not sure. I asked if she was afraid or needed some company. She said she always felt safe in her house and it's not like someone was going to show up in my back yard! She giggled and I laughingly said, Yeah, well I guess not. She then commented how warm it was and how badly we need the gentle rain we were getting. I was wide awake. I stammered and choked realizing where she was headed with the conversation. She was giggling at my verbal stumbling. I finally said, Well, ok. I guess I will let you go for now. She responded more as a command instead of a question. Huh huh. Sure. See ya soon then? I said, ya, see ya.

Her house is located in a country kind of setting with a semi secluded back yard. You can only really see into it from directly behind because of the vegetation and then the closest neighbor directly behind was 1/4 mile or more away. I parked in her drive. It was dark because of the cloudy rainy weather and the sun was setting. I was very nervous, but I was getting hard. I debated on whether to strip in the car and sneak around or to undress on the side or back yard. I look around and it was quiet and the neighbors were few. The closest house looked like no one was home. I stripped off my clothes and sat naked in the car. My heart was pounding and I was now dripping pre-cum and rock hard. I looked for Martha in the windows and didn't spot any movement or anything. Some lights were on but she was not visible.

I thought of the dome light and switched that off so the car would not be lit when I opened the door. Leaving my keys and clothes in the car unlocked, I quietly got out the car, closed the door then using it and some of the vegetation for some concealment, quickly moved into the back yard. I was soaked with rain in no time. It was a wonderfully warm evening and the rain was very refreshing. My cock was pulsating and I was enjoying the free feeling of an outdoor bathing in the purest sense.

But, still no sight of Martha. For a moment I panicked thinking maybe I had the wrong house. But walking closer to house by the sliding glass door, I could see in and yes, it was the right house. In the dimly lit living room with a flickering light of the TV, there was Martha in a robe. She didn't acknowledge me or seem to even see me. She had one hand under her robe moving slowly and her eyes closed. I walked back out and enjoyed the rain. Knowing where she was now, I could see her move around including opening her robe. It was too far away to really see much through the rain, but enough to know she was nude, exposed and masturbating. I continued to enjoy the rain and stroked my penis. After 15 to 20 minutes of stroking I came. It was a great orgasm. I let the rain wash me clean and enjoyed it another 10 to 15 minutes. I began to wander back to my car and as I did, I saw Martha leave the couch. When I reached the side so I could see my car, I saw Martha in her robe getting my car keys, locking it and running back through the rain to her house.

To be continued.



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