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Married; at an After-hours Club...

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I still stroke off to this Very Hot Experience...


My Wife and I had received an Invitation to go to the Opening night of a new Musical Comedy. It was Directed by the Partner of a guy my wife worked with, so we had great seats, and were even asked backstage to meet the Cast after the 1st performance!
The play was actually pretty good, and so after meeting the Producer, Director and all of the Cast, Champagne was being passed around and we all drank heartily out of paper cups, toasting the cast, Etc...Then we all jumped into cabs, and headed out to a local after-hours place South of Market Street. It was a good thing we had taken a cab, because I was already light-headed and kinda dizzy from the champagne!
Well, the place was an absolute 'Zoo'...packed place, we had a reserved table in the corner under the stairs; It was so crowded and hot, I had to take off my jacket, and was just in shirt-sleeves, a Tie, and my Gaberdine slacks...the crowd was mixed, but it seemed it was a very Gay, Theatre type crowd. In a short while, there was lots of story telling, loud music, so that you could barely hear the person next to you talk. I had to go to the Restroom, so I excused myself, and headed toward the stairs to the Balcony, where the Men's room was located.
It took me awhile just to push through the crowd to the stairs, then, climbing up, people everywhere, it was hotter than Hell upstairs, and I was confronted by at least 60 people ...The room had about 5 to six people wide, and at least twelve to 14 people deep, all crowded together, milling about, and there was little light...one small bulb in a wall sconce at the far end of the room, next to the door to the men's room...I just jumped in, heading for the light, excusing myself, rubbing against people, being run into, being rubbed against, and I was sure someone had just brushed their hand across my ass!
Yeh, sure enough, there it was again...someone rubbing my ass through my thin slacks...I checked my wallet, and remembered I had left it at the table in my Jacket pocket...then a hand slipped fingers in the crack of my ass, just gently rubbing...With the Champagne, the heat, the press of people, I was getting aroused...I finally reached the men's room, and after waiting for two guys to leave, I saw a guy standing at the trough with a huge boner, trying to take a leak (I guessed I wasn't the only one to run the Gauntlet of the crowd), so I slipped into an open stall and pulled my swollen Dick out, and started to releive myself...There was only one small bulb in here too, and actually quite dark...as I finished, and my eyes adjusted to the dimness, I suddenly saw a large hole into the ajoining stall, and a guy was sitting there stroking a very hard Dick! I immediately was hard again, but stuffed it back into my pants, and thought the wife was really gonna get it tonight, when we returned home!
I adjusted myself as well as possible but the outline of my swollen Hardon really showed through the thin material of my pants...I hoped it would go down, but no luck; as soon as I was into the throng of people, I felt someone rub against my throbbing hardon...I couldn't really tell in the dark space just where it had come from, but it sure felt GREAT!, I stopped, and there the hand was back, slowly rubbing against the outline of my Hard cock...I pushed into it, and then they really got into it, stroking me through my pants, my not wanting them to stop, it felt electrifying, making me start to sweat...was it the heat, the hand, the alcohol...or all of them...I didn't care, it felt to good to make them stop, too good to walk away, too good to do anything, but close my eyes, and feel the rush of passion envelope me, my Cock throbbing to the onslaught, never wanting it to quit. Slowly I humped my Hard member into their grasp...then someone was sliding my zipper down...I didn't care, I wanted them to pull out my confined Cock, Stroke me off, make me cumm...I shouted the words in my mind. There was no going back now, no way to quit until I had some satisfaction...I felt the hand pull my throbbing Hardon out of my boxers and out of my pants...Their ministrations were more urgent now, and I felt the delightful tingle coming, I was gonna cumm!!! I shot off a huge load, making my breath come in short gasps...again, and again, I shot...slowly coming down to the reality of being there; hot, throbbing, sweating, but fulfilled,...with some difficulty I zipped up, and headed for the stairs, Thankfully it was cooler, and I had nearly regained my composure enough to join in back at the table!



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