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Magical Evening With an Older Woman

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An evening of sultry dance music led to a surprise ending.


I was on an eight person community task force and building a final report. One of my favorite group members was a lovely 75 year old widowed lady who announced near the end of our work that she had sold her home and was moving south to be near her grown up children. With our work nearly finished we arranged to have a final meeting at a hotel and to celebrate we had dinner together that evening.

Lana arranged the dinner and final meeting and we all enjoyed our final group session. After dinner at about 8:00 everyone left but Lana and I. I remained with her and listened as she told me how sad she was to be moving but that she could no longer do the work required to live in her home. She shared the fact that her house was sold, her remaining possessions were on a truck heading for her new apartment and that she was staying at the hotel where we were having dinner that evening and planned to drive south the next day. I told her how much I had enjoyed working with her on the committee and how much I would miss her.

She was strikingly beautiful even at her age and she was amazingly thin. I asked her if she had been eating enough and she laughed at me. As we chatted the piano player began a series of Sinatra songs and she sighed telling me how those were her favorites when she was younger. Stuck by her new mood I asked her to dance and as we slow danced she melted into my arms, pressing into me as we as we danced. After two songs she excused herself to go to the rest room.

When she walked away I was stuck by how attractive she was and the way that her soft dress clung to her bottom. She could easily have been taken for a woman twenty years younger. I was also surprised by how arousing it had been to feel her body pressing against me. When she returned she stopped to talk to the piano player and put a tip in his basket. "Let's go," she whispered. "He is going to do more Sinatra."

I did not need any encouragement. We stepped back onto the dance floor and again Lana melted into me as we danced. But this time there was something different. As she pressed against me I could feel the softness of her breasts and the touch of her thighs against my legs. In the middle of the first dance she whispered that she had removed a few things while she was in the Ladies room. I glanced down to see the unmistakable contours of her breasts and nipples poking through the soft fabric of her summer dress. By the middle of the second number I had a raging erection which I was trying to deflect from our contact. But as I would try to pull it away she would press into it.

I apologized, but she laughed. "It is a real treat for an old lady," she whispered "don't try to move it." The third dance was so erotic that I almost came in my pants. We pressed against each other until I was sure that we had made a spectacle of ourselves. Gasping, she pulled away from me and returned to our table. At first I was worried that I had done something wrong but when I sat down she reassured me. "Come on,"she whispered, "let's go upstairs." When the elevator door closed we kissed and remained locked until it opened on her floor.

"We can't have penetration sex," she whispered as she stepped into her room. "I have not had intercourse for years and I am afraid,"she added. And it was a good thing because as we sat on her bed kissing and I began to touch her breasts her first gentle contact with my penis caused me to cum violently. "You must have been one horny boy," she laughed. Instead of falling asleep or leaving, I pulled her dress over her head revealing her beautiful body and gently touched her clitoris until she also had an orgasm.

I stayed in contact with Lana for more than ten years and visited her several times. Each time we had sex and enjoyed each other. Then one year when she was in her 80s she moved to an assisted care place and we lost contact.



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