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Teen Flasher Masturbates for Cousin

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When I was younger I was flashing my two younger cousins, Amy and Barbara. They lived in NY, and I tried to expose myself to them whenever I got the chance, usually every few months. One of them, Amy, on several occasions, used to pull down my pants to expose me, something I never protested or resisted. They had a big house, with two bedrooms on the third floor. They shared one room, and I would get the other room. At night, I used to leave the door open, and masturbate. I would groan to get their attention. I did that whenever we visited throughout my entire teenage years, and they and their friends watched me many times.

One night when I was there, they had been cleaning out the room I stayed in, and there were lots of boxes of books and stuff cluttering the room. A bunch were in front of the door, which was wide open. Instead of moving them, I just left the door open. That night, after watching TV with Amy and Barbara downstairs, I announced I was going to bed. The girls stayed down, but came up about 15 minutes later. I groaned as I heard them coming up the stairs to get their attention, which was my usual ploy. I heard them giggle in the hall. Then I laid on the bed, naked, and masturbated. I saw them peeping in and laughing, especially when I spurted cum onto my chest and belly. It was about the third time I had done it for them. They then went to bed. It felt so great!

I wasn't that tired, and still horny! I was reading a book, when the light in the hall came back on. I heard someone coming up the stairs. I thought maybe one of them had gone down for something, but strange I hadn't noticed, as my ears were like radar around them, always hoping they would see me naked. I immediately began to masturbate again. I was about 13, and often masturbated three or more times a day! The person went into the bathroom in the hall, then came out. I groaned. I guess that got the person's attention, because the next thing I saw was my cousin Barbara peeping in the door!

I always kept a pillow over my head, so it wasn't obvious I was looking. The door was on the same side of the room as the bed, which extended out into the room, so she was looking in, right at me! I stopped masturbating, but was still holding my fully erect 13 year old penis! First I saw her gasp, then I saw this huge grin come over her face when she saw what I was doing. She stood there, not saying anything, then reached a hand into her pyjama pants and I saw her arm moving up and down, she was rubbing herself!

So in a few seconds, I resumed masturbating. Now she was watching me masturbate and doing herself at the same time. I just kept going, and she stood there, staring and grinning, biting her lower lip. Finally, I came with big spurts of cum all over my chest. They weren't as thick and white as the earlier cum, something I noticed at that time. She looked completely dazed and started to shake!. Then, still grinning ear to ear, she retreated from the doorway, as I started coming back down to earth!

The next morning at breakfast, my aunt asked if everyone had a good time last night. Amy and Barbara said yes, grinning and smirking. My aunt didn't know I had exposed myself and masturbated for them twice earlier.



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