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Man To Man

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Masturbation within a family is an obvious and apparently very well received subject here. It should be.


The bad news is I married far too young at 20, we had a baby barely within the 'proper' nine month window, and my wife ran off with another guy leaving me with a year old kid. The good news is with all the trials and tribulations of single parenthood, 17 years later, it all worked out for the best. Tom jr and I are inseparable buddies. Why tell this now on Solo Touch where I've been an avid fan for 10 years? The main reason is Tommy turned 18 last month and I feel more comfortable with the sexual overtones of the story as a result.

I grew up in a female household-mother sister and no father. So I realize how important it is for a boy to have a close father male roll-model. From day one when the kid was just starting to walk he has been exposed to a totally open male-to-male environment. Seeing me naked in the bathroom or anywhere else in the house was common place everyday stuff. When he began to take notice of his little 'stiffies' it was no big deal because he'd already seen my big ones a thousand times. Being uncut was the same-so am I. Discovering masturbation with that little foreskinned erection was also his own perfectly natural one. And early-on I made no deal of it either. I didn't encourage it certainly but it wasn't until he started school that I taught him public modesty.

At home he was free about so long as it didn't seem to me addictive. Early-on the boy simply seemed to enjoy it as did I my own and I let it go. I made it clear to him that it was something at home and nowhere else. As the years past and the boy was grew like a weed his fascination for the physical aspects grew too and he felt free to express it. By the time he began puberty I decided that sex education began at home and the boy was never confused but delighted even by what was happening including the big event-that first explosion of semen.

Gradually as he progressed from boy/adolescent/young man the point was reached where I felt we could be more openly man-to-man which simply came naturally. Tommy openly talked to me about all his private thoughts-in every way he was still a virgin. He had never yet experimented with either boys or girls, although he got hardons thinking about and looking at girls and also in the school locker room seeing other naked boys. And so the occasion I had long carefully with more than a little self-control avoided finally happened. The father/son right of passage that few seem to experience but most here in our Solo Touch world seem to appreciate-mutual masturbation.

Tommy was heading off to his first year in college and we had taken the week before to fish upstate and just hang out in a cabin on a lake that was a perk from the firm where I worked. It was isolated and perfect not only for our nudity but what that was about to lead to-even outdoors. At this point we looked so much alike that from a distance where the age difference wasn't obvious almost like twins. Same height and leanly muscular build. Reddish brown hair, mine somewhat more receded, moderately distributed on bodies, thick and natural ginger pubes from which extended almost identical uncut cocks and balls and at full erection even identical slightly upward curves.

The first morning I was up first and had gone out naked just at dawn for a swim. As I came back into the kitchen Tommy was making a pot of coffee and we took mugs of it out and at together on the dock at the lake. We had never been close-huggy types but as we sat there legs dangling over the side, furry thighs were touching and we both reacted with hardons growing to raging glans pertruding size. Simultaneously we began fingering ourselves and then each other. Without a word we began to masturbate ourselves together, then each other, then ourselves again until almost shot for shot our sperm flew out in heavy ropes, mine at him, his at me. Father and son lay back on the planks with the first shafts of sun glistening each others sperm on their chests and bellies. I don't know about him but I fingered his into my mouth releasing an age of pent up desire.



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