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Pre-op Adventure

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This story is about a recent hospital visit after an accident. I had several surgeries to put me back together. After the accident, sex was the last thing on my mind. I had no release sense before the accident (over three weeks). After three weeks with nothing to occupy ones mind however, I got so that it was hard not to think about it. I would wake with an erection. One morning I was leaking pre cum, which was a huge embarrassment when the aid came in to bathe me. When she saw she left the room to give me a chance to settle down.

Well it was an hour before I was sufficiently 'settled'. The moment she started bathing me I went erect again, she seemed to be offended, I was really embarrassed. She was not attractive, and she would have been the last person I would seek out for relief. The next day the bath was to be very thorough one prior to my final surgery. They were to take skin grafts basically I had to be scrubbed from head to toe. When my nurse came in give me my pre-opp meds she said she would be doing the bath because of the clinical nature of the sterile procedure. She said that she had heard about my prior arousal problem and she said it was completely normal and that the meds should dampen my enthusiasm. She also said that I would be catheterized again. Between the meds and the thought of being catheterized, she doubted I would have a problem. I hoped she was right because she was an angel and I was looking forward to a time when I could invite her to dinner, and not be seen as a patient or the pervert that could not control himself.

The effects of the pill made me a little drowsy but did nothing to curb my enthusiasm. The thought of her gloved hands on my privates had the head of my penis doing the thinking. I was rock hard as she began the bath. When she unveiled my cock all I could say is, 'I'm sorry, I can't help it'. She said she had a solution, she left and returned with an ice pack. She set it in my groin and it seemed to wither momentarily, and she said 'see no worries'. As the bath continued as my crotch was washed it sprang back to life. She told me to think about sports, or something because they can't do a catheter on an erect penis. Try as I might I could not lose my erection. Have you ever been told to think of something else, it didn't work when I was having bad dreams as a kid, and it certainly wasn't working here.

The ice if possible was now heightening my erection if anything. She finished the bath and had me prepped to do the catheter, but my cock would not go down. She left the room and about 10 minutes later an older nurse came in and says she is going to do my cath. She said she didn't know why they tell the new nurses that you can't catheterize a patent with an erection, but she said they are ready for you in ER so this is going to happen. She gave me a shot with some more anaesthesia prep, saying this should help. I did feel more relaxed, but it did nothing to my woody. As she swabbed the end of my prick with the beta-dine, I felt the precursors of an orgasm. All I remember thinking is I need to cum so bad. I don't know if I said it or if I just thought it. When the cath was pushed in, it was more than I could handle, I started literally humping the air. The nurse must have thought I was in pain, she said this will be done in a minute. I know it hurts but this has to get done. I was in pain but also on the verge of ecstasy. I was on my way to the most explosive climax I have ever had. When the cath hit my prostrate it was like a cattle prod. I contracted a huge orgasm, the tube must have caught the discharge because she commented 'that has never happened before'. All I could do was writhe in convulsions that seemed to last forever. I don't even remember the completion of the catheterization. I just remember a feeling of complete relaxation sweeping over me.

The anaesthesiologist commented after that the surgery went well. He ended up using less than he thought he would. He said he had heard of my pre-op adventure. Which I did not even recall in post op. He said there is probably a paper in that somewhere, but it would never pass clinical scrutiny. The next day it dawned on me what he meant. I hope I never have to go weeks again, but if I do, I know how I want it to end.



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