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Library Fun

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Unexpected fun at the library.


Sorry that this is a bit long...I do tend to go on and on!

I am a writer, and I was spending a Saturday at the local university library to do some research for an article I was working on. For most of the morning, I was in front of a computer terminal going through databases of various sorts. After I'd been there for an hour or so, I heard someone say my name. It was K.

I had first met K. about a year before, and seen her semi-regularly since then at a playgroup we both attended with our toddlers. I hadn't seen her for some months because changes in circumstance and scheduling had meant neither of us were attending that playgroup any more. One of the last times we had seen each other, she had told me about going back to work part-time in the university library, but I had forgotten until now. I was certainly pleased to see her-she has curly, dark-blonde hair, intense brown eyes, and a very confident and energetic smile, and she was always one of the more interesting people to talk to at the playgroup (an environment where, as a stay-at-home father, I always felt a little out of place even though all the other adults, mostly mom's, were usually very welcoming).

Anyway, K. and I chatted for a bit, then she went back to her work and I went back to mine, and I didn't think anything of it.

In the afternoon, I was using a microfilm reader to look up some older material. I was tired, my eyes were glazing over, and my attention kept wandering, but I wanted to get everything finished before the library closed so I kept trying to push my way through the remaining work. Well, at one point my attention wandered and it settled on a lovely, rounded ass-a woman's-in a pair of grey slacks that fit just perfectly, at shelves that were in my sight-line beyond the microfilm reader. I didn't register that I had spaced out and was staring, and that the ass I was staring at belonged to K., until she happened to turn around. She totally caught me. She looked a little surprised, but then gave me a small smile, and turned back to her work. I was mortified, and quickly turned my attention back to fifty year-old newspaper articles.

Perhaps because of the fact that my thoughts kept wandering to what K. might look like naked, I didn't manage to get everything done. Shortly before closing time, I was reluctantly packing my notebook into my bag when K's voice next to me made me jump.

'Hey, I remember you don't have a car,' she said. 'Can I offer you a ride?'

She didn't seem angry or anything about the earlier incident, and I wasn't sure how to bring it up, so I didn't, and just gladly agreed to the opportunity to avoid waiting in the -20 weather for a bus.

She continued, 'Cool. I just have a few things I have to do after the patrons are supposed to have left, and security wouldn't like you just sitting out here, but you can wait in the back at my desk. Won't take more than 15 minutes.'

She took me back and left me at a small desk in a small office with two other desks, neither occupied, and left again to do whatever she had to do. I'm not one to snoop, but as someone who loves books myself I'm always interested in what other people are reading, so I took a close look at a small pile of books on one end of her desk and started to leaf through them. To my surprise, one was a well-known book collection women's sexual fantasies, and another couple were collections of short stories that were hot, hot, hot.

I kind of forgot myself and was quite into one of the short stories when I heard, 'Enjoying that one?'

I jumped a little, but she was smiling, so I just blushed a bit, said something vaguely affirmative, and put the book down. She just looked at me, then, that small smile on her face again. Then she looked down at my lap and back up at my face, still smiling. I blushed for real, realizing what she could see.

She bit her lip and seemed to come to some sort of decision. She closed and locked the door to the little room and came back next to me. I was worried she was going to get mad at me, but she still had that sexy little smile going on.

'Listen, M.,' she said, 'here's the deal. You're probably not going to be believe this, but I'm going to lay it out there, because since I caught you this afternoon...' She sighed. 'I'm in an open relationship. I love my husband but he is more gay that straight, so I don't get much at home, and working and being a mom don't leave me much time for dating. I've always been attracted to you and I'd like to see that thing without the cloth in front of it.' She gestured towards my lap, just to make sure I got the point.

Well. My sexual history has been pretty boring, unfortunately-something I've always regretted. I've always been faithful, but my relative inexperience and my boring sex life within my marriage have always been sources of frustration, so I didn't hesitate.

I nodded.

Her smile got bigger.

She stared into my eyes and her hands slowly, slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Her bra was plain white, very utilitarian, but its removal revealed breasts that were small and firm, with dark, very prominent nipples. She rolled one between her thumb and finger, and sighed deeply.

Her eyes were still fixed on mine.

Next her hands went to her pants. Unbuttoned the top. Zip down. She slipped her hand briefly underneath, then pulled pants and underwear down in one smooth motion. She lifted one leg out and rested her knee on the desk. One hand went to a glorious nipple, the other into the tangles of brown hair between her legs.

My pants were open in a second, and I was jacking. She was making the most amazing little noises as her hand moved, and her eyes were still fixed on mine.

'Move around behind me,' she whispered. 'See that ass you were so interested in.'

Hand still furious going up and down on my cock, I did as she asked and moved around behind her-round, jiggling slightly as she jilled. Unbelievable.

She looked over her shoulder. 'Come closer.'

I did.

'Give me your hands.'

I did.

She guided them to her body, pulled me so my penis was pressed against the small of her back. One hand she placed between her legs, and the other clenching one breast. I stroked and stroked her, and her little moans got faster and louder. She grunted when she came.

She leaned back against me for a minute, breathing hard.

Then she turned around, smiled up at me, put her hand on my cock, and stroked like mad. It was hardly any time at all until I burst.

Then, almost shyly, we shared a kiss.

As we started to clean up, she said, 'Wow. That was really nice. Any idea when you might have more research to do?'



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