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Long Distance

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The story Cross Country Runner struck a note with me.


When I went to high school, I felt really lost. Suddenly I was in a place with over 1500 other students, and they all looked a damn sight bigger than me, so I kept myself very much to myself, and didn't join any clubs. Eventually though, I got interested in running.

My coach suggested one day that I try and see how long I could run for at a moderate pace and he gave me a route to follow. I knew the countryside very well and recognised all the places he told me about and so I set off.

After the first mile I felt like I had pooped out, but then, like magic, I felt like I could go forever. I guess they call it 'the wall', anyway, I suddenly felt so alive! I felt every breath I took, I felt all my muscles working....and I felt how wet I was getting. I thought it was just sweat, but at the furthest point away from the school, I stopped for a few moments in an old churchyard and just sat on a bench for a moment and WOW!!!! the scent that came up from between my legs was certainly NOT sweat! I took a look round and found that the porchway to the church was open, but the church inner door was locked. I went into the porch and closed the heavy oak door behind me. There was light coming through two leaded windows, enough for me to see what I needed to see. I tugged my joggers and panties down. The entire crotch of my dark green panties was soaked, and in places the material looked almost black! Apart, that is from the massive amount of cream in there! I had wet up in just about every way a girl CAN wet up. I touched my pussy and almost got scared at how wet I was. I didnt have much hair at all back then, so I could see and feel that my pussy lips were swollen and pouty, and my clit was actually visible and throbbing with each pound of my heart. The second I touched it I gasped.

Before I knew what I was doing, I was half standing, half squatting, back to the door, panties and joggers around my knees and, for the first time in my life, masturbating! I just couldnt leave my clit alone. Something felt like it was building up real fast and for a moment I thought I needed to pee real bad. Even so, I just couldn't stop. I tried to hold the feeling back, but there was no way and suddenly, I had my first orgasm rigth there. I felt sooo fucking HORNY. Way more horny that up to that point. Oh, sure, I had 'sexy' feelings before, and I thought that was what the other girls meant when they said they felt horny-but then I knew that THIS was it.

I tugged my joggers and panties back up. The panties were cold and wet now, but you know, that only added too the sexiness of it all. I jogged the five miles back to school, and knew that long distance running was something I was gonna enjoy a lot!

My coach was impressed with the time I made (and that was WITH my little stop off). He told me to go stand in the shallow end of the outdoor pool, he said it would help my muscles not cramp up. (FUCK it was cold though!)

Afterwards in the shower, I jilled off again this time with a finger gently in me. That orgasm was good but not as good as my outdoor one. For some reason, I decided to pee standing up in the shower. I don't know why I did that. (If I need to pee in the shower, I usually squat) It felt, oh I don't know, sexy/kinky in some way.

From then on, I set myself a target. I shortened the time I would make it to the old church. That left me more time for jilling off when I got there. I also found other private places to do it, as well as the thrill of doing it in not so private places too!

The other girls at school still thought of me as a loner and a prude. I bet they had no idea I was an avid outdoor masturbator.

In the summer I would run in a gym skirt, and sometimes with no panties on at all. I would love the wetness and the feeling that I was creaming myself.

I am 27 now, and I still masturbate outdoors sometimes, I love being watched too and sometimes set this up deliberately.

Well, thanks for the Long Distance Runner story, and thanks for reminding me of how it all started for me.



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