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Life of Jacking & Sniffing Panties

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The first pussy I ever saw belonged to my older sister. I was 13 and she was 16 at the time. I had gone into the bedroom to get something while she was still asleep and there she was, legs spread with the cover off. Her pussy was covered with a mass of thick dark brown hair. Her legs were spread enough that I could see her pussy lips and they were slightly open. I went to the bathroom and jacked off like a mad man.

It was shortly after that that I discovered what a pussy smelled like. I had found a pair of her panties and was thinking about them covering her beautiful pussy. I saw some spots on the crotch of her panties and for some reason I smelled them. My dick jumped to attention and I jacked off and shot my cum in her panties.

Not too long after seeing my sister's pussy I figured out a way I could peep at her while she was in the bathroom. We lived in an old wood frame house that had plenty of cracks. It had the old door knobs with a key hole and that is how I was able to see her bathing and using the commode. My sister had a nice pair of big tits by that age. Looking at her entire body was even better than just seeing her pussy.

My sister and I were still sleeping in the same large bedroom at that age. I had a bed on one side of the room and hers was on the other side. Many nights I could hear my mom and dad having sex in their room which was next to our room. At first I didn't know what was going on but I finally figured out what it was. I would hear the bed springs creaking which would last five minutes or so, followed by a lot of moaning and groaning by my mom. Then I would hear my dad grunting along with her moaning and the creaking of the springs would stop. The next sound I would hear would be my mom getting up and going to the bathroom. I would hear her pee hitting the water in the commode. I began to associate peeing with sex. I would lie there playing with my hard dick while I listened to the sounds. I would usually cum when they were both grunting and moaning. My sister would always turn over and face the wall and pretend she was asleep. She had to have heard it but never said anything. A few months later my dad added two new rooms to the house so me and my sister could have our own bedrooms.

The summer following the time I saw my sister's pussy we went to visit an aunt, my mom's younger sister. I found a pair of her panties and sniffed them as I jacked off.

I still love jacking off and smelling panties today. In fact, yesterday I sniffed a pair of my wife's panties and jacked off while she was out of the house. I have sniffed panties of hundreds of different women. My favorite is my wife's niece, Dee. Dee is so hot and beautiful. I started sniffing Dee's panties about 25 years ago. Along the way I got really close to Dee, close enough that I finally told Dee what I was doing.

Dee went through a divorce and was having a hard time making ends meet. I told her I would help her out. I really love Dee and she is like a daughter to me. I had a key to Dee's house and whenever she told me that she needed a few dollars for whatever reason I would take some money and put it in the dresser drawer where she kept her clean panties. At first Dee said she felt kind of funny that I was seeing her panties. It finally became a joke between us. One time she needed some money to pay her insurance on her house and I put $500 in her panty drawer. I had told her that I played with her panties when I left money for her. When she found the money this time she said, 'You can play with my panties anytime you want.' I asked her if I could play with them when she was wearing them and she laughed and said no. That is when I told her that I also loved playing with her dirty panties. She looked at me and said, 'Are you serious? Why would anyone want to play with dirty panties.' I told her that smelling her panties was like smelling her pussy. At first she was a little embarrassed but finally said if it brought me joy, then have it.

Dee now leaves a pair of dirty panties for me under her pillow. I lay on her bed and jack off while smelling and licking her soiled panties. When I get ready to cum I shoot my cum into the crotch of her panties and put them back under her pillow. The best time I ever had with a pair of her panties was when she masturbated with her panties on and then took them off and gave them to me. The crotch of her panties were soaked with her juice. I coated my hard dick with Dee's pussy juice and jacked off while licking the rest from her panties.

It is so wonderful to have a female who understands a man's fetish like I have and is willing to not only go along with it but help me. Dee is the greatest.



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